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    Default Re: League of Legends LII: Sin of the Blind Monk

    So, finally got around to getting this game after stumbling on some VODs on YouTube.

    Server: North America
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    My experience so far:

    I was fairly good at Tides of Blood* back in WC3, but that was a zillion years ago. Thus far I've played the two tutorials and a few Coop vs. AI games. I think I know of a couple things I know I need to learn how to do**, but even the most talented players (of which I am the exact opposite) would still be trash going into their literal second day with the game.

    What I have:

    -Level 5
    -Champions: Nunu (he's cheap, he's "Recommended", and he lets me call myself "Nunu-noob" ) and Ryze (which I instantly realized was a mistake since he's currently free).
    -Runes: One of the ultra-cheap Runes that I got just to get a look at how the system worked.

    What I need for now:

    Any very very general advice would be greatly appreciated. Even specific builds would be well beyond what I'm trying to learn at this point. A couple specific things I'd like to know:
    -Which Masteries, if any, are "Take this no matter what regardless of hero and build" and which masteries, if any, are "Even thinking about taking this is Doing It Wrong."
    -Similar advice for items (although slightly more specific). Stuff like "This item is required for AD Carries, this item is required for Tops, etc".
    -Whether it's better to start with Melee heroes (because it'd force me to learn not-getting-killed habits early) or Ranged heroes (because it'd let me learn other stuff without spending half the game waiting for my death timer to finish).

    Many thanks in advance

    *It had the same basic concept as DoTA, but significantly different strategy.

    **Such as getting better at reliably last-hitting minions as opposed to just attacking them until they die.
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