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    Alias: Phil Ashland

    Gender: Male, at least for now

    Race/Species: Probably human. Where he comes from, a ten foot tall bear might also be "human"

    Age: 22 years

    Alignment: Chaotic neutral, leaning towards good.

    Class/Profession: Chaos mage. Just recently graduated at the top of his class, only to discover that chaos magic is not only the most powerful of the twelve magics, but also the most useless.

    Power Rating: According to most scales the Nexus uses Phil is between 3 and 8, depending on how you view him. His power is potentially vast, but doesn't do him much good as he can't control it.

    Description: 5'11" blond with a mullet. Wears white and tan robes with chaos resistance (an occupational necessity). He has internal pockets and a small backpack for his personal belongings. He has orange irises and a medium athletic build. He has what some would call a bug-eyed gaze and sometimes forgets to blink, so he often looks shocked or surprised even when he isn't.

    Personality: He picked chaos magic because he thought that the most powerful of the twelve magics would also be the most profitable. When he discovered this not to be the case he stuck with it anyway. He's now content to be a wandering bum who lives off of odd jobs and whatever food he can conjure up. He wants power, has it, but can't really control it. He believes in being the man behind the man and wants work as a mage adviser for someone in power.

    Equipment: A box of toothpicks. A couple dozen small throwing knives that he has no idea how to use. About half a pound of dried raisins. About a dozen pebbles. Water and extra space for just in case. He would absolutely love to have a bag of holding, if he finds out that they exist.

    Abilities/Backstory: Chaos magic! Comes in three grades, low, medium, and high. Low will generally change things from one substance to another and can be lethal to living things, if it hits them in the right places. It generally makes things less complex, turning them into goo of one element or another. Medium will generally maintain or increase complexity, but altered somehow. This can be useful for healing, if you don't mind suddenly sprouting feathers or something. Can change living things from one kind to another, though with next to no chance of controlling what something turns into. He can also focus on the category of an object- will transform into some kind of x, with x being animal, food, tool, weapon, person, etc. He can control for specific effects, objects, or events, but for every aspect he tries to control, another uncontrolled aspect will emerge. Sometimes more than one. High grade generally increases the complexity of the target and can imitate "epic" magic. It is dangerous and volatile and is known to summon angels, demons, and other beings or effects of unpredictable power. It is virtually guaranteed to produce the desired effect if focused, but the secondary effects can be disastrous. [chaos effects are taken from my game, Chaotica, but their results may vary even further due to the nature of the Nexus] Phil also is a competent cross country runner and messenger, skilled at desert survival (he grew up in one), and he served in the local militia until he was honorably discharged on the condition that he never discuss his time there.

    More Backstory: Graduated mage school at the top of his class, studied six of the twelve magics (balance (peace, trust, optimism, etc.), power (fear, anger, greed, etc.), necromancy, life, fate, and of course, chaos) but is competent only in chaos. He's fled his plane of origin looking for work, a new life, and a chance to work as an adviser to any kind of authority figure.

    Miscellaneous: Call me Phil. Some call me "that good for nothing layabout mage", but that is merely slander on my chosen work ethic. I believe in efficiency and not using more power than necessary to get a job done. I believe in speaking first and making things interesting only when I'm pretty sure that I won't make things worse. And I'm looking for work. If you need distractions, confusion, a messenger, pandemonium, or guaranteed surprises, I'm your man.
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