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    Default Re: The Annotated Order of the Stick - A Companion Guide

    The Annotated Order of the Stick
    Strips 601 to 700
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    Spoiler: Strips 601-700


    Strip 601: She Obviously Doesn't Have the Endurance Feet - No annotations yet

    Strip 602: Clerical Temp - No annotations yet

    Strip 603: Familiarity Breeds Piercing Damage - No annotations yet

    Strip 604: Bailout Plan
    • In panel 7, we see that Haley’s wound retroactively gets smaller when she realizes that the rogue didn’t sneak attack her.
    • In panel 8, we are introduced to the Rogue Guild’s Fighter Outreach program member – Yor. Yor backwards is Roy.


    Strip 605: Return of the King - No annotations yet

    Strip 606: The Philosophy of Chaos
    • In this strip, a sick and dreaming Belkar with Mr. Scruffy watching over him is overlaid over the entire page.


    Strip 607: Gherkin Her Chain - No annotations yet

    Strip 608: Mean Girls
    • In panel 4, when Crystal attacks the dummy decoy in the shower, the sound effects to the right reference the sounds happening in the shower scene of the Alfred Hitchcock movie – Psycho.
    • In panel 6, the sap Haley uses is the one she looted from Isamu’s corpse in Strip 521. He, in turn, bought the sap from the Duergar in 531.
    • In panel 9, we see that Ian Starshine’s hair is starting to grey.


    Strip 609: It Takes TWO Thieves, Actually - No annotations yet

    Strip 610: You're It
    • In page 2, panel 7; Mr. Scruffy is licking Belkar’s hand to try and wake him up.

    Strip 611: None Left Standing
    • In page 1, panel 4; the only words not obscured by mist are In danger and Belkar, with Belkar’s outline being visible right next to it.
    • In page 2, panel 4; Mr. Scruffy does claw damage to the Rogue Sorcerer’s face.
    • In page 2, panel 6; Mr. Scruffy also assists Belkar in killing the dwarf.


    Strip 612: Technically, the "Fish" Version is a Subset of This One - No annotations yet

    Strip 613: I Need a Hero - No annotations yet

    Strip 614: A Cut Above
    • In panel 4, Haley references when she cut her hair once before, when she decided she didn’t want to dye it anymore. This is also referenced by her short hair personality in Strip 319, expanding that she was "sick of all this emo crap" when she cut her hair.

    Strip 615: It's a Real Life-Saver
    • In panel 1, we see that Haley is standing on an armchair in order to reach the bow she takes off the wall.
    • In the last panel, Celia’s wing is damaged in the Charging Grapple Attack.


    Strip 616: An Opponent or Rival Whom a Person Cannot Overcome - No annotations yet

    Strip 617: Power Meeting - No annotations yet

    Strip 618: Flank Cut - No annotations yet

    Strip 619: Wow, That's a Spicy Meatball! - No annotations yet

    Strip 620: Probably About an "8" - No annotations yet

    Strip 621: At Least There Weren't Any Cryptograms - No annotations yet

    Strip 622: Don't Hate the Player Character... - No annotations yet

    Strip 623: Running Away
    • In panel 8, the Azurite soldier says to Vaarsuvius, I hope you choke on your useless magic, which V does in Strip 657 when Xykon chokes him in panel 13.


    Strip 624: This Happens to Telemarketers All the Time - No annotations yet

    Strip 625: Bargain Hunter - No annotations yet

    Strip 626: Good to the Last Drip - No annotations yet

    Strip 627: Power Outage
    • In panel 1, the Adult Black Dragon responds to Vaarsuvius' spell the same way her son, the Young Adult Black Dragon, did in Strip 182. They both respond with a flat - "No."

    Strip 628: Every Parent's Worst Nightmare
    • In page 1, panel 7; When the black dragon screams, she spits 2 drops of acid. They start burning holes in the ground where they landed in panel 9.
    • In page 1, panel 10; the important client the Oracle mentions to Roy in Strip 572 was the Adult Black Dragon.


    Strip 629: One Chance - No annotations yet

    Strip 630: Shoot the Messenger
    • In panels 6, 7 and 10; Qarr says the same exact line in each of his attempts to contact one of Vaarsuvius’ allies. The only difference is in panel 10, Inkyrius says AHHH! instead of Qarr.

    Strip 631: Who Doesn't Get Ten of These a Week?
    • In panel 8, we find out that V’s children are adopted.


    Strip 632: My Three Fiends - No annotations yet

    Strip 633: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Million Years?
    • In page 1, panel 4; we see that two of the souls involved in the soul splice are casters in the necromancy and conjuring – the two schools that Vaarsuvius is barred from.

    Strip 634: The Wrong Reasons
    • In page 2, panel 7; we see Qarr has been impaled on a pike.


    Strip 635: I See a Red Robe and I Want to Paint it Black - No annotations yet

    Strip 636: Shattered, Shattered - No annotations yet

    Strip 637: It Only Shows Reality Programming
    • In panels 4 - 10, the fiend, Cedrick, is using the brazier and stand to make a bowl of popcorn.

    Strip 638: A Dragon's Victory
    • In page 2, we see that the shape changed Vaarsuvius still has three fingers, unlike the usual dragon that has four.

    Strip 639: If They Pull a Knife...
    • The title of the strip is a reference to a quote made by Sean Connery from the film "The Untouchables". The full quote is - "If they pull a knife, you pull a gun. If they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue. That's the Chicago way." In other words, the only way to defeat someone more powerful than you is to escalate the violence before they do, which is exactly what V does in this situation.
    • In page 2, panel 6; the continent the spell branches out from matches the maps we see later in Strips 680 and 698. From this, we can see that the point the spell originates is in the Elven Lands, and so we know exactly where Vaarsuvius' home is on the Western Continent.
    • In page 3, panel 12; we see that V’s Familicide spell unintentionally saves a bunny from the black dragon it was being pursued by.


    Strip 640: Madness - No annotations yet

    Strip 641: For Every Action - No annotations yet

    Strip 642: Choice - No annotations yet

    Strip 643: A Wizard Did It
    • In page 1, panel 6; we see the window that Elan crashed through in Strip 589 is boarded up.


    Strip 644: An Unsung Legend - No annotations yet

    Strip 645: It's Where the Cool Kids Swim
    • In panel 4, we see a poster in the background that says, "In case of fire, use stairs for looting. Saftey a close second!"


    Strip 646: ...And It Feels So Good - No annotations yet

    Strip 647: Be Prepared
    • In Panels 9 & 10, Elan's dialogue is referencing the events of Strip 593 in which the ninja Therkla died to poison. This is why he takes Neutralize Poison as his 4th Level Spell, so that he never has to be helpless in this situation again.

    Strip 648: A Dish Best Served With +1d6 Cold Damage
    • In the last panel, Haley mentions that Crystal said [Haley] could borrow her knife. She is in fact telling the truth. Crystal mentions Haley can do this in 645, in the first panel.


    Strip 649: It's a Shame She Didn't Grab That Script While She Was There - No annotations yet

    Strip 650: A Lot Can Happen in Ten Minutes - No annotations yet

    Strip 651: Two Eyes in the Dark
    • In panel 7, we see that the game board they are using for their game of Go is scratched into the floor.


    Strip 652: No Respect for the Wicked - No annotations yet

    Strip 653: Fun While It Lasted
    • Tsukiko has a stuffed Xykon doll that she sleeps with, and slippers that match her different colored eyes. She is also wearing see-through PJ’s. We see the Xykon doll again in Strip 700

    Strip 654: Cages (Steel and Otherwise)
    • The Go game is still depicted as a mess on the floor.


    Strip 655: With a Critical Eye - No annotations yet

    Strip 656: It Probably Squeaks, Too - No annotations yet

    Strip 657: Second Chance - No annotations yet

    Strip 658: A Bird in Hand - No annotations yet

    Strip 659: Flight of the Phylactery - No annotations yet

    Strip 660: Lucky Breaks
    • In panel 9, we see Xykon’s phylactery bounce off of Redcloak’s Statue’s right eye, which is the eye that Redcloak had been stabbed in by O-Chul in Strip 655. The phylactery also makes a different sound when hitting the metal shield in the next panel than it does when hitting stone.
    • In panel 10, we see the man hole cover says Azure City Public Works on it. The caution barrier next to it has torches on it instead of flashing lights.

    Strip 661: The Path of Least Expectation
    • Xykon has his hand in O-Chul’s mouth when he is preparing to cast meteor swarm.


    Strip 662: The Price is Right - No annotations yet

    Strip 663: Or Mention That He's Getting Too Old for This - No annotations yet

    Strip 664: Down to Earth - No annotations yet

    Strip 665: In the Flesh
    • In panel 8, we see that Celia’s shirt is backless to allow for her wings.
    • In panel 9, it appears that Roy is using Vaarsuvius’ cape to cover himself.

    Strip 666: But Seriously, She Won't
    • In panel 1, we see that Roy has changed into his extra set of clothes – the dress clothes he got for his date with Celia in Strip 310.

    Strip 667: Mending Wounds
    • In the last panel, we see that Tiamut’s so angry, she’s spewing all 5 (if tiny) breath weapons out of the phone – Fire, lightning, chlorine gas, cold, and acid.
    • In this same panel, when their counting up the time allotted from the soul splice, we can see that Haerta's time was a multiple of 6 seconds, since she broke loose on V's turn in Strip 641, but that Jephton's and Ganonron's time is not a multiple of 6 seconds, since they broke loose on Xykon's turn in Strip 653.

    Strip 668: Moving the Pieces
    • In panel 10, we see the Linear Guild set up in the same positioning as the Order of the Stick is in the Giant in the Playground Comics banner of the Order of the Stick comic. Yik Yik, Zz’dtri, and Hilgya are crossed out at the time of their first encounter with the Order of the Stick. Yik Yik was killed, Hilgya left the Guild, and Zz’dtri was taken away by the lawyers.


    Strip 669: Logical Conclusions - No annotations yet

    Strip 670: The War Council
    • On page 2, panel 8; when the elves teleport in they knock a Hobgoblin off of the cliff. In the next panel, he is still falling off the frame.
    • On page 2, panels 10 and 11; the sending spell the elves cast compromises of exactly 25 words, ending with Liberation commencing.

    Strip 671: Also, She Needs Her Clothes Back Now
    • In panel 6, Elan mentions that Hinjo can keep the eyepatch he took from Elan in Strip 502.
    • In the same panel, Belkar references his plan to Daigo to catapult him at the throne room in Strip 461.

    Strip 672: A Familiar Conclusion
    • In page 1, panel 2; O-Chul looks at Lien’s shark with apprehension due to the primary form of torture he had when he was a captive in Strip 541, and also references Indiana Jones, who has a similar line to O-Chul’s, but regarding snakes instead.
    • In page 1, panel 5; we see Durkon begin planning to create Mass Death Ward, which he later completes in Strip 750.
    • In page 1, panel 7; we see Mr. Scruffy and Belkar cuddling. Vaarsuvius sees this and immediately summons his familiar, Blackwing, to make amends – implying he wants the companionship that Belkar has.
    • In page 2, panel 1; we see a reference to Strip 155, where Vaarsuvius first establishes that Blackwing chooses not to talk.


    Strip 673: Too Slow - No annotations yet

    Strip 674: The Elf Who Cried Raven - No annotations yet

    Strip 675: It Costs an Armor Leg
    • In the last panel, Haley mentions that she expected Elan to "spend most of [their gold] purchasing local bridges". This is referencing a scam that began in the early 1900's, where a man by the name of George C. Parker conned people into buying the Brooklyn Bridge. This coined the common saying: "If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you."


    Strip 676: There's More Than One Way to Fail a Listen Check - No annotations yet

    Strip 677: This Never Happens to Jiminy Cricket
    • In the first panel, we see that the western continent has equally mathematically-challenged counterparts to the shop keepers we saw in Strip 135.


    Strip 676: First Step in the Process - No annotations yet

    Strip 676: Oh, Right, That Other Problem... - No annotations yet

    Strip 680: That's Why It's Called a Running Gag
    • In panel 6, we see that the rulers that Tarquin kills in Strip 725.


    Strip 681: All in the Family - No annotations yet

    Strip 682: Plus, He Probably Spits, Too - No annotations yet

    Strip 683: Whatever You Do, Don't Oscillate
    • In Panel 4, Elan's Half-Camel dialogue references a conversation he and V had in Strip 87.
    • In Panel 5, the man in the right corner is the same man who later gives Roy a Belt of Giant Strength in Strip 687.
    • In Panel 2, we see that Belkar gets visibly sun burnt in the desert because Durkon doesn’t cast Endure Heat on him in Strip Strip 682. It remains until Strip 687 when Durkon heals him.

    Strip 684: V Was Only Waiting for This Moment to Arise
    In this Strip, Elan makes various references to the music group - The Beatles songs through his puns, since the enemies are insects:

    Strip 685: On Friendship
    • Belkar follows through with his threat to piss in their neck hole. Also, his slaver friend, Buggy Lou is a play on words for Bugalú, a form of latin dance.
    • In the last panel, the Bug men have Xs in their eyes, instead of their eyes becoming Xs.


    Strip 686: Also, At Lower Altitude - No annotations yet

    Strip 687: Actually, That's Probably You
    • When Roy puts on the Belt of Giant Strength, he is then depicted wearing the belt with a green line.

    Strip 688: The Comics Must Flow
    • The title references a common saying "The Spice must flow" within the science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, "Dune". Spice was a highly addictive drug in the novel, and it appears in the comic in Panel 2, where Belkar is gifted Spice from the 'spice vendor'. Spice in the novel makes the user's eyes turn blue, which Belkar's do as well. Spice is found on the desert planet, Arrakis, which looks similar to the desert in the western continent in Order of the Stick. Last, Arrakis has colossal worm-like creatures called Sandworms, which appear very similar to the Purple Worm that Belkar attracts with the spice.
    • In panel 6, we see that Mr. Scruffy hears the Purple Worm coming 2 panels before it appears. He’s shown running away in the next two panels.

    Strip 689: Live Bait
    • In panel 5, we see evidence that Roy still has on the Ring of Jumping.

    Strip 690: Riders on the Worm
    • In panel 2, Durkon shows he finally has picked up on nautical terms, an issue he was displayed to have in Strip 507.
    • In panel 3, Belkar is shown reading the book - Dune - to learn about the Worm.

    Strip 691: All Available Resources
    • In the last panel, Roy mentions Elan has an 80% chance of tripping over something, which he immediately does – a treasure chest.

    Strip 692: Searchin'
    • Panel 10 shows that Elan attacked the cactus in panel nine in order to give Haley the flower that was on it (she is shown holding it and smiling), and he got cactus spines stuck in him for the effort.

    Strip 693: Tragically, His Arms Would Be Too Short for the Lute
    • The title is referencing Elan's drawing in Panel 11, as Tyrannosaurus Rex had relatively short arms.


    Strip 694: Poor Coordination - No annotations yet

    Strip 695: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya
    • In panel 5, we see Girard blames Soon for Kraagor’s death, shown in 276.

    Strip 696: Still a Long Way to Go
    • In panel 4, Elan is using the same stick that is used in the Cast of Characters page that the group is named after. The words that he wrote appear like a quickly typed message that might appear in a comments section on YouTube or from frantically typing on a QWERTY style keyboard.


    Strip 697: Stuck in the Sand Trap - No annotations yet

    Strip 698: Stopping for Direction
    • In page 2, panel 1; the map shows the Empires of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. We also see the Elven lands in the north area of the continent, separated from the rest of the continent by the Goaway Mountains.
    • In page 2, panel 8; the scrying spell that observes Mr. Scruffy is Zz’dtri’s, as evidenced by being the color of his dwemer.


    Strip 699: Escape Clause - No annotations yet

    Strip 700: They Would Likely Both Disagree with That Sentiment
    • In panel 1, we see Tsukiko’s stuffed Xykon doll for a second time, lying on her bed. We saw it originally in Strip 653. In this same panel, we see she has a picture of Xykon on Tsukiko’s wall.

    Spoiler: Original Post
    Quote Originally Posted by veti View Post
    That's fine, and thank you for giving me the missing terms to Google. But my point is still: this is the sort of information that it would be useful to have in a list of annotations.

    I've never seen either those comics or that ad campaign. Likewise, I've never heard the slogan "Knowing is half the battle". If I'd never heard of Drizz't Whatsisname, I'd have no idea what 'Zz'dtri' references. And so on. There are hundreds of references like that, which you can't pick up from within the comic no matter how carefully you scrutinise each frame, because they require info that just isn't there.

    Some of those are explained in the present set of annotations, but not all. And a lot of what is explained, doesn't require any outside knowledge. So I'm just giving my opinion of what sort of details I'd like to see included in a file/thread like this.
    Again, link the update page for any cultural references you don't understand, and I'll be happy to set it up on here. While going through each page alone I could do this, it is significantly easier if others do so, especially for things like D and D rules, as I cannot access the site that quotes SRD in my current location. TL;DR - Let me know what you don't understand, and I'll work on putting it in!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaggerPen View Post
    Due to...?
    Quote Originally Posted by thatSeniorGuy View Post
    For #18, you didn't complete the second sentence. I'm guessing you meant to say: "Haley is not surprised as she made her spot/listen check"? (Not sure, haven't actually played 3rd edition.)
    Yeah, I'll work on changing that. I went to go look up the D & D terms and then got distracted. Still haven't gotten the term!

    Quote Originally Posted by LOTRfan View Post
    I noticed the annotation for 399. While what you wrote is true, I think that the parallel between Varsuvius' being okay with binding Nale's soul to prevent him from being resurrected and the black dragon's plan to bind the souls of his spouse and children to prevent them from being resurrected to be more significant, personally.

    That's just my two cents, though.
    That's actually one I didn't connect! Hmmm...how to word that in the annotation....

    Quote Originally Posted by DaggerPen View Post
    His belt color is also the color of V's cape, his cape runes are the color of V's clasp, and his clasp is the color of V's robes.
    Good call, I think I'll add that to my growing Order of the Stick vs Linear Guild section.

    Quote Originally Posted by veti View Post
    I think a good rule of thumb would be: every annotation should include a link to a page that's not hosted on, or about, this site. Preferably, to a site (like Wikipedia or IMDB) that has a reasonable chance of still being there in 2 or 5 years' time, rather than some random blog. If you can't find anything like that to link to - then maybe it shouldn't be listed at all. (And links to TVTropes should only be counted if the site actually references a trope - as with Redcloak and the lampshade - not merely for using it.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Gray Mage View Post
    I think that if something in the strip is a callback to something that happened previously in the strip, it could be incluided, but stuff from the same page or very close to it shouldn't. The one about page 41 strikes me as something that doesn't need to be in.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kornaki View Post
    Strip 41's note does fall pretty flat amongst the rest of them, but I think there are some fairly hidden jokes within a single comic that are worth noting in this, like 331. I agree though that any outside references in the comic should be explained here. Perhaps a more reasonable rule is that it's only worth making observations linking things that occur in two different parts of the comic. Belkar and the goblin are in the same part of the comic, but 331's note is linking things occurring in several different panels.

    Heck, even things like 380 are nice, so maybe the moral of the story is that strip 41's note is alone as being unworthy of its place amongst the rest of this work
    On annotations, I'll be using wikipedia for references to real life things, youtube for specific dialogue reflection, and IMDB works for some things. I will not be using TVtropes if I can help it, and I won't be using links to blogs for anything. I will be post things other than direct explainations to real life references because, as mentioned by Grey and Kornaki, there more than just that in this thread, like call backs, and in OotS universe references and notable facts. Real life references are certainly a priority to have in here, so going forward, if any of you see any that I've missed, give me a link. You can even match my format (which I've set up for ease of everyone) and make your own for me to add.

    On the subject of update 41, it's been removed, and moved to the "get it off, get it off" gag topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kornaki View Post
    Overall though excellent work combing through all those threads and making this!
    Thank you! I've been compiling for weeks, and as you can see, there are some errors, but that's because of sheer volume of information processing more than anything, haha. Glad you like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kornaki View Post
    Also, you link/cite comic 448 when you really meant 446.
    In the description of 729 and 732 your links to comic 732 go to the wrong comic.
    You have several comic 741s in a row (in case you can't tell I am consuming the entirety of this as fast as I can)
    Your first 754 description is a description of 753
    Something that is pointed out in both comics separately but the connection isn't drawn between them is that in 794, Sabine's tail curls around Elan's leg similar to 365 with Nale's leg
    All fixed save the last, because I'll need to do a bit with that one. Didn't even notice it curled around his leg the panel before the one I reference! Nice catches, all around.
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