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    visigani, I'm going to tell you a little story, and I want you to remember it forever because it will help you.

    My PoliSci professor at college once told us that he didn't like parties. Why, you ask? Well, he wasn't against them in principle, but *he* didn't go to any because the first two questions you get from anyone you meet at a party after college are:

    1. Who are you?
    2. What do you do/where do you work?

    And so he would then tell them that he taught PoliSci at the nearby university. And the response he would invariably get was, "Oh, you're a PoliSci PhD? Well let me get your opinion on something..."

    Only, of course, they don't want his opinion on anything. They want to give him their opinion on something and see if he agrees with it. If he does, they go home and tell their friends and family, "Guess who's as smart as a PoliSci PhD?" And if he disagrees, they go home and tell their friends and family, "Guess who's smarter than a PoliSci PhD?"

    You didn't open up this thread to start a discussion, you opened it up to start a fight and preemptively declared that anyone disagreeing with you is clearly dumber than you are, because *you* being mistaken, or wrong, or that there could be multiple valid interpretations of a poorly refined splatbook variant rule is apparently not possible in this reality. Yours is not the one true opinion, the one true interpretation, or the one true anything, and statistically there are many people on a board like this who will be smarter than you. This grade-school-quality sarcasm, barrage of ad hominem attacks (among other logical fallacies, including the one where the DM rewrites the rules until what you're getting at is viable), and hyperbolic posturing is not helping your case - if anything, it's antithetical to the purpose of a message board.
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