Also known as: 99, Riki

Gender: Female
Age: 121
Eye color: Dark Purple, approximately black.
Hair Color: Blonde
Power Level High
Appearance: Tall, skinny, pinstriped suit, fedora, intricately painted nails
Personality: Impulsive, with an overdeveloped but strange sense of honor.
Equipment: A light umbrella that's much stronger than it ought to be.
Abilities: As one of the undead, Auranico is inexplicably strong and quick and has heightened senses when not in sunlight. As a vampire, she is pained and disoriented by light, depending on its intensity. She cannot cross running water, enter a residence uninvited, or confront a mirror or a holy symbol that is believed in, and is dependent on the blood of intelligent creatures to remain active and healthy. Auranico is also able to transform into nearly any creature she has observed, but cannot currently use this power.
A stricture not to eat of fruit led to discovering a portal out of her home and a career as an explorer. As any venture involving portals must, this eventually led her to the Nexus, already dead and risen. Her vampiric sire had been killed by her team before she awoke, and she found herself buried and with no one to help learn control. Leaving aside most of the things that have happened in the Nexus, Auranico eventually found herself in conflict with another line of vampires, who spared her, but took her memory. Since then, she has just been Number 99, apprentice. And then when Vann left, just 99.