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    There is no crit-stacking encouragement in D&D because taking feats that improve your chance to hit and power attack bonuses by default out-damage feats that improve critical hit chance and damage. That's why the standard melee build uses shock trooper / leap attack / PA, and not improved crit / overwhelming crit / power crit.

    Since the slayer is supposed to be about dealing damage, players will take the better damage paths (power attack with big swords) until they get that ability that auto-confirms crits, at which point they'll all regret using swords instead of scythes and power attack instead of devastating critical.

    Heck, even for a player specializing in crits, getting the auto-confirm ability messes with incentives. If you want to be a crit-specialist, you want to use rapier and improved critical and buff your crit range a lot, but getting 1 attack per round to automatically score a crit means that chance-stacking loses a bunch of worth.

    I'm just thinking that if you have some sort of auto-crit mechanic, it should either a) Come with an overhaul of the crit system, b) Come earlier in the leveling scheme so players can build around it organically, or c) rewrite it to mesh with the current critical system (double chances instead of auto-declare, make it a x2 "critical", something else).

    Also, mettle is a sad feature for 13th level crusaders, and is equally sad here. I really wouldn't use non-maneuver features from that class as your reference point. I mean, at level 20 they can delay a whole 30 damage for one round. Wahoo.
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