Axel Keith

Name:Axel Keith

A.k.a Axel

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Eye Color: Black

Race : Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Proffession: Stunt Performer


Good Personality: Smart, friend-maker.

Neutral Personality: Gun-fanatic, loves skateboarding

Bad Personality: Arrogant, daredevil, rebel.

Power level: High

Description: A normal heighted man with average weight, Axel Keith is a guy that has Swedish-Norwegian origins. He founded his way to the Nexus necause of his psychotic father, who is obsessed with experimenting, he got himself teleported near the walls of 55. Wih the Adrenaline rush he got, it changed his personality into a Daredevil.

Equipment: A normal, iron blade. He has no armor, but he has guns hidden within his clothes.
His magicbook is big, and strapped in his back.

Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence, Ice magic powers, swordsmanship, and a good shot.