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    Default Tier System for Classes in the Meal-based

    Tier System for Classes in the Meal-Based Roleplaying System (work in progress)

    While this system mainly represents base classes, certain note-worthy prestige classes have been included. Some races have been included as well, due to the system's unique manner of tying some races and classes so tightly (such as the many Green Salad classes).

    Tier 1: Beef Sirloin, Green Salad (Caesar), Fish (Tuna, Salmon), Bacon* (PrC), Fried** (PrC)

    Tier 2: most Cheeses***, Poultry

    Tier 3: Eggs (scrambled), Ham, Sandwich, Chicken (with errata), Omelet (PrC)

    Tier 4: Eggs (sunny-side up), Open-Faced (PrC), Fish (except Tuna and Salmon)

    Tier 5: Plain Bread (NPC class), Caviar

    Spoiler: Footnotes
    *The Bacon prestige class deserves special mention, as it can bring certain tier 3 Pork classes up to tier 1 power levels by level 16.

    **The Fried PrC, while widely considered to be an option taken by only the newest and most extreme optimizers, does deserve its place in Tier 1, granting enormous power at little cost. However, finding a way out of the enforced class progression before level 10 is advised, as the class' "capstone" has been known to ruin many powerful characters.

    ***Contrary to popular belief that Cheese is as strong as you can get, various optimization tests and playtests have shown that Cheese is tier 2, with a very low optimization floor.

    Spoiler: List of non-core books used so far
    • Complete Substitutes
    • Complete Kosher (with errata, as seen in the Holy Rules Compendium)
    • Stormwrack
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