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    Default Re: The Annotated Order of the Stick - A Companion Guide

    The Annotated Order of the Stick
    Strips 201 to 300
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    Spoiler: Strips 201-300


    Strip 201: Seeing Signs - No annotations yet

    Strip 202: Scanning... - No annotations yet

    Strip 203: Just the Facts, Ma'am - No annotations yet

    Strip 204: What's My Motivation? - No annotations yet

    Strip 205: A Is Always A - No annotations yet

    Strip 206: Hidden Benefit of Being an Adventurer - No annotations yet

    Strip 207: Now If Only We Could Organize the Fiends Somehow - No annotations yet

    Strip 208: A Battle of Wits
    • In Panel 5, Belkar's dialogue references an instance in some video games called integer overflow, where limited storage within a program could cause such an instance to occur.


    Strip 209: Multiclass Discrimination - No annotations yet

    Strip 210: Displaced Persons - No annotations yet

    Strip 211: The Hook - No annotations yet

    Strip 212: Dirt Farm
    • In panel 9, Belkar's line about ogres ogres "making a very agreeable thump when they hit the ground" is a direct quote from the Babylon 5 TV series. The original quote - "No moral ambiguities, no hopeless battle against ancient and overwhelming forces. They were the bad guys, we were the good guys, and they made a very agreeable thump when they hit the floor!" is from season 3, episode 13; entitled - "A Late Delivery from Avalon".


    Strip 213: The Man Knows His Limitations - No annotations yet

    Strip 214: No Plan Survives Contact with One's Allies - No annotations yet

    Strip 215: Taking Charge - No annotations yet

    Strip 216: Perfect Combo - No annotations yet

    Strip 217: Now in Ogrevision! - No annotations yet

    Strip 218: OD&D - No annotations yet

    Strip 219: No Joke Too Cliched
    • In panel 1, Belkarís line, Ahhh, there it isÖ is in reference to what he said in Strip 212, in panel 9, where he says that - Ogres make a very satisfying thump when they hit the ground.


    Strip 220: For a Reasonable Fee - No annotations yet

    Strip 221: Recycling Works - No annotations yet

    Strip 222: A Blissful Marriage - No annotations yet

    Strip 223: Love, in the Abstract - No annotations yet

    Strip 224: Groggy, Groggy, Groggy
    • In panel 2, Roy makes a reference to the video game Guantlet, where when someone is low on health, they are referred to as needing food badly.


    Strip 225: Checking In - No annotations yet

    Strip 226: Who's On the Throne? - No annotations yet

    Strip 227: AR&R
    • In panel 1, we see that Roy has been given pink bunny slippers as part of his royal pampering.
    • In panel 6, the shadow dancer assassin is peeking through the window.


    Strip 228: Unlawful Good - No annotations yet

    Strip 229: No Offense, Aaron - No annotations yet

    Strip 230: The Law Strikes Back - No annotations yet

    Strip 231: From the Mouths of Babes - No annotations yet

    Strip 232: Because They Got Lonely in the Bag - No annotations yet

    Strip 233: No Thread Left Untied - No annotations yet

    Strip 234: The Ultimate Sacrifice
    • In Panel 2, Elan states he kept the belt because he "was curious," which is a reference to the title of Strip 9, "I Am Curious, Elan" where they first encounter the belt.


    Strip 235: Oddly, He Can Still Get Dressed in Under a Minute - No annotations yet

    Strip 236: Mean Girl
    • In panel 8, Haleyís line makes a joke about an evil twin raised by a warlord father, which references Elanís backstory.


    Strip 237: Growing Some - No annotations yet

    Strip 238: You Try Rhyming 'Assassin' - No annotations yet

    Strip 239: Roy's Angels
    • In Panel 13, V, Roy and Haley's silhouette is a reference to the title card for TV series, "Charlie's Angels". The strip's title parodies the show by calling it "Roy's Angels" instead.


    Strip 240: Next on Fox: When Whores Attack! - No annotations yet

    Strip 241: Talking Down - No annotations yet

    Strip 242: Chekov's Law Realized
    • In Panel 9, V's dialogue, "I blame Cerebus," references Cerebus the Aardvark, an acclaimed comic book series by Dave Sim. It started out as light, episodic, and comedic, then assumed dramatic elements into a more detailed plot arc with coherent continuity. This process is sometimes known as "Cerebus Syndrome".

    Strip 243: No Flair for the Dramatic
    • In Panel 9, Haley references "Sophie's choice", a novel and film about a woman who is forced to make a choice: she can save one and only one of her two children from the Nazi holocaust.

    Strip 244: What? It's a Legitimate Magic Item
    • The title of this comic refers Belkar's mention in Panel 12 of the "Rod of Lordly Might", which indeed has a button that can extend the rod into a climbing pole.


    Strip 245: Easy Come, Easy Go - No annotations yet

    Strip 246: Rumors of Her Death
    • In Panel 9, Miko points out the King of Somewhere, who can later be seen in Panel 1 of Strip 250 leaving with his guard.

    Strip 247: It's Just Aphasia She's Going Through
    • In Panel 5, this is the first time Haley will speak in Cryptogram, and she will continue speaking in Cryptogram until Strip 393. To see what Haley is actually saying, please see the translation thread, or visit the Transcription of the Strip.
    • In panel 5, Elan thinks Haley's cryptograms are a foreign language. In Strip 384, Nale will have the same reaction.


    Strip 248: Blame the Hormones - No annotations yet

    Strip 249: Return of the Trouser Titan - No annotations yet

    Strip 250: Oh no, he DIDN'T!
    • In Panel 1, we see the King of Somewhere leaving with his guard in the bottom left corner of the panel.


    Strip 251: A Piece of His Mind - No annotations yet

    Strip 252: Linear Storytelling
    • In Panels 3 & 6, Nale and Sabine have different opinions about V's gender. Nale calls V an "elf-chick", while Sabine calls V an "elf dude".

    Strip 253: Larry Gardener and the Angry Half-Orc
    • In panel 1, "Warthog's School for Wizardry and Sorcery" is a play on "Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry", the central setting of the Harry Potter book series.
    • In panel 2, we see play on the title character of the Harry Potter series - Larry Gardener. He resembles the book character a great deal, right down to the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

    Strip 254: Half the Elf, Double the Fun
    • In panel 1, we see a continuance of the Harry Potter reference theme from the previous Strip, as "He who must not be named" is a euphemism used by the general populace to refer to the main villian of the series out of fear.
    • In panel 4, we see a reference tp the pop singer Prince, who changed his name to an unpronouncable symbol in 1991. Due to the unpronouncable nature of this symbol, he was referred to as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince."
    • In panel 5, the head master introduces Pompey. His name is a play on that Pompey (the opposite of Vaarsuvius in the Linear Guild) is a reference to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. To further the opposite theme, his hair is the same as Vaarsuviusí robe color, and his robes match Vaarsuviusí hair color.
    • In panel 9, we see that Pompey is depicted as a half elf by only having one elf ear. Nale points this out in panel 13, by calling him ear boy.


    Strip 255: Meep meep! - No annotations yet

    Strip 256: Six Degrees of Evil Separation Ė
    • In panel 6, Nale references the recent story arc in strip 234 where Roy actually DID have a gender swap, but not for self indulgent reasons at all.


    Strip 257: POW! - No annotations yet

    Strip 258: I Think That Violates the Geneva Convention - No annotations yet

    Strip 259: Son of Mail Call - No annotations yet

    Strip 260: The Prison Blues
    • In Panel 2, Durkon's dialogue, "I be a healer not a footstool," is a parody of a running gag line "I'm a doctor, not a ______" frequently said by various medical personnel in the TV show and Film series, Star Trek. In Strip 458, Thog will express the exact opposite sentiment when he is locked in the same room.

    Strip 261: I Smell a Solo Adventure
    • In panel 5, the line about emotional distress is in reference to strip 225, where Belkar claims he needs his own room due to Durkonís snoring, which would cause emotional distress.
    • In panel 10, Belkar knocks the guard against the top of the panel.

    Strip 262: All You Need is Love and Improvised Thieves' Tools
    • In Panel 2, Haley's improvised lock picks are pieces of straw from her mattress.


    Strip 263: The Great Escape - No annotations yet

    Strip 264: I Cannae Tell a Lie - No annotations yet

    Strip 265: A Tale of Two Paladins - No annotations yet

    Strip 266: Guessing Game - No annotations yet

    Strip 267: The Cat Behind the Throne - No annotations yet

    Strip 268: The Lawyers Strike Back - No annotations yet

    Strip 269: A Familiar Face
    • In panel 2, Durkon is confused as to who Celia is because he was separated from the group when the others met her, in strip 72.
    • In panel 6, we see that Durkonís hatred of trees extends to Dryads, where he calls them leafy wankers.


    Strip 270: Dueling Egos - No annotations yet

    Strip 271: The Prosecution's Case
    • In panel 1, we see that the Chair of Truth has its own spotlight.
    • In panel 6, we see the old man is the same old man from strip 122.
    • In panel 7, we see that the psychiatrist that appears in panel 7 is the same one that appears later in strip 346.


    Strip 272: The Big Secret - No annotations yet

    Strip 273: The Crayons of Time: Doodles on the Sketch Pad of Eternity - No annotations yet

    Strip 274: The Crayons of Time: The Snarl - No annotations yet

    Strip 275: The Crayons of Time: World 2.0 - No annotations yet

    Strip 276: The Crayons of Time: The Order of the Scribble
    • In page 2, last panel, we see the explanation as to why there wasnít a water dungeon within Dorukanís Dungeon as depicted in strip 47, and why Celia was able to crash through the ceiling as seen in strip 69 after she was turned to stone.


    Strip 277: The Crayons of Time: Breaking Up is Hard to Do - No annotations yet

    Strip 278: A New Strategy - No annotations yet

    Strip 279: No Soup for You - No annotations yet

    Strip 280: The Boot - No annotations yet

    Strip 281: Get the Lead Out - No annotations yet

    Strip 282: Closing Arguments
    • In this strip, we see that the only time the lawyers get a spotlight during the trial is when they are making their closing arguments.


    Strip 283: Rock the Vote - No annotations yet

    Strip 284: Shattered Expectations
    • In page 1, last panel; we see Hinjo passing out the groups items as instructed by Shojo, starting with Elan and Haley. Hinjo is still holding Royís Bag of Tricks, Shattered Ancestral sword, Club, and Durkonís Hammer.
    • In page 2, panel 3; Hinjo completes passing out equipment with Durkonís hammer.


    Strip 285: A Moment of Truth - No annotations yet

    Strip 286: A Minor Glitch
    • In Panel 12, V's dialogue "I think I may owe the tables of the world an apology," is a reference to the his dialogue in Strip 285, Panel 5, where he compares Belkar's mental acuity to that of a table.

    Strip 287: Paladins Make Good Tour Guides
    • In panel 8, Hinjo is holding a Saphire Guard coupon that says, 6 sp off. SP is short for Silver Pieces.


    Strip 288: First Word... - No annotations yet

    Strip 289: Senility Now!
    • In panel 4, we see a Shojo with gray hair and no wrinkles or liver spots, showing the passage of time between the event and current time.


    Strip 290: Shojo's Big Secret - No annotations yet

    Strip 291: Not to Mention Little League - No annotations yet

    Strip 292: Non-startling Revelations - No annotations yet

    Strip 293: This is Getting to Be a Habit... - No annotations yet

    Strip 294: Contracts, Shmontracts - No annotations yet

    Strip 295: Belkar Leashed - No annotations yet

    Strip 296: Boons - No annotations yet

    Strip 297: Sword Speak - No annotations yet

    Strip 298: The Future is Forged in the Fires of Today
    • In page 2, panel 3; Elan has received the lollipop he asked for in strip 287.


    Strip 299: A Calling Missed - No annotations yet

    Strip 300: Pick Your Doom - No annotations yet

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