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    I like int as well, but honestly with the intent of filling the role of primary martial class, int translates into a ton of skill points while wisdom translates to stronger will saves, better spot/listen, and potential synergy with other wisdom based feats (see: The combat focus line of feats which iirc require wisdom. Also Zen Archery, which will make a ranged focused Soulknife really potent). I think the Int focus should be saved for a class that is focused more on skills.
    All good points. I'd rather liked how the Int focus actively combated the idea of the "dumb fighter" (Due to both the stat itself and the skill points from it), but I hadn't considered such things as Zen Archery opening other avenues for builds (I shy away from delving into books I don't have, so my system knowledge is largely restricted to the SRD, the XPH, homebrew implications, and getting a general idea of things when people describe them on the forum). Good on you for opening up combat options for a combat class.

    What? That's absurd. I have no idea what you are talking about.

    I thought it was fitting.
    I concur.

    Good point. Should probably have a range limitation in there. Thinking either the same 50ft as subversion, or a solid 100ft.
    Either one would be fine, I think. 50 ft. fits for obvious reasons, and 100 ft. gives the idea that a Soulward can still protect you when you're out of subversion's reach, but that you're straining their capabilities (Since only the ward applies at that point.).

    I assume (and I'm pretty sure most tables actually using Psionics do as well) Power/Spell transparency. Which means Spell Resistance = Power Resistance and vice verca. I could change it to Power Resistance for the rare group that doesn't do that, but it doesn't make much mechanical difference.
    Ah. I tend to assume a lack of transparency, so it threw me off.

    Also in addition to the Empathic Transfer power, the Soulward can take the damage his party members have taken, and then use this ability to clear it. Basically letting him function as a pretty decent out of combat healer. Fast Healing 5 is still pretty marginal in combat, but between combats the Soulward can keep his group going.
    Oh, whoa. I hadn't even thought of that. I'm definitely going to have to keep that little trick in mind.

    20d8 damage averages to 90. Lots of dice sounds scary, and it is going to be a big chunk of HP, but it is not likely to one-shot any level 15 appropriate challenges. I am worried it may be too strong despite that, but it needs to be strong to incentivise not attacking allies, and to be worth giving up your focus as you note.
    This is what I get for staying up until four in the morning. I forget to assume average damage instead of maximum. Well, at Soulward 7, you can expend the focus for an average of 63 damage. I can't think of any CR 12 creatures that would be outright killed by that, and quite a few could take numerous hits. Hm...

    I think the 1d4+1 rounds stun may be too much. Maybe just make it a straight up 1 round stun.
    Yeah, being stunned for a minimum of two rounds is dicey.

    Temporary HP typically does not stack unless explicitly stated otherwise. I can make it an explicit statement that multiple wards do not stack. The temporary HP is intended to act as a buffer, not actually stop a level appropriate threat from successfully hurting you at all.
    Neat, I learned something new (The general temp HP not stacking bit). Even without the stacking, groups of Soulwards are impressive.

    That seems reasonable.

    Maybe. Being able to ward more party members is already a pretty potent effect though. Maybe I could find something else to bundle a range increase with.
    The range increase was predicated mostly on the idea that wards wouldn't be able to reach very far, but without any evidence for that, I decided not to actually include it in the feat.
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