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    Dvati is a race and I'm not sure why you made it a template but okay.

    Technically, the template should only apply to Humanoids. Why does your template change them to Fey? From Dragon Compendium page 14, "Dvati are a strange race of humanoid creatures found in small enclaves scattered throughout the world and across the planes." In order to have the Augmented Subtype (Augmented Humanoid) they would have to be Humanoid to start. This template makes no sense from the get-go.

    The dvati template would have to go on a Humanoid since it is an inherited Template and can only be taken at character generation. Until you decide what the Dvati subtype is, I'd be disinclined to allow this.

    Also, when you make something a template, abilities are always noted as Ex, Su, or SP.

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