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    Seiner Abichal
    The Lion's Mane Jellyfish Fangire:
    Crimes in the Ocean Undermine the Orphans' Kingdom

    Age: 70 (appears in her 20s)
    Alig: TN
    Power: B-
    Race: Fangire
    Occupation: Fangire King and cigar-parlor employee.

    Desc: In her human form, Seiner is a slender girl with eyes like black stones warmed on the beach and hair fading from blue to green like the ocean going from deep water to shore.
    Unlike the sea, though, she is not very graceful. In fact, she is accomplished at falling over all the time and generally looking very silly. She's cute though.
    In her true Fangire form, she keeps a humanoid frame... but is very different. She has a large jellyfish-like bell atop her head, dangling tentacles, and all over has a sort of stained glass appearance. Her colors are blue fading to green, like her hair in human form.
    Notably, in human form, she has the sigil of her rank, the Fangire King, on her tongue.

    Abilities: In human form, she's... well, she's durable, good at not getting too banged up from constantly tripping over her feet. She's also a really good swimmer. She can also levitate a little and manifest some of her tentacles.
    As a Fangire, she has full levitation and can move at high speed through water, and commands a host of tentacles. She can also manifest a sextet of floating fangs which can drain a being of life energy. Also, no clumsiness. Now that she is King, she has rather more power, including a blue-green energy known as Royal Fire.
    She knows a decent amount about cigars because she works in a cigar bar, one of the few places she manages not to fall over.

    Personality: Seiner is a sweet, clumsy girl... who is actually a stained-glass jellyfish vampire that drains the life of living beings. She loves spicy food, and can sense when someone has recently eaten something spicy... in fact, she is a lot more compelled to feed from such a person.
    Generally she tries to avoid feeding from people and just drains animals, because hurting people isn't something she enjoys.
    Seiner has recently taken on two new roles: on one hand, she is king (yes, king) of a race of stained-glass-like vampiric shapeshifters; on the other hand, she is also Riki's girlfriend. The former is perhaps more confusing to deal with than the latter.
    While the Fangire community in this part of the Nexus spent about half a century run by a Fangire Supremacist Queen, Seiner didn't join the community until quite recently. Combined with her nature in the first place, hers is a rather more peaceful policy.

    Theme Song: Possibly this.
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