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Feats are so minimal in terms of power level
Why is that written in stone? Are metamagic feats minimal? Maximize Spell? Persistent Spell? Natural Spell might as well be a Druid class feature.

A lot of posters seem to think that the Fighter is limited because he doesn't have class features. That's not the problem--it's that he doesn't have cool stuff. It doesn't matter if that stuff is called a feat or a class feature.

Since the 3.X Fighter's defining mechanism is "get lots of feats", if we can think of mechanics to make the Rebuilt Fighter a high Tier 4, why not just call them Feats and require Fighter levels or mundane levels or a certain BAB?

Let's say we decide that Fighters, and only fighters. should be able to make all of their iterative attacks at full BAB. Is that good if it's a class feature, but bad if it's a feat that requires 6 Fighter levels?