Askell Triptorophante Giorello Sisphyus Paraclese Donatello Remson III

Alias: Shift
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Shape-shifter
Age: 29
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Glass-blower, part time pastry chef
Power Rating: N/A
Description: One can't really describe Shift, him being a shape-shifter and all, but his favorite form is that of a human male in his late 20's-early 30's, with a stocky (yet tall) build and a square jaw. The only thing on him that stays the same no matter what he is shifted into is a simple tattoo in the outline of a rose on his right forearm. Normally, he wears a simple green tunic and well-fitting pants. While working with glass or fighting, he wears a leather chest protector. He will often appear as a duck with a rose on it's wing.
Personality: He's a pretty easy going guy. Ever an optimist, he tries to make the best out of any situation. He is also firmly attached to beer, even if he does get drunk after one glass.
Equipment: He carries a portable glass-blowing kit, as well as a pair of matching swords.
Abilities: He's a typical shape-shifter, but he can't shift genders.
Backstory: He doesn't have much of one. He was born in a quiet shifter community, learned his trade, and left at the age of 20 to travel. He just managed to somehow enter the Nexus.