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Thread: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    I stand by most of these mechanics, though some need edited.

    Rewriting core classes: Not freely available in my games.
    --The Bard
    --The Paladin
    --The Wizard
    --The Rogue
    --The Sorcerer
    --The Monk

    Current Projects:
    --Harry Potter in 3.5
    --Elemental base classes to go with qwertyu63's Mender
    ---The Blaze Child
    ---The Galestriker

    Past Projects:
    --[Template] Feytouched
    --[Template] Dvati Twins
    --[Class-Prestige] Bards can be necromancers too.
    --[Class-Prestige] Bards can do anything. Even the fighters job.
    --[Class-Prestige] The Divine Trickster
    --[Class-Base] Aristocrats can be PC's too.
    --[Class-Prestige] The Hunter: Slayer of Mages

    Co-Op Projects:
    --[Class-Prestige] [With Qwertyu63] Because Palibards are awesome.
    --[Class-Base] [With Qwertyu63] Fighter fix
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