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I'm okay with that--I'm aiming for spellcasters that can adventure with rogues, barbarians and fighters without overshadowing the mundanes. That means that CRs that assume Tier 1 spellcasters (and Tier 1 buffs on the Tier 3-4-5s) will need adjusting.
I wonder if just banning the tier 1 and tier 2 classes might be sufficient. If a character wants to be a spellcaster, they can play a bard, beguiler or dread necromancer. Or whatever.

I don't really understand your mechanics for arcane casters. Am I right that 9th level spells cost 512 pp to cast? (minus a few for the spellcraft discount) Is that intended? Of course a wizard can spam unlimited number of 1st level spells. I don't know if that would be fun, or boring. The changes seem so drastic it amounts to replacing the wizard with a totally different class that happens to share its old name. One with untested mechanics.