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    Default Re: The Annotated Order of the Stick - A Companion Guide

    The Annotated Order of the Stick
    Strips 301 to 400
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    Spoiler: Strips 301-400

    Strip 301: A Brief Intermission - No annotations yet

    Strip 302: New Beginnings - No annotations yet

    Strip 303: Phrenology Today - No annotations yet

    Strip 304: A Leper Can't Change His Spots - No annotations yet

    Strip 305: The Epistle of Durkon - No annotations yet

    Strip 306: Power Word: Annoy - No annotations yet

    Strip 307: Take the Problem By the Hand - No annotations yet

    Strip 308: Sword Envy - No annotations yet

    Strip 309: My Dinner with Elan - No annotations yet

    Strip 310: Advanced Dates & Dinners - No annotations yet

    Strip 311: Internal Dialogue
    • In panel 2, we see that Haley’s self loathing ego appears to look exactly how Haley appeared when she was a teenager in Strip 93.


    Strip 312: Where the Buffalo Wings Roam - No annotations yet

    Strip 313: Words Fail - No annotations yet

    Strip 314: Goth Advice - No annotations yet

    Strip 315: On Sylph's Wings - No annotations yet

    Strip 316: The Moment of Truth - No annotations yet

    Strip 317: The Best Part of Waking Up - No annotations yet

    Strip 318: The Move Action of Shame
    • In panel 1, you can spot Celia behind the curtain.
    • In panel 4, we find out from Elan that in addition to the countries known as Nowhere, Somewhere, Anywhere, and Someplace Else, which were revealed in Strip 226, there is also a country known as Neither.

    Strip 319: Healthier Living Through Repression
    • In panel 4, Haley’s optimism has the appearance of young Haley in panel 8 of Strip 681.

    Strip 320: Bing Crosby's Got Nothing On Us
    • The title refers to the last panel, where there are several signs stating "Road to..." and then a location. Bing Crosby starred in a series of "Road to..." comedy films in the 40's, including one which is directly shown on one of the signs in Panel 11 - "Road to Morocco".
    • In Panel 11, a sign references the film "Road To Perdition"


    Strip 321: Q & A - No annotations yet

    Strip 322: Maybe the Quailtiger?
    • In panel 9, Belkar's dialogue is referencing this tootsie roll pop commercial.


    Strip 323: Don't Make Me Turn This Quest Around - No annotations yet

    Strip 324: Consult Your Doctor Before Reading This Comic
    • In the last panel, the magic mouth is cut off by Roy. In Strip 564, we see the rest of the speech that we missed.


    Strip 325: The Test of the Body - No annotations yet

    Strip 326: Getting Ahead in Business - No annotations yet

    Strip 327: The Test of the Mind - No annotations yet

    Strip 328: The Test of the Heart
    • In panel 1, Elan points out that the party Thought their way around the test of Body, and Fought their way through the test of Mind.


    Strip 329: The All-Seeing Oracle - No annotations yet

    Strip 330: Paid in Full
    • In panel 8, the Oracle tells Roy and Elan that they are running late for a pair of family reunions, which tells us that the Oracle is aware of the events in Strip 258, as well as the incoming events.

    Strip 331: For the Future
    • In page 1, panel 3; we see a depiction of Tiamat, God of the Dragons.
    • In page 2, panels 5, 7 and 9; these panels are set up to be congruous, with the oracle pages trisecting it. You can tell by the positioning of the Undead Dragon between the three pages.


    Strip 332: The Ephemerality of Memory - No annotations yet

    Strip 333: The Bright Side – No annotations yet

    Strip 334: If You Want Something Done Right – No annotations yet

    Strip 335: A Grand Experiment – No annotations yet

    Strip 336: Bedtime for Elan – No annotations yet

    Strip 337: Brief and to the Point – No annotations yet

    Strip 338: Tactical Priorities
    • In panel 8, Vaarsuvius’ dialogue foreshadows the events in which he/she sells his/her soul to save his/her own family, by saying "One’s family must be defended when the need arises."

    Strip 339: C.P.P.D. Blues
    • In panel 2, the crime scene tape says "Ye Olde Crime Scene, Do Not Crosse".


    Strip 340: You Should Have Seen What He Did With the Corsage – No annotations yet

    Strip 341: Setting Up the Board – No annotations yet

    Strip 342: Dangling the Bait – No annotations yet

    Strip 343: Served with a Side Order of Whoop-Ass – No annotations yet

    Strip 344: A Walk in the Park
    • In panel 8, we see that Leeky (who is Durkon’s Linear Guild opposite) is wearing robes that match Durkon’s skin tone, and Leeky’s skin tone matches the color of Durkon’s beard. His beard, hair, and cape also match Durkon’s armor color, and their amulet pendants match the other’s chain.


    Strip 345: He Invented the Magic System – No annotations yet

    Strip 346: Swoop, There It Is
    • In panel 5, Leeky Windstaff's animal companion is named "Kitty" and is a hawk, which is a reference to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, where the Wright Brothers conducted their experiments into powered flight.
    • In panel 7, the psychiatrist appears to be the same one that appears in the trial scene of Strip 271.


    Strip 347: On the Map – No annotations yet

    Strip 348: Someone Was Looking For You
    • In Panel 1, Belkar says "I think that I shall never see a beating as lovely as that handed out by a tree." This is a reference to the poem "Trees" by Joyce KIlmer. The poem starts with the lines: "I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree."
    • In Panels 5, 6 & 7, the dialogue and appearance of YokYok is a reference to the character Inigo Montoya from the film, "The Princess Bride". Panel 12 continues this reference, where Belkar yells, "STOP SAYING THAT", which the Six Fingered Man yells in the referenced scene.


    Strip 349: Every Couple Has Their Quirks – No annotations yet

    Strip 350: At Least You Get Course Credit
    • In panel 1, the Cliffport Police department is shown have red and white flashing lights on top of their horses, and the rookie makes siren noises.
    • In panel 7, the police call in the SWAT team, which typically stands for "Special Weapons And Tactics" but in this case refers to using fly-SWAT-ters.


    Strip 351: Pop Quiz, Hotshot – No annotations yet

    Strip 352: The Turnaround – No annotations yet

    Strip 353: If a Druid Falls in the City, Does He Make a Noise?
    • In panel 1, we see that one of Thor’s angel is holding a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Player’s Handbook.

    Strip 354: Copper Piece Arcade
    • In panel 9, we see a reference to the classic 1981 Arcade game - Centipede.
    • In panel 10, the reference to the Centipede arcade game is furthered when Julia Greenhilt says, "Help! I'm out of quarters!" Like most arcade games, Centipede would allow you to continue after you had "lost" if you put in more quarters.


    Strip 355: Sore Loser – No annotations yet

    Strip 356: Knight Takes Pawn – No annotations yet

    Strip 357: Pen Beats Sword – No annotations yet

    Strip 358: A Taste of Victory – No annotations yet

    Strip 359: Roll Over – No annotations yet

    Strip 360: Hail to the Chief
    • In panel 9, you can see Nale’s sword coming up from behind the Police Chief.


    Strip 361: Framing the Picture – No annotations yet

    Strip 362: Grand Theft Identity – No annotations yet

    Strip 363: I Fought the Law – No annotations yet

    Strip 364: Consider Their Lineage – No annotations yet

    Strip 365: Caught in the Act
    • In panel 4, Nale says his disguise won't work forever, except for the halfling. In Strip 383, the Halfling - Belkar is the first one to notice, because Nale showers and Belkar can smell him.
    • In panel 7, when Sabine and Nale kiss, her tail wraps around his leg and she messes up his outfit and hair.

    Strip 366: Porting Out
    • In this Strip, the Azurite Spellcaster’s bottle slowly loses liquid as he drinks it.


    Strip 367: Innocent Man – No annotations yet

    Strip 368: All Along the Watchtower – No annotations yet

    Strip 369: Fight! – No annotations yet

    Strip 370: Kills 'Em Every Time – No annotations yet

    Strip 371: The Road to Heck
    • In panel 9, Xykon misquotes a line from Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The actual line is, "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to suffering."
    • In panel 10, Red Cloak and Xykon mix up the line from panel 9 with a different line which appears in Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The actual line is, "Luke! Don't give in to hate. That leads to the Dark Side."
    • In the last panel, you can see two demon roaches having a light saber duel.


    Strip 372: Pot v. Kettle – No annotations yet

    Strip 373: Caged
    • In page 2, panel 1; when Miko grabs the Demon Roach, it shouts, "Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!" This line is a nearly identical to the line in the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in this scene.
    • In page 2, panel 6; we see Miko’s horse Windstrider issues the sound pika when summoned from the pokeball. In Strip 432, we see that this phrase is finished with Hinjo’s dog being summoned from a pokeball, issuing the sound chu.


    Strip 374: Black and Blue – No annotations yet

    Strip 375: Undeliverable
    • In panel 10, we see that Durkon’s intercepted letter tells us that in the OotS universe – Dwarves have 2 livers.


    Strip 376: All Too Easy – No annotations yet

    Strip 377: Travel Delays – No annotations yet

    Strip 378: He Didn't Even Have to Say Please – No annotations yet

    Strip 379: Perform IS on the Aristocrat's Skill List – No annotations yet

    Strip 380: While the Fiend's Away...
    • In panel 6, we see the first appearance of the IFCC.
    • In panel 7, Sabine’s tail curls when she lies to Nale.


    Strip 381: Improved Feint – No annotations yet

    Strip 382: Risk vs. Reward
    • In panel 5, we see that one of Haley’s personalities is elven – Haley’s Intellect.


    Strip 383: What's Really Scary is That He Knows the Words – No annotations yet

    Strip 384: Words Get in the Way
    • In panel 2, we see this restaurant is the same restaurant that Roy and Celia went to on their date for New Years in Strip 313.
    • In panel 7, Nale thinks Haley's cryptograms are a foreign language. In Strip 247, Elan had the same reaction.

    Strip 385: A Sympathetic Ear
    • In panel 6, Drunk Sabine calls V "sister", in contradiction to her calling V "dude" in Strip 252, panel 6.

    Strip 386: Not How She Pictured It, Certainly
    • In panel 3, the hotel room Nale and Haley enter is #13, which is a number characteristically left out of hotels – generally, there is never a 13th floor, or a 13th room.

    Strip 387: The Cliffport Redemption
    • In page 1, last panel; Elan gets an idea…but instead of a light bulb popping up above his head, a lantern pops up.
    • In page 2, last panel; when Thog rages, his skin gets darker and his pants turn purple, like the comic book character - Incredible Hulk.

    Strip 388: The Final Frontier
    • In panel 3, we see that the left-most outfit that is displayed is the outfit Elan chooses to steal.
    • In panel 5, Elan for the first time is depicted with visible boots in the comic.
    • In Page 2, we see several references to characters and elements from the Final Fantasy VI, in which one of the main modes of travel is by airship. If you, like thog, do not get the references, here is a list of them:
      • In Panel 4, the characters that are represeneted from left to right are: Setzer - the Airship Captain, Cyan, Celes, Terra, Relm and Strago. Elan and thog wear costumes that resemble Locke and Mog, respectively.
      • In Panel 4, Cyan's dialogue about three options - Fight, Run or Item, are references to the turn based system of fighting used in Final Fantasy VI. The 4th option is Magic, which comes later in the game (as the dialogue confirms in the panel).
      • In Panel 4, Relm, a character who is an artist in the game complains to her grandfather about not wanting to go to Pratt Institute, which is known for its Fine Arts department.
      • In Panel 4, Strago threatens Relm with the spell Aqua Rake, which is a spell he was able to cast in the game.
      • In Panel 8, the character with the drill is Edgar.
      • In Panel 8, Edgar references Fenix Down (a modified spelling of Phoenix Down), which is the resurrection spell used in the Final Fantasy Series.


    Strip 389: As Good an Explanation as is Forthcoming – No annotations yet

    Strip 390: In a Class All His Own – No annotations yet

    Strip 391: Eye of the Tiger, Baby
    • In the last panel, one of the men in the alligator suit is taking a smoke break.


    Strip 392: Death From Above – No annotations yet

    Strip 393: Truth
    • In the online version of this Strip, it is named Truth. In the printed version, it is named The Truth Shall Set You Free.

    Strip 394: Hell Hath Exactly As Much Fury
    • In panel 9, we see Nale’s fantasy death for Haley was to stab her with a knife in the sternum, which is how he dies in Strip 913.


    Strip 395: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – No annotations yet

    Strip 396: The Door Knocks on YOU – No annotations yet

    Strip 397: Leggo My Ego! – No annotations yet

    Strip 398: We All Just Want to be Held Sometimes
    • In panel 12, while Vaarsuvius, Haley and Durkon are hugging, Thog approaches the group to join in, saying – group hug! Durkon casts the spell Hold Person on him to prevent him from doing so, but it is ironic, since hugging is the equivalent of holding a person.

    Strip 399: Death Actually IS Too Good For Them
    • In page 1, panel 8; Haley mentions that there’s probably some kind of ubermagic that would bind his soul, but that it was more on the evil side of the street. Vaarsuvius responds, "And what, exactly, would be the problem in that?" Vaarsuvius later participates in some ubermagic of his/her own when his/her soul is bound by the IFCC in Strip 634.


    Strip 400: Your Ship Has Come In – No annotations yet

    Spoiler: Original Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bobinchese View Post
    Miko isn't present in comic 176.
    Edited. I meant 174. Kinks to be worked out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muenster Man View Post
    Could you explain the purpose of this thread more clearly? I agree that it seems different from other, similar threads, and I would like to contribute but I can't quite figure out what this thread is and is not supposed to cover. Right now it sort of seems to cover a vague "everything," and if that's the case, people can suggest just about anything and it will get very crowded very quickly.
    Sure, some of these are arbitrary, such as this is happening, you might have missed it. Other things are direct references to things, and in those cases I'd like to specifically define. I'm looking for suggestions for organizing - Such as sections - Like the gag call out I'd like to do differently, and I'd also like to do things like point out the intended opposite theme for each of the linear guild regroupings. Things like that. Explaining the title of each Strip is another mission. It is vague on purpose, but with a limit. I'd say notable intricacies, like the empire of blood has red wine, and the azurites have blue. Things of that nature, but not, say, that tree is green. Explaining jokes and references are the main idea, with plot and story references a close second.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gnoman View Post
    Afraid you're incorrect here. The latter gag has to do with D&D spell component rules (each spell that requires an expensive component bases that component on the GP value rather than any objective quantity or quality of the item. Thus, if you haggle for less than that rate, your component no longer qualifies for the spell, so you have to buy more), not any mathematically-challenged merchants. There is no connection between the two gags other than "they both take place in a shop."
    Ah. Alright, I'll have to redefine each to explain each, would you have a suggestion as to defining the first gag?
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