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    The Annotated Order of the Stick
    Strips 701 to 800
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    Spoiler: Strips 701-800

    Strip 701: Curtains for You
    • In panel 6, we see that when Redcloak looks in the mirror, he is nearly identical to his brother, Right-Eye, who had an eye patch over his right eye in Start of Darkness.
    • In panel 11, the Goblin 4th in from the bottom right most corner Goblin (when following the diagonal of the row) is a more yellow-green than the other Goblins depicted, suggesting a Goblin/Hobgoblin half breed. There are also several blue cloaked hobgoblins in the crowd.

    Strip 702: One for the History Books
    • In panel 7, the flag symbolizes – the Dark One (Purple star) standing above the three other stars. The book in the last panel describes the three races that reside within Gobbotopia – Goblins, Bugbears and Hobgoblins, and Green, Brown and Orange stars represent each race respectively in the flag.
    • In the last panel, The Blood Splattered Banner is a parody of The Star Spangled Banner.


    Strip 703: Meet the New Boss - No annotations yet

    Strip 704: Dead Men Give No Speeches - No annotations yet

    Strip 705: Those Don't Take Over Until the Graveyard Shift
    • In panel 3, we see that Goblin Dan, who discovered the use for the passed out hydra in Strip 326, has expanded to Gobbotopia.
    • In panel 7, we see the Goblins have changed the "Azure City Prison" sign to "OUR City Prison".
    • In the last panel, Nui took the colloquial term "skeleton crew", which typically means "lightly staffed" literally, as in "a crew of skeletons." In D&D, skeletons resist damage from non-bludgeoning weapons, she has a brought a Morningstar and a Warhammer. She also has several vials of Holy Water, which can be applied to a weapon for bonus damage against Undead, or thrown like a grenade for damage against Undead.


    Strip 706: He's Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today - No annotations yet

    Strip 707: That's Probably Why There Are, Like, 17 Types - No annotations yet

    Strip 708: An Animated Discussion - No annotations yet

    Strip 709: No Scry Zone
    • In the last panel, we see O-Chul was able to fall asleep despite the rain. This is because of Strip 550, were we found out that rain helps O-Chul sleep.


    Strip 710: Does He Get XP for Their Buzz? - No annotations yet

    Strip 711: The Rouge's Guild
    • In the last panel, the Sisterhood of Aton logo is a parody of the actual cosmetic company – Avon.


    Strip 712: Neutralize Elf - No annotations yet

    Strip 713: Oh, Right. That. - No annotations yet

    Strip 714: This Whole Time, He'd Thought of It as the Snack That Got Away
    • In the last panel, Blackwing finally realizes after 40 Strips that Haley had revealed that Vaarsuvius was the purple lizard that was in Strip 178.

    Strip 715: Wanted
    • In panel 3, we find out that Gannji and Enor found Elan because he visited every tavern in town, which we see in Strip 710.

    Strip 716: She Didn't Miss
    • In panel 3, Pterodactyls fly around Gannji’s head instead of birds when he’s stunned.


    Strip 717: No Incarceration Without Compensation - No annotations yet

    Strip 718: Spring Break Never Dies - No annotations yet

    Strip 719: Seat of Power
    • In panel 3, Elan says that if Malack "doesn't tell us this [background] stuff now, he'll just spew it out later in the middle of an action scene." Malack does just this while having his duel with Durkon in Strip 874.

    Strip 720: Breakfast of Champions
    • This Strip has the same name as Strip 401– Breakfast of Champions.

    Strip 721: Pain Threshold
    • In the last panel, we can see Enor still holding the chart from the previous panel in his left hand.

    Strip 722: Block and Tackle
    • In panel 2, Haley is unharmed by the blade barrier while Vaarsuvius and Elan are, due to her Evasion special ability.


    Strip 723: Generally Relative - No annotations yet

    Strip 724: It IS Fairly Spicy, However
    • In panel 1, we see Vaarsuvius finally gets his/her Strength healed by Malack after having been poisoned by the magical arrow in Strip 712. V has the arrow in his/her stomach in every strip between these Strips.

    Strip 725: The Significantly-More-Secret Origin of Tarquin and Nale
    • In panel 4, we see the military rulers Taquin kills to conquer the area that the Empire of Blood is in are the same rulers we see taking over the kingdom in Strip 680.
    • In panel 5, we again see that the young Nale was already growing facial hair.
    • In panel 7, the Red Dragon depicted is the Empress of Blood before they took over.


    Strip 726: Mammals Can't Seem to Get Enough of Those Things - No annotations yet

    Strip 727: And It Will Never Work Again - No annotations yet

    Strip 728: The Price of Yummies
    • In the last panel, Belkar smells ylang-ylang, which we found out Haley’s Aton moisturizer is made of in Strip 711. We also see that Roy picked up Haley’s bow, which she lost in Strip 713.

    Strip 729: No Real Shocker
    • In panel 10, Roy loses Haley’s bow when it is knocked off of his back. Durkon finds it in Strip 732.


    Strip 730: Brunchroom Brawl - No annotations yet

    Strip 731: Long Tail of the Law - No annotations yet

    Strip 732: The Papers Chase
    • In panel 5, Durkon exclaims, "Och, not AGAIN!" This is referencing the last time he was left behind, in Strip 72. Durkon also finds Haley’s bow and Crystal’s knife in the inn, which he picks up to return to Haley when he sees her next.
    • In the last panel, the guard estimates Durkon will be in the Empire for 20 strips. Between this Strip and Strip 818 when the Order of the Stick leave the Empire of Blood, he is in a total of 20 Strips, making the guard correct.

    Strip 733: Collect Call
    • In panel 7, Belkar references the year in prison term he still owes from his sentencing in Strip 420.


    Strip 734: Maybe He Can Get Credit for Time Served - No annotations yet

    Strip 735: Of Clerks and Clerics - No annotations yet

    Strip 736: Do You Like Comics About Gladiators? - No annotations yet

    Strip 737: Comparative Mythology
    • In panel 5, we see Mr. Scruffy eating while Malack and Durkon chat. In panel 6, we see that Durkon spikes the tea with some liquor from a flask he was carrying to make the tea taste better. In panel 12, the dwarf Hel and Thor are fighting over has a set of ???’s over his head. In the last panel, we find out that Durkon’s Grandfather was exempt from going to Hel in the afterlife, since he died of liver failure.


    Strip 738: Pooling Resources - No annotations yet

    Strip 739: A New Friend
    • In panel 5, the library has a sign that says, Dewey decimal system strictly enforced.


    Strip 740: The Great(ish) Escape - No annotations yet

    Strip 741: Scheduling Conflict
    • In the last panel, the poster shows what Thog will first appear to look like during the Gladiatorial games in Strip 786. The figure he is chopping in half looks uncannily like Roy.


    Strip 742: Monkey Do - No annotations yet

    Strip 743: Dinner Conversion - No annotations yet

    Strip 744: A Tale of Two Suppers
    • In panel 1, we see the serving personnel are all slaves by their minimum clothing and slave collars.


    Strip 745: It Does Beat Scissors - No annotations yet

    Strip 746: Ask Your Grandparents
    • In panel 10, the monster that is depicted is a character from a TV show that ran from 1947 to 1957 named Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, which was a totally improvised, hour long puppet show. The depicted character name is one of the shows namesakes - Ollie, a one toothed dragon.


    Strip 747: Make It Three, Just to Be Safe - No annotations yet

    Strip 748: Top of the List
    • In the first panel, Belkar compares Roy's fighting skill to a hexblade, a class introduced in the sourcebook Complete Warrior. Hexblades are considered to be weak, lacking any abilities that improve its melee combat skills aside from its proficiencies and attack bonus, needing its curses to soften up the opponent.
    • In the 4th panel, Belkar refers to Bob Saget, who hosted America's Funniest Home Videos. As Belkar implies, the program made heavy use of nut shots.
    • In the last panel, Belkar has a bruise on his face that is shaped like Roy’s sword, where he hit him the previous panel. Belkar's babbling references terminology from the Basic D&D set, where halflings could indeed only advance to 8th level, but advanced in "attack ranks" afterward to increase their prowess.


    Strip 749: Savings and Trust - No annotations yet

    Strip 750: Making Up for Lost Time - No annotations yet

    Strip 751: Tree is Within 10-ft. Radius of Apple - No annotations yet

    Strip 752: Picking Locks - No annotations yet

    Strip 753: Slash Attack
    • In panel 5, we see Tarquin’s positioning and dialogue mirror Elan’s dialogue and positioning in Strip 141.

    Strip 754: Maybe She Ate a Zeppelin
    • In panel 6, Elan shows his papers to the guard to gain entry. In panel 7, you can make out Durkon, Ambassador Gourntonk, Tarquin, and Polozius (Zz'dtri).

    Strip 755: Brought to You By Mace-y's
    • In page 1, panel 1; the microphones of the announcers have a drop of blood as the symbol of their network.
    • In page 1, panel 3; the towns the high schools are from are Clotsburg and Platelet, which are references to Blood – the name of the empire.
    • In page 1, panel 4; the musical Rend, is a reference to the actual musical – RENT. The characters on the float have the appearance of the actual characters, and the song they are singing parodies one of the songs in the show, Seasons of Love.
    • In page 2, panel 1; Sanguine Avenue is a parody of the American children’s show, Sesame Street. The characters depicted are evil parodies of the actual characters in the show:
      • Little Roc = Big Bird (Roc’s are a huge birds in D & D)
      • Felix the Mensh = Oscar the Grouch
      • Hurt and Burnie = Burt and Ernie
    • Oscar and Felix is also a reference to the broadway and TV show, The Odd Couple, who’s main characters are named Oscar and Felix.


    Strip 756: He Sure Dodged an Arrow There - No annotations yet

    Strip 757: Something Blue - No annotations yet

    Strip 758: Spins of the Father
    • In page 1, panel 9; the throne of the Weeping King – The Throne of Regrets – has what appear to be sad eyebrows sculpted into the top of it. They match the king’s eyebrows. Also his body guard to the left has a helm that’s eye hole is arched to make it appear more sad.
    • In page 2, panel 2; Queen Shvitzer is in a steam room because she rules the Empire of Sweat.

    Strip 759: Yes, Apparently
    • In page 1, panel 1; Taquin reveals that the member of his party with the scarf on in panel 2 is Miron Shewdanker, who is the person who wrote Haley’s father’s ransom in Strip 131.

    Strip 760: Realizations & Rationalizations
    • In panel 2, a panicked Elan shouts Durkon’s name along with Vaarsuvius and Haley, effectively blowing his cover.


    Strip 761: Advanced (S)wordplay - No annotations yet

    Strip 762: Just Trying to Help - No annotations yet

    Strip 763: Plotting Something
    • In page 1, panel 7; Tarquin picks up a glass of wine (it’s red, which goes with the color scheme of the Empire of Blood). As we progress through the Strip, the wine gets lower as Tarquin sips it.
    • In page 2, panel 11; we see the white structure in the middle of the balcony is where the Empress of Blood has been seated on her throne, which means she’s been within earshot of the comic events since Strip 754. Still, she’s likely been too distracted by the parade, or by being "awesome".

    Strip 764: Small Talk
    • In Panel 4, Durkon unknowingly pokes fun at the situation that is literally going on behind him between Haley and Elan, as we already know what Elan is saying, so it doesn't need to be repeated a second time.

    Strip 765: The Love of Money
    • In panel 9, we see a sign saying Go Directly to Jail, a reference to the game Monopoly.

    Strip 766: Breaking In is Hard to Do
    • In panel 2, we see on the wooden fence the same poster that was shown in Strip 741.

    Strip 767: And Yes, There is a Santa Claus
    • In panel 11, we see that the guard Haley bluffed into thinking he was a wallaby hopping off of the panel.


    Strip 768: +2 Embracers - No annotations yet

    Strip 769: Because Really, That Would Be Less Improbable - No annotations yet

    Strip 770: Hard Time - No annotations yet

    Strip 771: Also, "Chib" Would Have Been Acceptable - No annotations yet

    Strip 772: Haley's Commitment - No annotations yet

    Strip 773: Never Mind, She'd Need a Better Bow to Use It - No annotations yet

    Strip 774: Telling Lies - No annotations yet

    Strip 775: Welcome to the Arena - No annotations yet

    Strip 776: A Sombering Oration - No annotations yet

    Strip 777: Under the Arena - No annotations yet

    Strip 778: Nitpick Your Battles - No annotations yet

    Strip 779: They Follow His Lead - No annotations yet

    Strip 780: The Duel Everyone's Been Waiting For
    • In panel 1, in the background we see the feet of the Allosaurus that appears in Strip 784.


    Strip 781: Companions - No annotations yet

    Strip 782: Not Yet Met His Match
    • In panel 5, Enor is listed as a Blue Dragon Thing for his race. We also see that the fight between #4 and #5, the fighters were named Notseenicus and Offpanélo, which is appropriate since we did not see this fight in the comic. Fighters #8 and #9 names – Vermillius and Ceruleaus are latin-esque for Red and Blue. Their fight was seen in Strip 778, as seen by their respective red and blue armor.


    Strip 783: Cold Blooded - No annotations yet

    Strip 784: Unexpected - No annotations yet

    Strip 785: The Cost of Freedom - No annotations yet

    Strip 786: One Step Worse Than "Diminutively" - No annotations yet

    Strip 787: No Time for Losers - No annotations yet

    Strip 788: A Vexation Or Irritation - No annotations yet

    Strip 789: Also, His Popularity Has Waned
    • The strip's title, "Also, His Popularity Has Waned", refers to the decline in sales and popularity of Drizzt since the original strip's publishing.
    • In the last panel, Zz'dtri references parody is a form of fair use, and therefore protected under copyright law. As he was clearly conceived as a parody and commentary on the archetypal "Drizzt clone", this means he's off the hook. This is also a reference to Zz'dtri's last appearance in strip 65.

    Strip 790: Unfamiliar
    • In panel 7, Belkar’s classic opposite Kobold in the Linear Guild has a riding dog named Sir Scraggly, extending the opposite them to Mr. Scruffy, with a dog and cat opposite.

    Strip 791: Don't Get MAD
    • The title, "Don't Get MAD" refers to both the phrase "don't get mad, get even", and to the term "Multiple Ability Dependency." MAD refers to when a character or class is reliant on having good ability scores in every stat, meaning their overall skills suffer when this isn't possible. This is a point Thog raises, as Roy has well-rounded stats, but isn't as powerful as Thog, who has ignored everything but Strength.

    Strip 792: Animal Instincts
    • In panel 4, we see Yuk Yuk’s crossbow bolt bounce off of Vaarsuvius. This is because he/she cast the spell Stoneskin in Strip 790.


    Strip 793: Critical Thinking - No annotations yet

    Strip 794: We Recommend Tsukiko
    • In panel 8, Sabine reacts to Elan’s kiss not only by being flabbergasted, but her tail curls up.

    Strip 795: Back to the Action
    • In page 2, Roy denies that Thog and him have anything in common. Then in panels 7 and 8, at the climax of Roy’s denial speech - Thog reacts to his tooth getting broken the same way Roy reacted to his sword getting broken by Xykon in Strip 114. In the last panel, Thog’s loin cloth turns purple as he begins to rage.

    Strip 796: Smash
    • In page 1, panel 7; we see a member of the audience was killed by Roy’s sword. His foam finger read, Thog fan 4 life. This is accurate, as he died while still being a fan of Thog.


    Strip 797: Bird Brained - No annotations yet

    Strip 798: Change of Plans - No annotations yet

    Strip 799: In the Bag - No annotations yet

    Strip 800: Right Tool for the Job - No annotations yet

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