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    Default Re: The Annotated Order of the Stick - A Companion Guide

    The Annotated Order of the Stick
    Strips 401 to 500
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    Spoiler: Strips 401-500

    Strip 401: Breakfast of Champions
    • This Strip has the same name as Strip 720 – Breakfast of Champions.
    • In panels 7 and 8, Durkon, Haley and Elan are using chopsticks in this Strip, even for the pancakes. Vaarsuvius, however, is using a spoon for the grapefruit.


    Strip 402: Speaking From the Heart – No annotations yet

    Strip 403: Leadership Is About the Tough Decisions – No annotations yet

    Strip 404: A Paladin's Duty – No annotations yet

    Strip 405: The Secrets – No annotations yet

    Strip 406: A Moment of Truth – No annotations yet

    Strip 407: Breakfast of Champions
    • In panel 6, we see when Miko becomes a fallen Paladin, her clothes change from blue to brown. In the last panel, when Shojo dies, his spotlight goes out.


    Strip 408: Fallsville, Population: 1 – No annotations yet

    Strip 409: Intercession – No annotations yet

    Strip 410: The New Lord in Town – No annotations yet

    Strip 411: The Power Behind the Throne – No annotations yet

    Strip 412: Catching Up – No annotations yet

    Strip 413: Not to Scale – No annotations yet

    Strip 414: Noble is Goodble – No annotations yet

    Strip 415: Idiot Box
    • In panel 14, the image in the Crystal Ball is a reference to the character's Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings series written by JR Tolkien, who must destroy the 'One Ring'. This parody has Frudu and Samwose, who must destroy the 'One Ming'.

    Strip 416: It's Battlicious!
    • In panel 1, the woman in the Blind Date episode Xykon is watching comments that her date was really stiff the whole date, which makes sense, since she’s a medusa.


    Strip 417: The Most Important Place to Be – No annotations yet

    Strip 418: It's a Type of Boat

    Strip 419: A Special Pre-Approved Offer – No annotations yet

    Strip 420: The Trial of Belkar Bitterleaf (Abridged) – No annotations yet

    Strip 421: Oratory of the Stick
    Elan steals from various fictional or historical speeches for his own speech –
    • Page 1,
      • Panel 9: Julius Caesar,
      • Panel 10: Lord of the Rings (Isenguard vs Rohan Battle - Two Towers),
      • Panel 11: Henry V,
      • Panel 12: Lord of the Rings (Return of the King),
    • Page 2,
      • Panel 2: Patton,
      • Panel 3: Independence Day,
      • Panel 4: Braveheart

    Strip 422: March to War
    The pages in this Strip depict a mirrored positioning of characters.
    • Roy and Xykon mirror each other - which mirrors they are the leaders of the two teams (the Order and Team Evil).
    • Hinjo and Redcloak mirror each other – which represents them as opposing leaders of their people.
    • O-Chul and MitD mirror each other – which foreshadows their encounter later in the story.


    Strip 423: Periodic Bombardment

    Strip 424: A Wizard's Work
    • In page 2, panel 6; the Azurite soldier drops his shield to catch the scroll of dismissal and throws it up to Vaarsuvius in the next panel. Also, as a note, when Vaarsuvius uses the scrolls, the words on the scroll vanish.

    Strip 425: War Makes Boys of Us All
    • In panel 4, Elan references the movie 300, or rather – The Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC where 300 Spartans defended against a much larger invasion force of Persians. The historian Herodotus writes that when Dienekes, a Spartan soldier, was informed that Persian arrows would be so numerous as "to block out the sun", he retorted, unconcerned: "So much the better...then we shall fight our battle in the shade." This is the second reference to Thermopylae via a large mass of arrows. The first of which can be found in Strip 152, which predated the film.


    Strip 426: Three of a Kind – No annotations yet

    Strip 427: They're Just Another Brick in the Wall – No annotations yet

    Strip 428: It Takes a Thief
    • In page 2, panel 4; we see the wind moving the character’s clothing and see a very faint whoosh. They move each flap of the undead dragon’s wings. In page 2, panel 6; Belkar’s referring to Vaarsuvius as It’s Pat is a reference to this SNL skit.


    Strip 429: Stay on Target... – No annotations yet

    Strip 430: Rematch
    • In page 1, we see that Xykon’s undead dragon is missing its rear left foot. In page 2, panel 1; Xykon says unholy crap, instead of holy crap.


    Strip 431: My Three Xykons – No annotations yet

    Strip 432: Let Slip the Dogs of War
    • In panel 2, we see that the chef is the same chef who invented "Halfling Drop Soup" in Strip 279.
    • In panel 10, we see Hinjo’s dog Argent issues the sound chu when summoned from the pokeball. In Strip 373, we see that this phrase is complimented with Miko’s horse being summoned from a pokeball, issuing the sound pika.
    • In the last panel, we see Belkar mention his jealousy about how Hinjo is "unleashing the fury", and all he gets is a wiener dog. This is a reference to when he says "unleash the fury" in Strip 140.

    Strip 433: Resource Management
    • The title of this strip is the same as the title of Strip 924.
    • In panel 6, we see Belkar is not killing Goblins because of his Mark of Justice - but, he kills the Undead Goblin, because the non-living are fair game.


    Strip 434: Heavy is the Head – No annotations yet

    Strip 435: Amoral Dilemma [list][*]In page 1, panel 3; the poison bottle shown has a yuck face on it. In page 2, panel 9; the assassin’s head that Belkar decapitated hits a Goblin and kills it.

    Strip 436: Non-Military Intelligence
    • In panel 1, the poisoned arrow depicted is from the previous page. The assassin Belkar killed miss fired it into the air as Belkar knocked him off the edge. In the last panel, the Death Knight rips off his Xykon costume just before his charge.

    Strip 437: Battle Momentum
    • In the last panel, we see that the guard gets an attack of opportunity by the letters AOO! popping up next to his sword slash.


    Strip 438: The Paladin is Your Pal – No annotations yet

    Strip 439: Seeing Orange – No annotations yet

    Strip 440: Flew the Coop – No annotations yet

    Strip 441: Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead – No annotations yet

    Strip 442: We Can Do This the Easy Way... – No annotations yet

    Strip 443: The First Step is a Doozy
    • In Panel 1, Roy mentions two potions he has on him, and wonders why he even has them. In fact, either of these potions would have gotten him out of trouble in the closet in Strip 234. The Shillelagh Oil would have turned the broom into a formidable weapon, and the Delay Poison would have Delayed Elan's Poison.


    Strip 444: He's Dead, Jim – No annotations yet

    Strip 445: A Song for the Departed – No annotations yet

    Strip 446: Hell of a Job
    • In panel 2, Vaarsuvius is depicted as the purple dot firing the lightning bolt in the background.

    Strip 447: Guarding the Sapphire
    • In the last panel on the 2nd row, you see the wondow is boarded up from when Belkar and Miko crashed through it in 284

    Strip 448: Just Crazy Enough to Work
    • In page 2, the last panel; we see the bouncy ball Xykon used with the mark of insanity in the bottom right area of the panel.


    Strip 449: Land of the Rising... – No annotations yet

    Strip 450: Wands Are for Suckers
    • In the pan shot of the first panel, Roy, Tsukiko, Redcloak, Mitd, Huecuva, the eye of fear and flame and Belkar are seen. Belkar’s position matches the position he was last seen 5 pages before.


    Strip 451: Change of Direction – No annotations yet

    Strip 452: Breaking and Entering – No annotations yet

    Strip 453: Heck of a Fight
    • In page 2, panel 4; the ninja's line about being the last ninja makes him death incarnate is a reference to the Conservation of Ninjitsu trope.

    Strip 454: The Longshot
    • In page 2, panel 6; the mammoth is stomping on Azurite Soldiers.


    Strip 455: Incoming! – No annotations yet

    Strip 456: Saved Game
    • In panel 2, as the mammoth disappears, the Hobgoblin General plummets to the ground. In panel 3, we see the sound effect of the Hobgoblin General landing.


    Strip 457: Anti-Human Resources – No annotations yet

    Strip 458: Exit Strategy
    • Panel 2 we see that Nale’s goatee is growing back, but hasn’t grown back fully from when he shaved it.
    • In Panel 6, Thog expresses he has always dreamed of being a footstool, which is the exact opposite statement Durkon said in Strip 260when he is locked in the same room.


    Strip 459: Negative Feelings – No annotations yet

    Strip 460: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign – No annotations yet

    Strip 461: I've Got a Bad Feeling About This... – No annotations yet

    Strip 462: Good Idea, Bad Idea – No annotations yet

    Strip 463: Shattered
    • In page 1 - the splash panel - Xykon and Redcloak are seen flying away to escape the explosion of the gate, as well as small pockets of Azure City soldiers amongst the Hobgoblins. In page 2, panel 1; Elan divulges that it is common knowledge that Hobgoblins love Gouda cheese.

    Strip 464: Not for Everyone
    • Miko was cut in half during the explosion by the chair she cut in half.


    Strip 465: No One Likes a Tattletale – No annotations yet

    Strip 466: I Think I Left it in the Bag...
    • In the last panel, the right tower of the ruined castle falls over from the destruction, emphasizing Xykon’s dialogue – I don’t suppose we kept the receipt?

    Strip 467: Learn to Play it Right
    • In page 1, panel 10; we see Haley quote singer Kenny Rogers as a saying her father had. Belkar furthers the reference by saying he made some fine roast chicken, since Kenny was also a restaurateur.

    Strip 468: Splitting Up is Hard to Do
    • On page 2, panel 9; we see Haley has a tattoo on her upper back. It’s a heart with an arrow through it. She mentions it through cryptogram in the 9th panel of 309.

    Strip 469: Crossbones
    • In page 2, panel 10; the goblins mention they handed out the t-shirts too early, which is referencing Strip 455, where the goblins got t-shirts because they thought they’d killed the PC’s.


    Strip 470: With Three Arrows Left in the Quiver – No annotations yet

    Strip 471: A Triumphant Return – No annotations yet

    Strip 472: I'll Hold Them Off – No annotations yet

    Strip 473: On the Waterfront
    • In page 2, panel 1; The Captain introduces himself as Captain Axe, and has an axe for a hand instead of the usual hook. This is also a subtle reference to Captain Hook from the story – Peter Pan.

    Strip 474: The Body Snatcher
    • In panel 8, the quote shadow Roy says is referencing The Shadow.
    • In panel 9, the Hobgoblin vampire Roy has killed has two teeth puncture marks in his neck.
    • In the last panel, a scone is shown wedged into O-Chul’s hands. The demon roach in this panel also has tea and a scone.


    Strip 475: Crashing the Party – No annotations yet

    Strip 476: I Don't Suppose You Have Any Nutmeg?

    Strip 477: Shock and Awwwwww – No annotations yet

    Strip 478: On Usefulness – No annotations yet

    Strip 479: Jaws of Life – No annotations yet

    Strip 480: Change of Address Needed – No annotations yet

    Strip 481: Cutting the Cord
    • In panel 11, we see the Goblins are still attempting to fire on the ship by the arrows that appear off the edge of the ship.


    Strip 482: Leaving Azure City – No annotations yet

    Strip 483: Broken Stick – No annotations yet

    Strip 484: At the End of the Day
    • Xykon is depicted casting the Cloister spell.

    Strip 485: Hey! You! Get Off of My Cloud!
    • In page 2, panel 3, Eugene Greenhilt taunts Roy by making a reference to the story line of the animated Dragonball Z series. In Dragonball Z, Goku, the main character, is killed protecting the Earth. While he is dead, he goes to the afterlife, where he trains with King Kai, a martial arts master, to become stronger while his friends gather the seven Dragonballs in order to wish him back to life to help fight off the still present threat.
    • In page 2, panel 4, Roy mentions that the last battle was long enough to be a battle in Dragonball Z. This is a reference to the animated series, which was notorious for having incredibly long battles, spanning multiple episodes.

    Strip 486: Next on "As the Plane Turns"...
    • In panel 5, the cleric that is saying "Wait a minute, I had a 22!" is the cleric who died in the casting duel with Redcloak in Strip 456.
    • In panel 9, Eugene asks Roy if he remembers her, because she hasn't appeared in the comic since way back in Strip 39.

    Strip 487: Their Concierge Service is Heavenly
    • In panel 7, the Bureaucratic Deva references Strip 292, where Eugene took the place of the ‘Being of Pure Law and Good’.


    Strip 488: Broken Stick – No annotations yet

    Strip 489: Keepin' the Little Man Down
    • In the 11th panel, we see that Belkar’s evil is measured in Kilonazis.


    Strip 490: Final Review – No annotations yet

    Strip 491: Those Singing Lessons Cost Money, You Know – No annotations yet

    Strip 492: Things to Do in Heaven When You're Dead – No annotations yet

    Strip 493: Led Zeppelin Lied to Us All
    • In the last panel, we see the Azure City Paladin with the bandana that first appeared in Strip 447 and died in Strip 448 while defending the throne room. He presumably entered the afterlife after his ghost-martyr was defeated in Strip 461.


    Strip 494: DMILF – No annotations yet

    Strip 495: (Eu)gene Therapy – No annotations yet

    Strip 496: Responsible – No annotations yet

    Strip 497: The Grand Fighter – No annotations yet

    Strip 498: Gone Fishin' – No annotations yet

    Strip 499: No Time to Lose – No annotations yet

    Strip 500: A Reason to Keep Trying – No annotations yet

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    Alright, well, then it doesn't need to be described as a notable fact, since that's pretty apparent. I'll work on 677's description. Thanks!

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    289 – In panel 3, we see a Shojo with gray hair and no wrinkles or liver spots, showing the passage of time between the event and current time.

    Should read "In panel 4..."
    Fixed. I missed that bar...

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    Ah! Someone's looking at that mad slap dash of items! I'll add it.

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    Fixed! Thank you.
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