Belcandrin, Displaced Space Marine
Assault Marine of the Novamarines Chapter
Gender: Male
Profession: Melee Space Marine
Rank: B

Wears normal blue-and-white novamarines armor with rocket pack on his back and chainsword at his side

A relatively normal space marine, however harbors some curiosity and investigative tendencies more than his fellow battle-brothers, and he prefers to fight up close rather than from far away. He is however both confused and secretly afraid at finding himself far from the Imperium, amongst a place of diversity and acceptance and being unable to get back, he however tries to maintain as much honor and integrity as he can.

Astartes Power Armor, Chainsword, Rocket pack, astartes bolt pistol, astartes combat knife

Super strength
Super toughness
Various other Space Marine abilities

Return Immunity:
He is immune to any and all effects that would return him to the Imperium for reasons he does not know, and he constantly searches for the answer of why he can't return, wishing to rejoin his battle-brothers. Even trying to get back by foot doesn't seem to work.

He does not remember how he got to Nexus, only that he remembered going on a mission to fight Orks before he woke up with no memory of how it turned out or how he got here. He is however afraid and trapped in a world he does not understand…one that is not eternal war, one that does not involve Chaos, or fighting incredibly dark battles of extermination. Nexus seems alien to him, and its only his curiosity and survival instinct that is keeping him from not killing everyone as xenos or heretics.