So here's something I think I'm having a problem with: As a BRUISER, someone who dives the enemy backline (or has gapclosers to do so) like Irelia, Jax, Nocturne, Aatrox, etc. What do you do in late game?

Specifically: the situation is thus: the enemy has very strong brusiers, not a lot of mobility, but very tanky: Darius, Voli, Nasus, Yorick, Udyr, etc. They have a a low mobility mage and a high mobility ADC. You have a similar lineup in terms of backline. What do you do?

I think the major issue probably wasn't my play, but the fact that we had a support soraka who couldn't initiate like the enemy Sona, and our Xerath made several questionable decisions mid game that caused him to die (effectively he refused to kite and/or let me be our frontline and found himself very close to the enemy bruisers when in literally every other fight I managed to keep bruisers off him).

I feel like, especially as a jungler, I tend to do OKAY at applying pressure during early-mid game. But I often feel that once a game goes to past 30 minutes, I lose control of my ability to control the game at all.