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    The Planes

    The World of Mortals (Narium)

    The World of Narsus' design, also known as Narium, is the material plane. It's the home plane to many races and creatures, and is the point of contention between the Gods. It's main features include five major continents. The continents are; Mystaria, Eldstand, Vikalastine, Venor and The Waste. Each continent has one or more major regions/countries that make up the bulk of the geography and culture. Each region and country is explained in more detail in the history section, this section is purely an overview of the plane and it's characteristics. All beings on this plane are contained within a “Mortal Shell”. All outsiders killed on this plane are sent back to their home plane, mortals killed on this plane have there souls transported to Black Narium

    Narium is the inner most plane of all existence
    The nature of Narium is similar to that of real world Earth
    It is extremely difficult for Outsiders to enter Narium, without the express permission of Narsus. The easiest way to enter Narium is be being summoned by a mortal, but even that is often random, and beings of power are still unable to enter with normal summoning methods. Its sometimes common for souls from Black Narium to slip through.

    Black Narium

    Also known as the shadow plane, this is where mortal souls end up after death. The plane bears a unnerving resemblance to Narium, except that it is twisted and warped by decay. Usually, a Guide shows up to lead, (or drag), a mortal to Narsus' realm of Fywnwir, where they are to be judged by Narsus. However, if a soul becomes lost in Black Narium, they will become undead horrors. Living creatures on this plane suffer no ill effects, other than psychological one if they get disturbed easily. But they do attract undead from all over the plane. Like Narium, it is extremely difficult for most Outsiders to enter. The exception are mortals from Narium and servants of Narsus from Fywnwir.


    Fywnwir is the seat of Narsus, and is a plane overrun by nature. At the center is an enormous tree where the House of Narsus resides. This is where Narsus judges mortal souls, and sends them to either Abyss or Celanus. Non-sentient creatures that die on Narium, such as animals, reside here as well, until they are reincarnated on Narium. Fey creatures too, reside on this plane after death, and share the same cycle as the animals. Mortals that do not belong in either Abyss or Celanus also live out the afterlife on the plane, until they too, are reincarnated on Narium.

    Fywnwir is also a very important stepping stone between Celanus and Abyss, the barriers between Fywnwir and the Divine planes are very strong, not even the other Gods can bypass them without special help, or clever tactics. Only the barriers' creator, Narsus, can dissolve them, or weaken them enough for lesser souls to go through. And Narsus is just as keen as keeping the mortals from entering his realm without a guide as he is with keeping the other gods out.

    The Divine Planes: Celanus and Abyss


    Celanus is a place of absolute beauty. Whatever an individuals desire of paradise is, that is what they experience. Celanus is difficult to describe, because every mortals' desires and expectations vary. However, to the greater, stronger souls who can resist this effect, Celanus is still a wondrous plane. The skies are vibrant blues and violets, the clouds are golden. The grass is a bright green and the air is refreshing. For a mortal, earthly desires are fulfilled, true loves are found and joy is ever present in their afterlives. The essence of this plane literally prevents its residence from being bored, as a feeling of peace and accomplishment is ever present. This by no means alters a soul's individuality, merely their mood. When a mortal soul returns here from Narium, they free themselves of their mortal coil, becoming angels. Powerful mortals may even become arch-angels, as is the case with many a hero.


    Abyss is divided into two parts, Heldor, and Demnia. They reside on the same plane, but are ruled by different Gods. Malox rules with an iron fist over Heldor, and Mianna Vel keeps her demon hordes in line through fear. Although there are two separate regions of Abyss, the landscape remains the same throughout. It is a black land, rocky and barren. The air is filled with a choking ash, and streams of lava and blood flow throughout the plane. However, while the physical aspects of the plane are the same, each kingdom tortures mortal souls in different ways.

    The kingdoms of Abyss are constantly fighting for supremacy, over both Abyss, and Narium.


    Heldor is divided in to several regions, some on the surface, while some burrow into the earth. Each region is governed by a Lord of Heldor, the more powerful the Lord, the closer the region they govern is to Malox's palace. The Devils of this plane torture mortal souls into submission, breaking their individual will. The moment they submit to Malox's will, they become Devils themselves, the strength of the Devil created depends on the strength of the mortal. However, once they become Devils, they are subject to a form of torture even more terrible than what the Devils can perform. Each day they are wracked by pain and suffering unless they carry out the Will of Malox, which is to spread his ideology to the mortal plane and to force all existence to bow down to Malox.


    Demnia has no regions, or lords. It merely has a hierarchy of power. Here, the powerful drive the weak to follow their whims. At the center of Demnia, is an ironically splendid palace. It seems serene and beautiful from the outside. Once inside however, the corruption of Mianna Vel is immediately apparent. From slaves and concubines to torture devices and blood smears, the palace is a nightmare to behold.

    Mortals sent to Demnia are tortured by their greatest nightmares for all eternity. Their hope are revealed to be obtainable, but are then shattered right before them, driving mortal souls insane. After so much madness, a soul becomes a Demon, willing to inflict the same madness on all existence. The strength of the Demon depends on the mortal.

    The Outer Plane

    The Void

    The Void is the outer most plane of existence, It is arcane power in its purest form, any soul short of a God is torn to pieces by the shear energy of the plane. Nothing exists here, but it is the source of all magical power, from the Gods down to the lowest hedge-magician.

    The Inter-Planes

    These are the plane the interweave with some, or all of the planes of existence and they are as follows:

    The Ethereal Plane – The ethereal plane exist as a sub-plane between Narium and Black Narium, souls on this plane can see into both, and it often used as a method of quick transportation on either plane. The plane sometimes allows for souls twisted by Black Narium to slip through onto Narium.

    The Elemental Planes – I.e Fire, water, Earth Air. These are sub planes of Fywnwir, and they interweave with that plane and Narium. Home to elementals, and energy in its second most raw form (the first being the Void), it serves as a useful way to gather the energy needed to combine elements to create something material.

    The Positive and Negative Planes - Exist interweaving all existence. Although they diverge when they reach Fywnwir, (Positive energy splits off towards Celanus while Negative Energy splits off towards Abyss). It it is the source of all emotions present in a soul. These planes mix with every soul in existence, but it in no way determines the attitude or emotions of a soul. Rather, the attitude of the soul dictates the balance between the positive and negative planes within the soul.
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