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    Fighter Bonus Feats

    Add the [Fighter] tag to the following feats. In general if a feats prerequisite feat is a [Fighter] feat, then the former feat becomes a [Fighter] feat as well. Feats that would meet this criteria but include other classes mechanics are not included (like a feat requiring Sneak Attack or Smite Evil in addition to a feat that has the [Fighter] tag).

    Other additions are things I think make sense for the Fighter to be better at, like having more hit points and using them better (Toughness, Diehard) or gritting through enemies attacks (Great Fortitude, Iron Will, etc).

    Example: Danger Sense requires Improved Intiative which is a [Fighter] feat, so Danger Sense gains the tag.

    Players Handbook: Endurance, Diehard, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Run, Toughness

    Complete Adventurer: Danger Sense, Death Blow, Deft Opportunist, Expert Tactician, Hear the Unseen, Leap Attack

    Complete Warrior: Clever Wrestling, Dash, Defensive Throw, Earth's Embrace, Eagle Claw Attack, Extra Stunning, Elusive Target, Eyes in the Back of Your Head, Faster Healing, Fists of Iron, Flying Kick, Hold the Line, Karmic Strike, Kiai Shout, Greater Kiai Shout, Monkey Grip, Pain Touch, Pin Shield, Roundabout Kick, Swarmfighting, Throw Anything, Zen Archery.
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