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    Based on this character.

    Tanar Aerdoth

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Half-elf
    Age: 23
    Alignment: NG
    Class: Sorcerer
    Power Rating: 3
    Description: Black hair. Skin is on the darker side of white. Vibrant blue eyes. Rather thin and tall. Wears a brown cloak.
    Personality: Very excitable. Interested in anything strange or magical. Can be a little distracted sometimes. Is very insistent when he wants to be. Rather cheerful.
    Equipment: Quarterstaff
    Abilities: The spells listed on the character sheet. However this will be changing soon...
    Backstory: Tanar Aerdoth was a Pathfinder character born to an wealthy elven father and a human mother. He was raised by them in the town of Crying Leaf in Mierani Forest in the Inner Sea campaign setting. At a young age he began manifesting arcane powers; he even established a magical bond with the family cat. No one knew why he developed such powers; neither his mother's family, nor his father's family had a history of magic. Tanar's parents hired a tutor to train his magical skill. He was a good student and was fascinated by magical theory. He read any book on the subject that he could get his hands on. As he grew older he decided that he wanted to travel the world to discover more about the world of magic. So, he set off on his journey with 300gp given from his father. He intended to travel by ship to Magnamar. However, a portal opened up in the middle of the ocean, dropping it in the Nexus.
    Lena: Lena is Tanar's familiar. She is a gray stripped with some white on her face an belly. Click here for an image of the cat she is based on.
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