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    Irena Rizzo

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Naiad. But sees herself as human.

    Age: 24

    Power Rating: C possibly.

    Description: Irena has quite short, golden blonde hair in a short pixie cut. Her face is oval in shape and rather feminine unlike most of her body. She has low brows and sea green eyes. Her skin quite tanned. Her lips are fairly thin and she has pointed ears.
    She’s about five feet and four inches tall and has a rather flat figure. She doesn't have much in the way of hips or breasts but isn’t completely flat either. Her curves just aren't very pronounced compared to most women. Overall she has a very lithe figure. Irena also has a tail. It's like a rat's tail and matches her skin color. It's prehensile and a bit longer than her legs, so if it was hanging limp it'd drag on the ground just a little.
    For clothes she has a grey hoodie with deep pockets that she favors. She doesn't wear it all the time, however. Her clothing is modern and tends towards the casual, but she does like to wear tighter pants.

    Picture of Irena (which includes Nadia as well)

    (Irena is the light haired one.)
    -By Razuri-chan on deviant art.

    Personality: Irena isn't the most social of people; she has the tendency to push people she meets away. That's why she puts so much value into her and Nadia's marriage, as she is one the only person she ever have opened up fully too. Irena has a few other contacts here and there, but otherwise she doesn't have many friends.
    Otherwise she can come across as rather crass and fun-loving when she she feels like it. It depends what mood one catches her in. Her asocial tendencies have darker aspects, however, due to the rage she harbors, but it doesn't come up nearly as often as before.

    Equipment: Irena possesses a number of tomes of occultism she has actually written herself. No one but her would really understand these tomes, however, as she writes really poorly and just uses them as notebooks. Anyone else reading them would probably just be confused.

    Abilities: Irena has the ability to shadow jump, summon shadow objects, and is very knowledgeable in occultism. Some of these abilities takes a toll on her, so she tries to avoid using them all the time.
    She is also very good at using a number of weapons like guns and swords, and even has some martial arts training.

    Backstory: Irena's backstory is long and complicated. She awoke one day without any memories at all. And not just of her family, friends, and who she was; a complete mind wipe. She didn't even know words or how to count to two. She was found wandering around the woods and was brought to an insane asylum to be re-educated into the world (insane Asylums apparently still exists in Riverside).
    For years she stayed there, slowly learning skills people usually learn when they're born. Eventually she decided to escape the asylum and ended up living on the streets for a few years, dispensing vigilante justice as she saw fit, using the strange powers she somehow knew of even though she had forgotten everything else.

    The rest of her backstory is a bit hard to summarize here, but she eventually ended up married to Nadia, who she is currently living happily with in Suncrest manor in Riverside.
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