Alright, sorry I abandoned this for like a month. Got busy with schoolwork, then WoW/Pokemon happened. But today I had some free time so I went through and did the updates discussed.

Also anyone who has read Steelheart will probably understand the inspiration for several of the new feats for the Soulward. If you haven't read Steelheart, I recommend you go do so.

Anyway, list of changes made as of today

Soulward Updates:
-Psychic Subversion is a free action once per round that affects a single enemy.
-Sustaining Psychic Subversion now takes only 1 PP, but may be sustained on multiple targets, for an additional 2 PP per target.
-Ward Ally now requires a 50ft range and Line of Effect
-Crystal Mind now grants Power Resistance rather than Spell Resistance.
-Psychic Backlash now takes an Immediate Interrupt to use.
-Psychic Backlash now deals 1d8 damage per two manifester levels, rather than 1d8 per Class level.
-Psychic Backlash now explicitly only affects an enemy under the effects of Psychic Subversion. (Since Psychic Subversion only affects non-mindless enemies, this should also clarify that point)

Other Updates:
-New Soulknife/Soulward Feats added.

Coming Down the Line:
-Soulbow Prestige Class (heavier focus on ranged combat and raw offense)
-Psiwarrior Prestige Class (heavier focus on manifesting, expanded power list/extra power points, in exchange for the core higher level soulknife features)
-More feats, as I think of them. If there's anything you want to see, or think could be a cool idea, let me know!
--Considering some hybrid feats (think along the lines of the Scout/Ranger feat). Again any combinations you want to see with the Soulknife this would be a good time to suggest them.

Maybe going to happen:
-Write up of a new psionic class with a int primary stat, sharing similar manifestation system with the Soulknife, and an emphasis on shape changing for stealth/infiltration/exploration as well as tons of natural attacks/bonus damage for offense.
-Work on an update for my old Weapon/Armor system and integrate it with the Soulknife. On the fence about this, because tying different homebrew too closely together makes it harder to use for anyone not using all of it.