hey I have some goblin "tribe" feats I made up with the goblin name generator on seventhsanctum

Furypuke Goblin
Prerequisites:Goblin, Con 15+, Ability to rage
Benefits: While raging, once a day+1 per 5 hit dice, you may…well…exude horrid matter on a single foe, making them sickened for 1+your new con bonus rounds

Greatmuck Goblin
Benefits: You have not bathed since your grandfather was born. The dirt has accumulated so thick on your goblinoid skin that it has become part of you, a shell of sorts. A bubble of trash and residue. You gain a natural armor bonus of +2 and you gain immunity to smell based attacks
Giantstench Goblin
Prerequisites:Goblin, HD 5+, Greatmuck goblin
Benefits: your grime has grown a grim scent. Its horrid stench is that of the end times. All within 10ft of you are sickened on a failed fortitude save (con based)
fartfinder Goblin
Prerequisites:Goblin, track, wis 15+
Benefits: Your sense of smell is great, many smells fall upon your strong nose. Against orcs, goblins, giants, and any other smelly creatures (DMs discretion) you get a +4 on track checks.

Madhacker Goblin
Prerequisites:Goblin, Dex 15+, Con 15+
Benefits: Once a day per point of con bonus, you can use the power attack feat for one round, in addition, in that round, you gain an additional attack at your highest base attack bonus (but this extra attack must be modified by power attack)

Wyrmgouger Goblin
Prerequisites:Goblin, Dex 19+, improved unarmed strike or monk unarmed damage ability
Benefits:you take no size penalties to grapple, and if you succeed a grapple check against an opponent huge or larger, then make a successful unarmed strike you damage the opponents eyes, blinding it for (damage dealt)+1 rounds

:) how are these