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    Default Re: 3.5 12 New-ish Fighter Feats, PEACH (Buffing the Mundanes)

    Quote Originally Posted by Yitzi View Post
    Well, the idea is certainly a good one. In terms of comments on implementation:
    -I'm not a fan of many of your names, but that's really a stylistic matter.
    At this late date, many (most) good names are taken, and I'm trying to avoid duplicating names. I actually like the "Be Awesome With" tag, if only because it hasn't been as overused as Improved/Greater/Supreme but a few of the names were just god-awful and better names would be welcome.

    -The boost to iterative attacks buffs the rogue in the wrong direction, making him closer to the fighter. Maybe only full-BAB classes should get iterative attacks (as a class feature, so maybe even make fighters get more), and buff rogues and monks in a different direction.
    I could see that. But if we take away +6/+1 and +7/+2 and leave the rogue with +6 and +7, that's hurting the Rogue, and I don't have anything Nice to give them right now. So I figure I'll go ahead and let them have two attacks when the fighters get them.

    -Some of your more powerful feats should probably come with a minimum BAB, so that there's something unlocked at higher levels of fighter.
    I thought everything had either a minimum BAB or minimum # of mundane class levels. Or they had a prerequisite that did.

    Oh, I see what you mean. Right now, I don't have firm ideas as to what should be unlocked at what level. I agree that someone who gets two feats in one level shouldn't get say "Shake It Off" and "Spellbreaker" at the same time. But I don't feel that strongly about it either way--if someone took a 1-level dip and now they get a Fighter bonus feat and a 9th level feat at the same time, they could get both at once and it's not gamebreaking. (PRovided the feats themselves aren't terrible and broken and unbalanced.)

    -For "power attack for bows", allow him to sacrifice attack bonus to boost either the critical threat range or crit multiplier when using a bow.
    Ooh, nice. "PRecise STrike"? Taken by Pathfinder. "PRecision Strike" is a real-world category of GPS-dependent missiles and weapons.

    See why my feats are named things like "Crit-Fishing With a Ranged Weapon"?

    -For the shield feat, clerics?
    I'm nerfing the clerics pretty hard (see signature for the Pseudocleric-Warrior and the Adept-Pseudocleric, and the Druid-Adept). So I'm leaving the clerics their Mace, Full Plate and Shield architecture. They just can't Be Awesome with their shields if they still want to cast spells. Unless they sink a bunch of levels into Fighter.

    -Foil Action should not be fighter-specific; other classes can take it, it just represents a larger portion of their available feats...
    I thought I put a strikethrough on Fighter 9. Yes, it should be available to all mundane classes, maybe at "9 Mundane class levels."

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