Cool feats. A few suggestions to the power attack, two-weapon, and ranged trees:
-The new power attack feat reckless attack is similar to shock trooper. Why not just let players take shock trooper?

-The changes to iterive attacks are cool and from what you said they make two-weapon fighting better, but another option (or addition) should/could be to role all 3 (4? if counting epic) two-weapon fighting feats into one feat and eliminate the feat tax, making twf a lot better.

-Also for two weapon fighting, make weapon finesse not require BaB +1

-Ranged feats I find to work if you role point blank shot and precise shot together, and rolling manyshot and greater into one feat

-Also allow manyshot to work with rapid shot as a standard action (keeps the -2 penalty from rapid shot)

-Ranged power attack: There is the pathfinder one which is essentially power attack for ranged. You get the 2 to 1 ratio when your BaB is high enough IIRC