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    Astrana Tyamera

    Aliases: None so far

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human Tiefling

    Age: 20

    Alignment: It's a mystery!

    Class/Profession: Warlock/Witchdoctor/Priest

    Power Rating: Hard to define. Direct combat isn't her strongest suit, but she has a couple of tricks up her sleeve. Maybe D or C?

    Description: Astrana is a human tiefling that appears to be around twenty years. She is slightly taller than average, appearing to be around 5’6”-5’7” in height (or about 170 cm). She has an oval face with very pronounced cheekbones which, along a sharp angular jawline, lead down to a slightly pointed chin. Her nose is flat with a pointed nose tip and wide nostrils. Astrana‘s thin-almond eyes hold yellow irises and pupils, obscuring the border between both. Crowning her eyes are expressive thick eyebrows going in a wide arch (number 3 on this list).

    Protruding a bit above her eyebrows are her black ram horns which curves into arches pointed towards her mouth before curving slightly inwards; their tips are a ruddy hue (like this, but not quite as thick). These are partly hidden by the dark tresses of her long jet-black hair. Her lips are thick and are the color of rich, red wine. Her skin is also dark red, but a lighter shade than her lips.

    Astrana’s shoulders aren’t very wide but her arms are slightly more muscular. She’s busty with fulsome hips, consistent with an hourglass-shaped body. Coming from just above her rear is a long, elegant tail which can reach the ground and still able to curve upwards a bit.

    She likes wearing practical clothing in rich dark colors, such as jade, black, and deep gold. Usually this consists of sleeveless shirts combined with skirts or shorts in different color combinations. Hailing from a tropical part of her world, she dresses only for cold weather when necessary and generally prefers to be lightly garbed when she can get away with it. While she’s in her own world she tends to wear a dark hood and a cloak though to hide her fiendish appearance from onlookers.

    Spoiler: Images of Astrana

    -Astrana by LadyDeddelit

    Astrana by lulles.

    Personality: Astrana has a forceful personality, though she hides behind a mask of politeness and timidity to come off as more agreeable. She has learned to hide her emotions in public whenever it suits her needs, though she’s still not always in full control of them in her actions.
    Like many of the members of the Fourth Tower, she desires to be able to control the world around her and not to be left for it's whims. She strives to gain more power to be able to push life in the direction she wants it.

    This manifests in a desire to learn and make contacts, both from mundane and otherworldly sources. Still, Astrana has a hard time attaching herself to someone on a deeper level (with a clear exception) which she sometimes see as an advantage thanks to her earlier drifter lifestyle.

    She sees herself as pragmatic. Though others might not think of her as a paragon of ethics, she sees herself as very ethical compared to many others who practice what she does.

    Equipment/Abilities: These two go hand in hand, as beyond her natural tiefling powers, which involve some minor fire resistance and fire control, she does not possess much in the way of inherited magical powers. Instead she knows how to invoke the powers of gods, spirits, demons, and other otherworldly beings through specific rituals she has been trained to do.

    These rituals can take an hour or even days to perform properly, but can have a large variety of uses. The more powerful ones usually requires some kind of sacrifice, however, and usually more warlocks than just one. That said, Astrana do have access to a number of pact bounds which still hold the original pact of their previous users. These pact bounds can be invoked much quicker than your usual ritual and holds the agreement between the entity and the pact maker in some form of manifestation.

    List of her pact bounds will come later.
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