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    Soulknife Feats

    Battlefield Defender [Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Ward Ally class feature
    Benefit: Your Ward Ally and Psychic Subversion class features both increase from 50ft to 200ft range. Your Ward Ally class feature no longer requires line of effect to maintain.

    Destructive Potential [Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Mindblade, Flexible Property class feature
    Benefit: Your Mindblade is treated as Adamantine for the purpose of bypassing damage resistance and damaging objects. Additionally you can channel the energy of your mindblade with a touch. This allows you to destroy inanimate objects with a touch, as though they were affected by a disintegrate spell (with a caster level equal to your manifester level). This effect does not work on living creatures.

    Prerequisites: Sentinal Soul, Mind over Matter class feature
    Benefit: When you manifest Mind over Matter, you may share its benefit with all allies currently benefiting from your Ward.

    Honed Potential [Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Destructive Potential
    Benefit: You are able to destroy sections of wall and ground easily. This gives you an effective burrow speed of 20ft through any non-magical non-living material.

    Mental Fortitude [Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Soulknife level 1st, Wis 13
    Benefit: You are able to refresh your pool of power points an additional 2 times per day.

    Psionic Adaptation [Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Improved Psionic Meditation, Mental Fortitude, Endurance
    Benefit: You gain the ability to expend your psionic focus to refresh your pool of power points as a full round action instead of the normal 5 minutes once per day. This counts as one of your normal daily refreshes of power points.

    Sentinel Soul [Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Psionic Ward class feature, Ward Ally class feature
    Benefit: You gain the ability to ward an additional ally.
    Special: You may take this feat more than once. Each time you do,you gain the ability to ward one more additional ally.
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