Zwei Loarna (or something, her wife's last name is confusing)
birth name Zweihänder Xiphos dao-Talwar, but she hates it

Race: Human (formerly undead)
Age: 27 (body only aged about 19)
Alig: TN-ish

Zwei is slim and very toned, with mauve hair and violet eyes and tanned skin. She has a tendency toward purple, especially her flared jeans.

Abilities/Equipment: Lots and lots of swords; her favorite is a talwar. She's a very agile, quick fighter with considerable strength and years' worth of skill.

Personality: Zwei loves the art of swordplay, but resents her aristocratic family for bringing her up to hurt others and feels bad about being named after swords. She is a little... eccentric.
On the darker side, since Ashley left, she's had some emotional issues; thinking about her and Kary's former fiancee brings on shakiness and cold sweats, she still has nightmares about it, and if she ever saw Ashley again she'd probably have a panic attack.

Backstory: Born to a warlike aristocratic family, she was part of a feud with a rival family. It went horribly wrong when an attack was staged and people were killed in the attempt, including herself... who was promptly brought back as an undead. She left home, embittered with family and martial arts alike, and wandered for a while before meeting a pretty vampire...ish girl named Karyana. They fell in weird-lady love... and eventually met a nice girl named Ashley, and the love became a trio.
And on the day of the wedding, Ashley bailed, not ready to make this commitment. It hurt deeply, and left her with emotional scars.
After this, things got a bit better. They met Tsuna and drew her into their love, eventually having a child with her aid. Now a mother, Zwei has been working on growing more stable.