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    Quote Originally Posted by Chambers View Post
    I based the numbers on some very loose calculations about what a Warblade could do damage wise at equivalent levels. Calculations is too strong a word, actually, but figure that a high level Slayer has 4 or 5 attacks a round with a full attack and figure 3 of them hit with one a critical hit counting as an extra hit for a total of 4. That's about 60-ish bonus damage from the Slayer feature while the Warblade has maneuvers that do handfuls of d6's that also ignore damage reduction. Things like Power Attack optimization and magic weapons are stuff that both classes have access to so they don't really need to be considered; just the damage that comes from each classes class features (damage dealing maneuvers versus Slayer damage bonus & Critical Hit features).
    The problem is weapons with a x3 or x4 crit damage. I actually guessed the damage was about balanced against maneuvers with a longsword, but it's weapons like a scythe that make me worried (effectively giving them 6 hits a turn instead of 4); like I said, though I'd have to do actual math to figure out if it is too much. Though their capstone means they kill balors automatically if they get into melee range (power attack -20 for +40 damage, +20 from class, +10 from strength, +5 magic weapon, 4-8 from weapon [average 6], x4 from crit for 316-332 damage automatically). The optimization involved is taking Power Attack as a feat and getting a Strength of 24 with items. The tarrasque will survive, as will most dragons (if you can get another +~15 damage you start killing dragons on a miss; a collision weapon increases the damage by +5, and it is possible 34 Strength which would increase the damage by +8 which is still enough to almost always kill dragons on a miss), balors and pit fiends auto-die (and that is every CR 20 creature in the monster manual ).

    An idea is if you're using 2x crit for your calculation instead of using critical hits just say double damage, this would be better for a crit fisher build but normalize the effect across the board instead of making Slayer be "wield a scythe". This would have the potential problem of getting around crit immunity from low levels.

    Edit: The sigh is because I've started memorizing their stats and there are too few with only 2 non-unique non-dragon options.
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