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    There are six deities in “The War of Existence” campaign setting plus a religion that grants domains. The deities will be followed by a short description of the Gods and then their Domains. Not all DnD domains are listed, but many are.

    It is important to note, that clerics MUST have a deity in order to prepare spells. The exceptions are clerics of the Way of the Two Dragons, and clerics who have their alignment forcibly altered, (i.e magic, vampirism, etc.), so that it is out of sync with their patron deity. The latter has 1 week of spell preparation before they lose the ability to cast spells, unless of course they adopt a new deity's teachings. Clerics who willfully commit acts which would shift their alignment out of sync immediately lose their spell casting capabilities, until they find a new deity.

    The Gods

    The Holy Tribunal

    The Tribunal is usually worshiped as a whole, rather than individually, but some individuals find they have more in common with one of the tribunal than the others, and Clerics adopt a patron's teachings.

    Jovaan is the God of Courage and Nobility and is neutral good. He takes the form of a humanoid panther, with golden eyes. He wears black armor and carries the Aurum Blade. Jovaan is the husband of Da'ara. His teaching often include showing mercy and compassion, even unto your enemies, but do not be afraid to meet out justice when needed. The teachings of Jovaan also include that there is only honor in how you choose your battles, during them, anything goes. Unfortunately, Jovaan's message to mortals is not always understood, and many mortals argue over where the line is drawn between justice, and evil.
    Common followers of Jovaan include paladins, and anyone with a strong sense of Justice. Athletes often too, pay homage to Jovaan. .

    Spoiler: Disciples of Jovaan

    Serasi, Angel of Light
    Shy and gentle, Serasi is a great comfort to the mortals of Narium, while she also serves as the foremost gatherer of intelligence in the battle against evil. Among her mortal followers she spreads a light that banishes the fear of evil. She tells them that her followers, too, dwell both in the shadow and light, keeping watch over them in even the blackest nights.
    Disciples of Serasi keep watch over the innocent. They a fully aware that evil tries to infiltrate the minds of those that would do good, thus they stay hidden is the shadows, ready illuminate the foul plot of whatever infernal agent they're tracking. Some disciples prefer to watch from the shadows, and subtly root out evil from the darkness. Others prefer the light, and set an example for all to follow.
    Sersasi has golden white fur on one half of her feline body, while the other is black as shadow. She carries a longsword as her favored weapon, and she is neutral good.

    Domains: Darkness, good, glory, sun, void(Stars subdomain only)
    note: The 5th level spell for the Darkness domain: is Replaced with Wall of Blindness/Deafness(blindness only)

    Anamath, the Hopeful Spark
    Upbeat and an eternal optimist, Anamath is the gentle leader who inspire others to seek out justice. She is hope incarnate, and a firm believer that the cosmos can and will be a better place for all. No matter how grim the world seems to be, she always finds a way to bring out the best outcomes.
    Her disciples try to do the same. Wherever there is unrest, strife, famine or even plague; the disciples of Anamath are there and ready to lend their aid. If wickedness tries to smother out all hope, the disciples will fight to the last to liberate it. In their mind, evil can only win when people stop believing that they can have a better future.
    Anamath is a crimson feline, with a golden torso. She carries a lance as her favored weapon and she is neutral good.

    Domains: Good, healing, magic, protection, repose

    Benedor, the Great Sport
    Strength and honor, and giving evil a proper smack-down! Those are the things Benedor is all about! Evil prides itself on being superior, in strength magic and skill. Benedor is the one who shuts down any notion that's true. He is the force that halts corruption, redeems the wicked, and guards other against such fallacious claims.
    Disciples of Benedor are often martially inclined. They actively seek out and destroy evil, saving redeeming those they can, but sending others back to where they belong. In times of peace, his disciples compete, both physically, and mentally in good sport. Thus, many a coliseum or debate hall bears the name of a famous champion of Benedor.
    Benedor stands as large as two men, and has fur as grey and rugged as rock. A fiery red mane dances around his head. Benedor carries a greatsword as his favored weapon and he is neutral good.

    Domains: Good, glory, nobility, strength, war

    Da'ara is the Goddess of Love and Compassion, and is Lawful Good. She takes the form of a humanoid cat; as white as snow and eyes like bright sapphires. Da'ara is wife to Jovaan. Her teachings strive for peace and understanding. She implores her clerics to heal the sick and injured, protect the innocent, and bring serenity in a world of chaos. Her greatest rival is Mianna Vel. Common followers of Da'ara include Monks, and any other individual who strive for serenity. Paladins too, occasionally adopt Da'ara as their patron deity. But Da'ara is a typical Goddess to be prayed to by the common mortals, who wish for a long and healthy life.

    Spoiler: Disciple of Da'ara

    Jessimah, the Jolly Father
    Strong and sturdy, yet bearing a gentle demeanor. Jessimah is a welcoming soul who brings all kinds of mortals together in oneness. Known as the "Jolly Father", or "The Patriarch", Jessimiah treats everyone like family, and encourages other to do the same. His followers form communities, build schools, and bring people together to spread the joy of family. Many a village center holds a shrine to him, and prayers of thanks are given to Jessimiah for his guidance before every council.
    Jessimiah is twice the size of a normal human, his face bears a likeness to a proud lion, and his golden brown fur and flowing mane accentuate that look. His favored weapon is a quarterstaff and he is lawful good.

    Domains: Community, good, nobility, protection, law

    Y'samar, The peaceful
    Calm and collected, Y'samar spends centuries in quiet contemplation of the world's woes, hoping to discover the cure for all its ailments. Y'samar's teaching spread peace throughout Narium. There is nothing more horrible than to be at war; with others, or with one's self. Mediation, self reflection, and kindness are the keys to both health and happiness. Other things, material things, distract and corrupt. They create wants and desires that plague the mind and lead to evil.
    Clerics of Y'samar practice meditation and restraint. They are often humble travelers, moving from land to land to teach the Way of Y'samar. Some settle down in monasteries, forming small communities.
    Y'samar has the form of a white feline. With numerous black stripe running horizontal along his figure. His is always depicted as meditating, with a brazier of incense burning beside him. Y'samar rarely goes into battle, but when the peace of the world is threatened, Y'samar favors unarmed attacks as his means of fighting. Clerics get the improved unarmed strike feat. Y'samar is lawful good.

    Domains: Charm, good, healing, repose, law

    Lanavel, the Golden Devil
    In the years before the Schism, Lanavel served under Malox's banner. She was his chief judge and enforcer, making sure all devils obeyed and followed Malox's decree. But over time she saw that Malox's laws were arbitrarily harsh, and only meant to impose his will on those weaker than himself. She watched in disgust as her fellow devils gleefully served the new order, and bowed their head before a tyrant in exchange for the benefits of becoming the ruling class. After refusing to enforce what she though to be insane laws, she had to flee in order to escape Malox's wrath.
    Today, Lanavel is the guardian of justice in the realm of Celanus, and despite what others might think, Lanavel his proud to be called a Devil. To her, she is living proof that even that her race is not doomed to be the relentless force of tyranny in the cosmos. Her knights bring peace and order to the lands of Narium, They unravel crimes and promote social fairness, and defend that peace to the last if it ever becomes threatened.
    Lanavel has the form of a golden wolf, with thin, crimson swirls dancing around her body and two large horn emerging from the back of her skull. She carries a warhammar as her favored weapon, and is Lawful good.

    Domains: Good, law, nobility, protection, strength

    Eemer the God of Creativity and Knowledge, and is chaotic good. He takes the form of a humanoid cat; with bright blue fur and ruby red eyes. His teachings spread curiosity and innovation. He strives for new ideas and creative works of art. Patrons of Eemer are usually scholars, artists, bards and even rogues. A cleric of Eemer has access to the following.

    Spoiler: Disciples of Eemer

    Muse, Heaven's Demon
    "So there were, like, these demons and all, right? Some of them were really fun characters. This guy N'rash, man, said the craziest things! Well that was before that bitch Mianna Vel came and tried to take over the universe. Bitch REALLY cramps my style!"
    Muse was once a member of Mianna Vel's host, before the Schism. But he found their blood lust to be the antithesis of his very soul! They stopped appreciating all of the great works of art Muse produced, and drove him away. Today, he counts himself as a proud resident of Celanus, and is great friends with Eemer and all of the Holy Plane's residents. His teaching encourage mortals to express themselves artistically, to learn all they can, and follow their dreams. He is sometimes called "Heaven's Demon", the "Celestial Herald" or the "Demonic Bard".
    Muse typically takes the form of a blue, humanoid wolf, with golden lines crisscrossing all over his body. Two arched horns rest atop his head as a reminder that Demons were not always the brutal creatures they are today, and that some can still be saved. Muse is chaotic good, and carries a greataxe as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Artiface, chaos, good, knowledge, Madness.

    Note: Replace the 5th level domain spell granted by the Madness domain with Dream

    Glaniel, the Lucky Star
    Glaniel is the oddball of Celanus. She always seems aloof and living in her own little world. But she has a kind heart, and always seem to show up in the right place at the right time, and produce the right outcome. No one knows exactly how she does it, even the Gods are taken aback by the fortune of the Lucky Star.
    Glaniel is one of the few angels that doesn't have a large following, but her disciples seem to be anywhere they're needed. They are helpful and kind, and by some miracle always have the intuition needed to aid those in need. Other than the "Lucky Star", Glaniel goes by other names, such as "Lady Luck", and "Fortune Bearer".
    She takes on the form of a crimson cat and stands as tall as a human. She has white mask around her eyes, like a racoon. Glaniel is chaotic good, carries a scimitar as her favored weapon.

    Domains: Chaos, good, luck, magic, travel.

    Kess, Lady of Liberty
    Kess doesn't like Devils. She also doesn't like Demons. Actually, Kess isn't really a fan of anyone who seeks to impose their will upon others. There is a fine line between guidance, and control, and Kess knows exactly where that line is. And if you happen to be on the wrong side of it, you better pray to whatever dark being told you that was a good idea, because the Children of Liberty will find you, and will correct you... Peacefully, by preference, but sometimes tyrants can be stubborn.
    The Lady of Liberty, as Kess is sometimes called, inspires mortals to free those who are forced to serve, and to help those enslaved by circumstance. Throughout Narium, the followers of Kess fight for freedom and social equality. They're not interested in establishing a new order, only societies in which people live together free of oppression
    Kess is as large as two humans. She has shining blue fur, accented by white stripes that curves along her form. She is chaotic good and carries a longbow as her favored weapon.

    Domains: Chaos, good, liberation, travel, trickery.

    Other Religions

    Narsus is the God of the natural world, and the judge of mortal souls. He is true neutral. No one can say what Narsus looks like, his image is always shrouded in a autumn cloak. Narsus has no teachings that he imposes on mortals, but some mortals follow his example of balance. Others pay homage to him as thanks for the gifts the natural world offers. His followers include druids and rangers, but many other, more nature oriented societies, such as the Trewasha Orcs, will have shrines to him. Narsus carries the World Splitter, a legendary scythe as his favored weapon. A cleric of Narsus as access to the following

    Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Water, Death, Healing, Magic, Weather

    Way of the Two Dragons
    Not so much a deity, rather a philosophy. It teaches that within every soul, there is a silver dragon and a red dragon, each eating the tail of the other. When your soul is out of balance one eats the other. It is preferable to find a balance. This religion has its origins in ancient Fynlaw. A cleric of this religion has access to any two Domains, provided they are opposed to each other, (A DM has final word on what Domains oppose each other). Some example are, Good/Evil, Healing/Destruction, Protection/War Fire/Water etc … Clerics of this religion must be true neutral.

    The Dark Ones

    Malox is the God of Hatred and Greed, and is lawful evil. He takes the form of a humanoid wolf; gray, with bright green eyes. From the depth of Heldor, he plots his conquest of the upper planes. He is supreme commander of all Devils, and teaches his mortals that there is a natural order to the world. The weak must serve the strong, only then can the world function properly. Common followers of Malox include, blackguards, havoc knights, evil wizards and assassins. A cleric devoted to Malox's cause has access to the following patrons: Gamigin, Solakta, Thamuz, Remora, Gol'Goroth, Naru, Bel'Durog, Desmodia, and Sarolah.

    Spoiler: Devil Lords

    Gamigin, Lord of the Tower
    Gamigin is arguably the least understood of all devils. He is known as “The Watcher”, for Gamigin sits atop a tower 666 stories tall, where he surveys all of Abyss for the enemies of Malox. Of all of the original arch-devils, he is the only one to have had his body twisted and warped into a scaly form like modern pitfiends. Although, he often uses his magic to disguise himself as his original form. Even still, while in his horrific new form, Gamigin is still easily distinguished from the common rabble. The Lord of the 1st is known to be stoic, and patient, and often discovers and exploits his enemies' weaknesses without fail. Gamigin is Lawful Evil.
    Gamigin does not have many mortal followers. He does not actively assist in Malox's endeavors. His maxim is to observe, and report. Gamigin carries a Halberd as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Law, Protection , War

    Solakta, The Herald of Heldor
    Solakta was once a mortal human, who united the tribes of the southern deserts of Myzandus. He was so devoted to Malox, and possessed such a mastery of magic, that when his soul was banished to Heldor, he overthrew his devil overlords with strength like an archfiend. Recognizing his power and devotion, Malox bestowed upon Solakta the powers of a devil lord, and granted him the 2nd district of Heldor to rule over. He is also known as “The Red Prophet”, and 200 years ago he had his disciples on Narium write the Malacon, the book of Malox, to spread the faith. Solakta is Lawful Evil
    He is is held in high-esteem in the Solaktic Empire, a nation which he helped found. His cultists spread Malox's faith wherever misguided peoples of other beliefs reside. Solakta carries a heavy mace as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Artifice, Evil, Law, Magic, Rune

    Thamuz, the King of Wrath
    Thamuz is the embodiment of hatred and vengeance in the court of Malox. Standing as tall as a colossus, and wreathed in a cloak of smoke and fire. Even before he was called Thamuz, his rage was legendary enough to be known as “The Prince of Hate”. Indeed, Thamuz is the real name of the Velmeran that nearly conquered Myzandus and the rest of Narium.
    His desire for revenge is so great, that he has the strongest spiritual connection to Narium, and can be summoned through a dark ritual at the place of his mortal death. In fact, he nearly was reincarnated on Narium, as was foretold in the Malacon. Thamuz is Lawful Evil.
    His worshipers consist primarily of Velmerans that still believe in the old ways. cultists of his are constantly seeking ways to resurrect their patron and bring about a glorious war that will cover the world. Thamuz carries a Longspear as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Strength, Destruction, Evil, Law, Nobility

    Remora, the Dark Lady
    Remora is the most reclusive of all the rulers of Heldor. Her fur is alabaster, with black streaks running over her eyes. She is known as the Lady of Sorrow, the Pale Mistress, and the Queen of Puppets. Although, while she herself remains isolated from even other devils, her influence reaches far across the planes. It was through her agents that mortals learned necromancy, and the secrets of un-life.
    Her fortress burrows deep beneath Heldor, where even the red glow of the infernos of Heldor do not reach. There she remains, with only the undead to keep her company. Those who commit suicide are often given to Remora, where she reshapes their souls into agonizing mockeries of life, with no will of their own. Remora is Neutral Evil
    In older days, people would commit the souls of the dead to her in hopes that it would appease her, thus preventing the corpses from rising from their graves. These days, her cultists are primarily necromancers that wish to learn all they can about immortality. Remora carries a flail as her favored weapon.

    Domains: Death, Darkness, Evil, Trickery, Void

    Gol'Goroth, Master of the Pits
    Gol'Goroth rules over the largest portion of Heldor, the Slave Pits. He is known most commonly as the Master of Thralls, and the Great Zealot. The Master towers over lesser devils, with coal black fur and a red stripe that crosses his left eye diagonally. Wielding trident and shield, and wicked plate armor, Gol'goroth is the battlefield commander of the legion of devils. His loyalty to Malox is unquestionable, and his resolve to see his master's will be done is unshakable. Gol'Goroth is Lawful Evil.
    Gol'Goroth's cultists are of a militant mind and actively seek out and destroy the enemies of Malox. Gol'Gorth carries a trident as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Artifice, Evil, Destruction, Law, War

    Naru, the Deal Maker
    Naru is the archdevil of bargains. Sly and charismatic, Naru sends her agents to tempt mortals with power, wealth, love or any other desires they may have. All she asks in return is their soul. Undeniably to most nonchalant of her counter-parts, Naru in fact plays a vital roll in gathering more powerful souls for the hosts of Heldor. She appears most often when heroes are in dire straights, (most likely caused discreetly by Naru in the first place), offering a simple, (but costly), solution to all their problems.
    Naru is slim, with soft, violet fur, except for the blue spirals along her arms. Two small horns poke up behind her ears, barley even noticeable. Her demeanor seems always charming, soothing, and happy. She is known as the Pact Maker, and the Gentle Deceiver. Naru is Lawful Evil.
    Many of her cultists play secretive roles that influence world politics. Naru carries a sword cane as her favored weapon.

    Domains: Charm, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Rune

    Bel'Durog, the Spymaster
    Bel'Durog is the spymaster of the underworld. A shadow that stalks the darkest reaches of Abyss and beyond. Known to be cunning, ruthless and unwavering in his duty, the Lord of the 7th retrieves intelligence, eliminates threats to Malox's regime, and sows discord among enemy ranks. While not as physically as imposing as some of the other archfiends, his mastery of magic, and his ability to fool all but the most powerful divination magics puts fear into both the arch-devils, and Malox's foes. With a wit that matches Naru, Bel'Durog leaves not only fatal wounds, but biting insults which leave the few survivors enraged and demoralized.
    Bel'Durog's fur is the color of charcoal, with the exception of the white rune patterns that cover his chest and back. Two small horns protrude from his forehead, curving backwards. Behind those, are two larger horns, also curving elegantly behind his head. He is known as the Shadow of Death, Doom Bringer and the Smiling Assassin. Ba"Rash is Lawful Evil.
    Bel'Durog's cultists are of similar mind to that of Gol'Goroth. The only difference is in their methods. Bel'Durog's cultists will use murder and subterfuge to combat the enemies of Heldor. Bel'Durog carries a short sword as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Evil, Darkness, Death, Law, Trickery

    Desmodia, the Fallen
    Desmodia is the most tragic of all the arch-devils. She was once an Angel, close friends with Da'ara, before she became jealous of the Goddess, and aligned herself with Malox, with the promise of being able to usurp Da'ara's position as the queen of Celanus. When she fell completely into darkness, the light of Celanus blinded her so severe, not even Malox could reverse the effect. But her blindness does not hinder the Dread Angel, for she is gifted with Void Sight, and can predict the actions of mortals and spirits alike. While not true foresight, this power allows Desmodia to determine the most probable outcome of the actions and events of mortals, even across planes. She sees what events might unfold should heroes succeed in their goals, and marks them for death, or more often than not, “alteration”.
    Desmodia retains her angelic appearance, but only as a mockery. Her fur is snow white, with golden stripes down her back, and still wears her blood red halo as a reminder of “where she belongs”. Desmodia is known as the Dread Angel, the Betrayer, and Mistress of the Voidsight. Desmodia is Lawful Evil.
    Her cultists are few and far between. They alwasy keep a low profile, but once their mistress calls them to action, they obey without hesitation. Desmodia carries a morningstar as her favored weapon.

    Domains: Evil, Law, Luck, Magic, War

    Sarolah, The Grand Inquisitor
    Among all of Malox's lieutenants, there is none more fearsome then Sarolah. The 9th Lord makes it his business to be the most terrifying force in existence. Sarolah's one purpose is to break mortal souls into submission. Those few strong souls who resist the infernal influence of Heldor wind up in Sarolah's torture chambers. Such souls are usually mortals with good hearts, but made either a great sacrifice, or a bargain which sealed their fate to Heldor. These souls often show more resilience and determination, and they resist the diabolic transformation. But no known mortal (or angel for that matter) is said to have endured the torment wrought by Sarolah.
    Sarolah stands twice the size of a regular human. Stark white fur with winding black runes covers his body. He has blood red eyes, and six large horns sprouting behind his ears. The Grand Inquisitor is one who delights in the suffering of others, and his methods of torture put to shame even the most atrocious of mortal designs. Even other arch-devils avoid Sarolah when they can. He is known as the Lord of Agony, the Breaker of Angels, and the Eater of Light. Sarolah is Lawful Evil
    His cultists kidnap and torture mortals into serving their dark master. Anyone who resists is killed ... eventually. Sarolah carries a spiked chain as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Destruction, Evil, Glory(Hubris subdomain only), Knowledge, Law,

    Mianna Vel
    Mianna Vel is the Goddess of Lust and Fear and is Chaotic Evil. She takes the form of a blond, humanoid fox, with dark eyes and a lustful stare. Mianna Vel is the queen of all demons, and from her palace in Demnia she lets them run loose. Her favored weapon is known a the Call of the Mistress, a legendary quarter staff. Her teachings are that of absolute freedom, with no restriction, no morality. Each individual should live life as they see fit, without being bogged down by petty things like honor, or law. Mianna Vel's only goals are to seduce Jovaan, and conquer the upper planes. Common worshipers of Mianna Vel include evil barbarians and sorcerers. Rogues often pay homage to her as well, and any other individual who hates the idea that anyone should dictate what they should do. A cleric of Mianna Vel has access to the following patrons:
    Spoiler: The Demons

    Amun-Braza, Demon of the Void
    Amun-Braza is Mianna Vel's chief commander. He alone commands enough respect to force any other lesser demon to his bidding, and is controlled enough to lead them. He does not covert followers to Mianna Vel's cause, he makes them fear the inevitable; that demons will rule the cosmos in the end, and chaos will reign. Better to hurry it's end and earn a quick death, that to live in agony as one so foolish enough to oppose Mianna Vel.
    The Demon lord stands nearly 12 feet tall. White fur and prismatic runes dance along his body, and his pupils swirl like a vortex. Two massive ram horn sprout from behind his ear. Amun-Braza is known as the Herald of Demnia, Crusher of Hope, and the Inescapable Fury. Amun-Braza is Neutral Evil.
    Amun-Braza is one of the few demon lords that has an organized following. His cultists seek to bring about an end to existence, out of fear that the demons will torture them for eternity if they do not. Amun-Braza carries a falchion as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Evil, War, Nobility, Strength, Void

    N'rash, Demon of Insanity
    No being in existence is more confusing than N'rash. He is capable of a coherent conversation one minute, then spouting off absurdities the next, always speaking in insane riddles, and forcing mortals to play cruel games for his amusement. N'rash cares little for Mianna Vel's agenda, but he is not so crazy as to fight her whenever she orders him around. Plus there are certain ... benefits that come through obedience. N'rash does not have a cult, or any sort of formal organization. The insane just seem to gather together and construct monuments in his name, ever grateful for the blessing of wisdom N'rash has bestowed.
    N'Rash, in his usual form, stands about the size of a human. Half his body his covered in purple, with yellow polka-dots, while the other half is bright yellow with purple stripes. On his purple half, a curly horn sticks out to the side, on the yellow half, a horn neatly curves upwards. N'Rash is Chaotic Evil.
    With no official religion, one would think N'Rash would have no cultists to speak of, yet throughout the world, insane mortals commit atrocities in his name. N'Rash's weapon alters it's form randomly, claiming no true form. Thus he has no favored weapon. Clerics of N'rash start the game with a random proficiency, from these tables. (Not the magic items tables, the random weapon tables).

    Domains: Chaos, Evil, Luck, Madness, Void

    Ag'Staphos, Demon of Destruction
    Ag'Staphos is less a demon than he is a force of nature. A constant maelstrom of destructive force whirls around him in a dark vortex that blocks out all light. He is malice incarnate. The demon's philosophy of "only war" appeals strongly to barbaric tribes and mortals driven mad by bloodlust. "Only the strong are worthy to live, thus you must always prove you are strong. Kill those weaker than you, it is your right. Take no prisoners, for the meek shall have no place in this world. And above all, kill, because you can."
    In a rare moment when he is in a calmer state, and not a walking pillar of fire, Ag'Staphos has brown fur, with a black torso and legs. Four horns curve backwards out of his skull, and two more spikes protrude outwards from behind his elbows. Ag'Staphos is chaotic evil.
    Ag'Staphos is a popular patron among war-like tribes of short lived races, such as goblins. Giant's too, worship him as a pinnacle of might. His cultists lead hordes of warriors to fight and plunder anywhere they can get to. Ag'Staphos carries an earthbreaker as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Strength

    Exapha, Demon of Lust
    Mianna Vel's personal consort, Exapha is the demon of lust and excess. He spends most of eternity in the Golden Palace of Demnia, in a near constant state of euphoria. But his idleness should not be mistaken for weakness. Exapha's talent for compelling mortal to commit horrors should not be underestimated. With a mere appeal to a mortal's base needs, Exapha can control and direct countless individuals and have them fully relinquish themselves to the ecstasy achieved through wickedness. Exapha preaches no restraint, that others are there for your amusement, whether you amuse each other, or for one to fall prey to your own need of enjoyment. In short, if it feels good, then it is good.
    Exapha hardly ever wares any bit of clothing, preferring to show off his body and physique. He has orange fur, with a dark blue circle on his chest. Radial lines expand from the circle like the rays of the sun. two small horns poke out from his skull. Exapha is chaotic evil. Exapha is chaotic evil.
    Exapha is one of the few demon lord open worshiped in civilization. His cultists are often brothel owners, drug dealers and wealthy merchants. Exapha carries an club as his favored weapon.

    Domains: Chaos, Charm, Evil, Liberation, Trickery

    Ghulla-Thulla, Demon of Disaster
    A disgusting and repulsive being to behold, Ghulla-Thulla is among the chief causes of mortal misery. His very being is that of a coal black wolf, with large dead eyes. A viscous slime makes up his skin, that only looks like the fur of a wolf. But it melts away constantly, leaving a trail of horrible black ichor wherever the demon treads, and he stands in a hunched position, like a dull-witted brute. Two horns sprout from his head, and arch inwards.
    Ghulla-Thulla never misses the opportunity to spread famine and disease, or to upturn social order, causing nations to spiral into chaos. Many a mortal have made terrible sacrifices in Ghulla-Thulla's name, in hopes that he might spare them of the plague, or perhaps cure a loved one.
    Very few cultists of Ghulla-Thulla exists, for most worshippers are simply mortals who fear a slow death. On rare occasions, it has been recorded that certain farming communities regular sacrifice sapient souls in the belief that Ghulla-Thulla will spare their crops. Ghulla-Thulla carries a sickle as his favored weapon and is chaotic evil.

    Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, War

    Illuvia, Demon of Envy
    One might think Illuvia timid by demonic standards. Her slender form, soft green fur and tiny horns don't portray the savagery one thinks of when discussion demon lords. She is overtly jealous of the power Mianna Vel wields, yet at the same time worships her. She tries with all her might to emulate her goddess. Every decision she makes she first considers if it's what Mianna Vel would do. All of this is in the vain hope that she will become as powerful as she is.
    Her interaction with mortals are few and far between. Only mortals seeking to obtain what they desire most, or to harm the object of their envy come to her, and she gleefully provides wisdom on the topic of causing misery to one that doesn't deserve what they have. All she asks for in return is for the mortal to amuse her, somehow. Illuvia carries a whip has her favored weapon, just like Miaana Vel and is chaotic evil.

    Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Rune,

    Xol'xi'aaz, Demon of Fear
    The darkness that creeps along the outer reaches of your vision. The black though that haunts you while you dream. The monster that fills your mind with dread. Xol'xi'aaz; lord and master of the darkest reaches of the abyss. A terrifying, enigmatic presence that fuels mortal paranoia. No one except the demon lords themselves have ever truly glimpsed him. But he is most certainly there; watching, waiting.
    Among mortals, Xol'xi'aaz spreads fear and mistrust. Nothing brings him greater joy than mortals turning against each other. Many ghost stories involve some agent of Xol'xi'aaz snapping the minds of mortals through shear terror.
    His cultists are those who have had their minds broken by fear. A fear so terrible they wish to never again experience the torture of re-living that nightmare. So they serve their master, doing his will upon Narium for the sake of being free. Xol'xi'aaz uses a dagger as his favored weapon and is chaotic evil.

    Domains: Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Madness, Trickery

    Y'vos, Queen of Anarchy
    Y'vos was once the prominent disciple of Astoroth, the devil of greed. But long ago, she found Malox's agenda to be far too boring for her liking. Thus she defected to Mianna Vel's court, intrigued by the notion that she could rule her hordes as she saw fit. But the hierarchy of demons is not one for subtle manipulation. She missed the subterfuge and cross dealings that were the bread and butter of the diabolic social structure. So she turned her attention to the new world of Narium.
    Y'vos cultists are promised power and comfort in their after lives as part of Y'vos' cult, in return, they are to corrupt mortals into serving Mianna Vel's ends. Many a demon lord destroys social orders, but none do it so masterfully as Y'vos and her cult. Worshipers play all sides of a conflict. In the background, they pull the strings that cause kingdoms to fall into civil war.
    Y'vos is covered in purple fur, with golden lines running down her head and back. Two small horns poke out of her forehead, while two larger horn accompany them, arching elegantly back. Y'vos' favored weapon is a rapier and she is neutral evil.

    Domains: Charm, Darkness, Evil, Liberation, trickery

    Sesazu, Demon of Entropy
    Sesazu is the outcast among the demon lords. She was once an angel who promoted peace and wellbeing. But came to the realization that peace, true peace, was something that was impossible to reach in this world. Thus, in order to be true to her nature, she concluded that for there to be peace, all forms of life in the multiverse must be extinguished. From the gods down to the lowliest mortal, and even herself. All must be eradicated for the sake of peace.
    She works with demons only because she knows that it will suit her ends. It matters not what methods she employs to wipe out all life, because in the end, it will not matter. She has virtually no cultists, as few people have even heard of her existence. But she is out in the dark corners of the Abyss, concocting a plan that will tear Narium asunder, and destroy all that the Void created eons ago. Sesazu's favored weapon is a glaive, and she is chaotic evil.

    Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction, Magic

    Belial, Formerly the 9th Lord of Heldor
    Among every culture, there is always one being of legend. The fiends of Heldor are no different. The one arch-devil that put to shame any other fiend barring Malox himself is non-other than Belial. Even Sarolah stepped aside when Belial walked through the halls of Malox's fortress. He is known as the Pride Lord, the Black Commander, and the One-With-No-Master. When Narsus created the Schism between Abyss and Celanus, Belial was unfortunate enough to fall down to Narium. He landed with several of his solders along with his enemy, the Demon general Baal. Despite this, he slew Baal, and rallied his soldiers, all the while awaiting word from Malox. When Malox sent no message, Belial would not take such an insult to his pride, and to his loyalty. He vowed to end Malox, and every God that would go against him.
    Belial stands twice as tall as a regular human, with blond fur, and black, rigid runes that crisscross all over his body. Four massive horns sprout behind his ears, which emanate black smoke.

    Astaroth, Formerly the 8th Lord of Heldor
    Sly, charming, not unlike Naru, Astaroth is the epitome of greed. Of all the archdevils, his greed and ambition was so great, he attempted a coup against Malox. Unfortunately for the King of Kings, the coup was not successful, in part due to his “apprentice” Naru, and his brother Gol'Goroth betraying his plans to Malox, and in part to the immense, and vastly underestimated, power the God of Hatred and Greed possessed. It was all Astaroth could do to flee to a pocket dimension, a fugitive from all factions, Angels, Devils and Demons. But true to his nature, Astaroth still has a habit of hoarding wealth that would make the greed of red dragons seem like a minor hobby. Astaroth tends to interact with mortals the most, usually to kill them and take their valuables, but sometimes (if the mortals use the proper abjurations), Astaroth is willing to buy, sell, trade information and items of power for not-so-fair prices.
    The Former Lord looks much like his brother Gol'Goroth, although he is lacking his brother's stature. Astaroth still has the jet black fur, although instead of the red stripe over his left eye, he bears a red, comet-like streak over his right eye, and two decently sized horns emerge from his skull.
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