This class actually works quite well overall for its intended tier. It offers options (if limited compared to other classes), it is clean and straightforward, and has some interesting abilities. I only have one or two clarification requests and one suggestion;

1) For abilities that work on a miss, do they apply to a miss due to high AC or any kind of miss at all such as from blinking, concealment, mirror image, incorporeality and the like?

2) Do feats that add DR or improve armor get the [fighter] tag?

3) I never got how some sort of "mark" ability would work for a martial class without it being supernatural. Also, why would such a "mark" be capable of penalizing a target that attacked somebody else but not the fighter itself?
Wouldn't it make much more sense to flavor the ability as suppressive fire? I.e. the fighter being trained in how to force enemies to flinch, get distracted, take cover, overbalance, retreat or overreach with her attacks, instead of imposing some sort of nebulous "mark"?
Also, why make it melee only? If the fighter needs a working tanking mechanic, having it work both at melee and at range would make it functional against all sorts of enemies, not just those engaging in melee. And the "tanking" would be accomplished by the enemy either having to go through the entire fight with a serious penalty whether the fighter is actually dealing damage or not, or with them engaging the fighter to kill them and get rid of the penalty sooner.