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    Default Re: Mage of the Midnight Coven: 3.5 Homebrew PrC

    Mage of the Midnight Coven

    Mages of the Midnight Coven devote themselves to the study and mastery of the Negative Energy Plane. By harnessing the powers of Anger, Malice, Fear, Greed, and other dark emotions which make up that plane, they unleash waves of pain and misery upon their foes. As an organization, they remain hidden within a pocket dimension, close to the Negative Plane, as to better observes its effects. While most certainly unpleasant, they are not necessarily evil. They exist as a scholarly society, and do not engage themselves in the day to day politics of Narium. This does not mean that they isolate themselves, but they do make a point of keeping their meeting spots secret, as many misunderstand their goals.

    In order to qualify to be a Mage of the Midnight Coven you must meet the following prerequisites:
    -Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells
    - 5 ranks in Knowledge (the planes), 8 ranks in Knowledge (arcana), 5 ranks in Spellcraft
    - Feats: Spell focus (Necromancy)
    - Any non-good
    -Special: Must survive the rite of initiation to become of member of the Midnight Coven

    Game rule information.

    Class Skills:
    Bluff (CHA), Concentration (CON), Craft (INT), Decipher Script (INT), Intimidate (CHA), Knowledge (Arcana) (INT), Knowledge (The Planes) (INT), Sense Motive (WIS), Spellcraft (INT), and Use Magic Device (CHA)

    Skill Points per level: 2 + Int Modifier
    Hitdice: d4

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|
    Spells per Day/Spells Known

    |Bound to Darkness, Conduit to Torment, Disciple of Strife |+1 Level of Existing Arcane Spellcasting Class

    | Dark Feeding|+1 Level of Existing Arcane Spellcasting Class

    | Spread the Taint, Black Reach |+1 Level of Existing Arcane Spellcasting Class

    | Harbinger of Misery |+1 level of existing Arcane Spellcasting Class

    |Living Beacon of Darkness, Prison of Pain| +1 Level of Existing Arcane Spellcasting class[/table]

    Armor and Weapon Proficiency:

    A Mage of the Midnight Coven does not gain any armor or weapon proficiency.

    Spells per Day/Spells Known:

    Every level of Mage of the Midnight Coven adds +1 to the regular spell progression of any previous arcane class, (i.e spells known/spells per day) but does not give you the benefit of any class features they may have gotten at that level. Example, 9th level Wizard/1st level MoMC gains the class features of a Mage of the Midnight Coven and the spells of a 10th level wizard, but not the bonus feat a 10th level wizard would have gotten. If she has two Arcane Spellcasting Classes, she must decide which class to progress in spellcasting, she may not choose both.

    Bound to Darkness SU):

    A first level Mage of the Midnight Coven gains the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat for free. If she already has the Tomb-tainted Soul feat, she gains Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) as a bonus feat. If she has both Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) and Tomb-tainted Soul already, she may choose any meta-magic feat as a bonus feat. If the Mage of the Midnight Coven is undead, treat them as if they already have the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat, and continue from there.

    In addition, the influence of the dark plane is visible on the body of a Mage of the Midnight Coven, as Mage of the Midnight coven gains more levels of this class, her skin becomes paler, the iris of her eyes either become black as obsidian, a pale grey or red as blood and her body becomes cold to the touch. In some rare cases, Mages of the Midnight Coven develop a preference for bitter tasting food, or some even loose their sense of taste altogether.

    Disciple of Strife EX):

    A Mage of the Midnight Coven's connection to the Negative Energy planes grants her the ability to cast Inflict Spells (With your access determined by your highest Arcane Caster level counting as Cleric Levels, in other words, levels of sorcerer and wizard do not stack) automatically upon taking the first level of this class (Spells are added for free to a spellbook, or in the case of a spontaneous caster are counted as "Spells Known" but do not take up any of your spells known slot). The DC to for these spells are equal to 10 + (spell level + Relevant Ability Modifier of the highest arcane caster class). For instance, Mages of the Midnight Coven with levels in Sorcerer, would add their Charisma Modifier to the DC of the spell, while those with wizard levels would add their Intelligence modifier.

    Conduit to Torment SU):

    A first level Mage of the Midnight Coven is adept at tapping into, and channeling the raw forces of the Negative Energy Plane. At first level a Mage of the Midnight Coven gains a Touch Attack that may be shared with a Familiar (Via Share Touch Spells ability). This touch attack inflicts 1d4 temporary damage to an ability of the Mage's Choice, Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. The Mage of the Midnight Coven chooses which ability to effect upon using this power. All uses of this ability on the same target will always effect the same ability score until the damage is healed, naturally or otherwise. A Mage of the Midnight Coven may only deal a maximum of 4 + her MoMC class levels of ability score damage to the same target per 24 hours.

    Dark Feeding SU):

    A second level Mage of the Midnight Coven learns not only to share misery with the dark energy, but to draw greater strength from it. Anytime she successfully damages a target with Conduit of Torment or Inflict Spells, her ability score temporarily increases (or Hit points, respectively) equal to the damage inflicted. The ability score that increases must be the same as the ability score damaged. Temporary Ability Scores of the same ability score do not stack. The Mage of the Midnight Coven may never gain more temporary HP than 1/2 the total HP of the Mage of the Midnight Coven using this ability per encounter. Once she has reached her limit for the encounter, she ceases to gain temporary HP from using Dark Feeding.

    Example: Sharia used Conduit of Torment and inflicted 3 points of Dexterity damage to a target. She gains a temporary +3 bonus to her Dexterity. Next round she inflicts another 2 points of Dexterity damage to a target. she does not gain an additional +2 temporary points to Dexterity. However, if Sharia had dealt 4 points of Dexterity damage, she would have gained +1 additional temporary ability score point to her Dexterity.

    Temporary points are always lost first, in the case of ability damage and hit point loss. Temporary ability scores/hit points last for (Mage of the Midnight Coven levels x CON mod) minutes. the Mage of the Midnight coven must damage the target of Dark Feeding, in other words, using Inflict Moderate Wounds on an undead, heals the undead, but does not grant the Mage of the Midnight Coven temporary HP.

    Spread the Taint SU):

    At third level, a Mage of the Midnight Coven can bestow the corrupting essence of the negative plane to willing subjects within 30ft of her as a swift action. Subjects take a temporary -2 penalty to their CON, but are considered to have the feat, Tomb-Tainted Soul for the duration of the effect. The effect lasts 24 hours, or unless they succeed a FORT save (DC = 15) to expell the taint.
    In addition, casters who know Cure spells, or other casters who can spontaneously cast Cure spells, can now only cast/spontaneously cast Inflict spells for the duration of the effect. Casters who summon monsters, can not summon a creature with the Celestial, or similar template that causes the creature to be good aligned.
    Undergoing this taint is considered profane, any good aligned creatures who willingly (see below) subject themselves to the corruption have their alignment shifted to neutral.

    In addition to the ability to expand the taint to willing subjects, a Mage of the Midnight Coven may attempt to spread the taint to enemies within 30ft as a standard action. Doing so has the following effects:
    -Creatures take a -2 profane penalty to all saves against the necromancy spell school, in addition to the -2 CON. This ability does not effect those immune to negative energy, such as undead. Creatures may make a FORT save = (10 + MoMC levels + Relevant Ability Modifier) to resist this effect
    -If a creature has a spell effect that grants immunity to, or resistance to negative energy, such as the Deathward spell, then the Mage of the Midnight Coven may immediately make a caster level check (MoMC levels stack with previous arcane caster levels when determining the caster level) to dispel the effect.
    -regardless of whether the effect was resisted or not, any creature can not be affected by the same MoMC's Spread the Taint ability for 24 hours.

    Black Reach EX):

    At 3rd level The Mage of the Midnight Coven may now cast any of her inflict spells as rays (range of close, 25ft +5 per 2 caster levels), at no additional spell slot cost or casting time increase. Mage of the Midnight Coven levels stack with her highest other Arcane caster levels to determine the range of the rays.

    Harbinger of Misery SU):

    A fourth level Mage of the Midnight Coven may apply the effects of the Maximize Spell Metamagic feat on any spell or spell like ability she casts which inflicts negative energy damage, ability score damage, or negative levels, for no adjustment in Casting Time or Spell Level, a number of times per day equal to her Constitution Modifier (Minimum 1) (Note: If your Constitution is raised temporarily by Dark Feeding this does give you additional uses. However those uses are counted even after the temporary Constitution points disappear. If a Mage of the Midnight Coven does not have a CON score, then use CHA to determine the amount of daily uses of this ability, (Minimum of 1).

    Example: If Sharia has a 16 Con normally, she can use Harbinger of Misery 3 times per day. If she gains 2 Con from Dark Feeding, she can gain another use of harbinger of Misery while she has those temporary Con points. However if later in the same day she gain 3 Con points from another Dark Feeding, it does not grant you another use of Harbinger of Misery. If she gained +4 Con, Sharia would gain one additional use however). A Mage of the Midnight Coven may use this ability even if they do not have the Maximize Spell Metamagic feat.

    Living Beacon of Darkness SU:)

    A fifth level Mage of the Midnight Coven has become so steeped in the power of the Negative Energy Plane that she becomes a living beacon of darkness. Once per day, a Mage of the Midnight Coven my temporarily meld an area 50ft around her with the Negative energy Plane, which lasts a number of rounds equal to her CON modifier, (minimum 1) and has the following effects:

    Living creatures (Without Tomb-Tainted Soul or similar affinity/immunity to Negative Energy): Suffer a -4 profane penalty to all dice rolls, Armor Class, Spell Resistance. Creatures 2 (or more) HD less than the Mage of the Midnight Coven within the area are shaken, unless they pass a WILL save (DC = 10 + the MoMC's Intimidate skill)

    Creatures with Negative Energy Affinity (Undead, Tomb-Tainted Soul, and similar effects which make you gain benefits from negative energy): Gain Fast Healing 5, Dice Rolls receive a +4 Profane Bonus. Receives a +4 Deflection bonus to AC. Any spells or abilities that inflict Ability Score Damage, Negative Levels, or use Negative Energy are Empowered (As per the Metamagic Feat) for free.

    A Mage of the Midnight Coven may end this effect early with a standard action. If they do so, every Living Creature (Without Immunity or Affinity to Negative Energy) within 50 feet is effected by Conduit to Torment (You gain the benefits of Dark Feeding for each one). Creatures with Affinity to Negative energy (Are healed by Inflict Spells, Undead, etc) within the area are healed for 200 HP

    The area affected by Living Beacon of Darkness, is centered around the Mage of the Midnight Coven at all times, and moves as she moves.

    Prison of Pain SU:)

    By fifth level, victims of a Mage of the Midnight Coven's Inflict spells are racked by a devastating pain, which paralyzes the subject for 1d4 rounds unless they pass Fortitude save DC = (10 + Spell Level + Relevant Caster Modifier)

    Joining the Midnight Coven: Joining the Coven is not so simple as walking up to a member and requesting to join. Applicants must first prove they are worthy and dedicated by presenting a new discovery. Sometimes members see great promise in individuals and extend an invitation to join. Regardless, all initiates undergo the rite of passage. It is a simple ritual, and is over in a few seconds. It involves one of the senior members of the Coven blasting the applicant with negative energy. It is meant to seep into the initiate, granted the beginnings of power gained through the Coven. Most end up dying though.

    There you have it! Please post comments to critique.

    Bound to Darkness
    Conduit to torment
    Dark Feeding
    Harbinger of Misery
    Living beacon of Darkness
    - Courtesy of ArcturusV
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