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    Maxwell 88

    Alias: Max, Director

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Post-human Elexxion cyborg

    Age: 43

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class/Profession: Elexxion executive, geneticist

    Power Rating: In his Silhouette body armor, I'd say C+. It's more defensive than anything - the hardlight shields on it could deflect plasma charges from a starship's cannons. That should tell you how concerned he is about his personal wellbeing.

    Description: Maxwell is a tall, slightly thin man of western European descent. His hair is a coarse blonde the color of wheat, which he likes to have cut short and stuck up. The man's pale, clean-shaven face is nothing short of beautiful, engineered to symmetrical perfection. Not a blemish or mismatched feature can be found. He's got a thousand dollar smile (quite literally) that can light up a room. His eyes are a glittering gold, nearly the color of his hair. His sideburns are cut long, and his jawline is set with a strong chin. The man almost seems to glow with nigh-divine charisma.

    The back of his head and neck, mostly below the hairline, is home to a steel-plated neural interface that connects to his Silhouette when he wishes to communicate. Behind his ear is a built-in communicator powerful enough to make calls from a world away.


    Negatives: Greedy, self-absorbed, vain, arrogant, obsessive, cruel. At his worst.

    Positives: Frugal, friendly, likes kids, genuinely enjoys helping people. It just comes second to greed.

    Equipment: On him, Maxwell usually carries a few platinum pieces or credsticks (valuing approximately a thousand gold pieces), some jewelry, an exceedingly rare antique silver-titanium Rolex, and a few personal affects. Typically he can be found wearing his Silhouette, the personal body-armor/neurotech suite available exclusively to high ranking members of Elexxion. With the armor over his head, it gives him the appearance of a faceless metal man with a plated steel skull. Outside sensors become his eyes in such a state, projecting holographic images on the inside of the helmet.

    Most importantly, he wears a shoulder holster fitted with an Elexxion Industries Mk. VII energy cannon.

    Abilities: Maxwell is a fairly skilled businessman and part-time geneticist, but an otherwise normal human being. Any powers he has are due to augmentations from the Elexxion corporation. He is genetically superior, and quite strong, but the remainder of his special abilities come from the Silhouette. It is well shielded, capable of extreme punishment on its own, and can in fact fly if the user deems it necessary.

    Backstory: To come later.

    Miscellaneous: Works for the Elexxion Consortium as the Director of their Frontier Division.
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