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    Kharin, Lord of the Third Eye
    Voice of Power

    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire Space Marine

    Alignment: Evil
    Class/Profession: Space Marine, Chaos Sorcerer Lord

    Power Rating: Around B+ to A-, maybe an A if he's on good form.

    Description: Massive, around fourteen feet tall and proportionately broad. Generally wears armour that looks like this:

    Personality: Dark and psychopathic. Enjoys being a vampire perhaps a little too much. Loves the thrill of the fight, the joy of killing.

    Equipment: Reworked power armour (in the picture above). Altered Nemesis Force Sword (powers now focused on humans). Storm shield.

    Abilities: High strength, speed and stamina, further enhanced by vampire powers. Psychic powers enhanced by Warp sorcerery. All the classic vampire abilities, plus Space Marine stuff like enhanced sight and hearing, suspended animation, resting half your brain separately to the other half and so on.

    Backstory: Ended up in the Nexus as the only survivor of a Grey Knights expedition to the Warp. Tried to get home, got injured by the spell, and ended up in the infirmary. As he was about to leave, Deadra Blackfire came in and, although he did his best to fight, beat him and turned him into a vampire.
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