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    And here I thought we'd have a small crop of entries this round. Silly me.

    1. Smeagol: Half Orc Half Orc Paragon 3/Ranger 1/Barbarian 1/Avenging Executioner 5/Corrupt Avenger 10
    2. Sir Driscoll Conia: Lesser Aasimar Paladin 5/Swordsage 4/Bone Knight 1/Corrupt Avenger 10
    3. The Lost Crab: Human Human Paragon 3/Maho Bujin 7/Corrupt Avenger 10
    4. Designation MDCCCLXXXVI: Warforged Ranger 1/Incarnate 5/Crusader 3/Corrupt Avenger 9/Soulcaster 2
    5. Magralyx: Succubus Battle Dancer 1/Corrupt Avenger 7
    6. Braxton: Human Warblade 5/Barbarian 2/Corrupt Avenger 10/Rage Mage 3
    7. Eillyassa Miltal: Halfling Spellthief 10/Corrupt Avenger 10
    8. Giorgio: Human Spellthief 1/Rogue 3/Battle Sorcerer 12/Corrupt Avenger 4
    9. Brooswayn Scourgesoul: Hellbred Warblade 6/Hellreaver 4/Corrupt Avenger 10
    10. Angelique A'lanale: Azurin Duskblade 3/Soulborn 4/Hellreaver 6/Corrupt Avenger 7
    11. Shane McLaughlan: Human Spellthief 2/Duskblade 3/Unseen Seer 4/Corrupt Avenger 10/Mage of the Arcane Order 1
    12. Bug: Diopsid Barbarian 5/Hellreaver 4/Corrupt Avenger 10
    13. The Damned of the Crab: Azurin Paladin 5/Totemist 2/Corrupt Avenger 9/Telflammar Shadowlord 4
    14. Rand Turimbar: Forestlord Elf Crusader 6/Corrupt Avenger 10/Jade Phoenix Mage 4
    15. Pantaleon Dalence: Illumian Fighter 4/Ranger 1/Soldier of Light 1/Corrupt Avenger 5/Swiftblade 9
    16. Leilani: Human Spellthief 8/Corrupt Avenger 10/Swordsage 1/Maho-Tsukai 1
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