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    Trucido Amare

    Alias: Darth Calamity, The Lotus Warrior.

    Gender: Male.

    Race/Species: Human, originating from Coruscant.

    Age: Forty-One.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil.

    Class/Profession: Fallen Jedi; Sith Lord.

    Power Rating: B+.

    Description: Darth Calamity is a handsome man that looks to be in his mid-twenties, although his real age is much older. He has premature white hair that he keeps well-groomed, and his dark blue eyes seem to glitter with intelligence, however, if you look deep enough you can see that powerful hidden emotions of anger and sadness lurk beneath his glittering mask of calm mannerisms. His face is gaunt and angular, but oddly attractive. His teeth are metal and resemble a vampire's teeth, complete with large fangs of cold metal.

    Trucido is often dressed in his common white and silver clothing, or his dark black and red costume. His clothing is composed of medium sized pauldrons, a padded coat, a long cloak complete with a hood, and his steel combat boots.

    Personality: On the surface Darth Calamity is calm, self-confident, and reassured. He's usually pretty quiet and prefers the comforts of books, mediation, and nature to people. On the inside, Trucido is a bubbling time bomb of intense hatred, malice, depression, heartbreak, and fuming anger. He's an incredibly emotional person, but keeps these raging emotions in check, barely.

    Equpment: Trucido wields two very special lightsabers. His first lightsaber is an incredibly beautiful and detailed piece, complete with a blade of darkest purple. The saber was gifted to him by Mastte Ai-Kal when young Trucido Amare was given the title of Jedi Knight. It is called
    Spoiler: Black Lotus.

    His other lightsaber is called
    Spoiler: Scorpio
    The brilliant red lightsaber is easy to recognize, seeing as a massive fang of some massive beast is built into the hilt. Scorpio was once wielded by Trucido's lover, Syren.

    The log of Jedi Master Baer Thurt speaks of the origin of Trucido Amare, and the man's descent into the dark side. His log reads thusly.

    "It was often said that Jedi Knights Garn Kubo and Trucido Amare were to be the strongest Jedi of this century, and I myself believed it. Under the watchful and caring eyes of the famous Jedi Master Ai-Kal, the pair of friends had flourished into brilliant Jedi, the pride of our Academy. We all thought that one day, Kubo and Amare would one day teach and guide their own generation of Jedi.

    We were wrong on both accounts.

    We have gathered from various sources the full story of Trucido Amare, AKA Darth Calamity of the Sith Order. At the age of 24, Trucido was nearly finished training, and almost ready to be gifted the title of Jedi Master, along with his close friend Kubo. He was loyal, strong, and gifted. But he was lonely. He craved affection. He craved love. Jedi are forbidden from starting attachments with others, and for good reason. It clouds the mind. Jedi must remain detached from such emotion, for it clouds our judgement.

    One day, Trucido met with a vibrant young woman on the planet Kayrie 5. He was on a mission to guide a trade vessel to port there, and defend the vessel against the bandits common in the area. The ship arrived completely safe, all cargo protected. Trucido was to stay in port for days until the vessel was finished unloading. The curious man had met her there. Her name was Syren, AKA Darth Serpentia. The Jedi spent a week with the alluring, kind, and mysterious female. She was pretending to be a bounty hunter, and in reality, had been chosen to seduce and captivate Trucido or Garn, whichever one, for it was unknown to the sith which would appear. Had it been Garn, Darth Serpentia would surely have been caught.

    But it wasn't. She was everything the lonely man had been craving, and in merely days he had fallen in love completely with the woman. Madly in love. He would have died for the woman. We discovered this information in Trucido's log, where he had written down his accounts of Serpentia. He would have died for her. Trucido had to eventually leave, and so Syren begged Trucido to take her with him. Trucido eagerly agreed, and she was smuggled aboard. For months she was hidden away from everyone around Trucido, corrupting his mind without him ever knowing. He had separated himself from most people around him, most especially Garn.

    It wasn't noticeable. He simply often went on walkabout through the mountains for a few days, telling his close friends and superiors that he was going to meditate and observe natural life, attempting to truly become one with the force. In reality, Trucido Amare was seeing Syren. Eventually, Syren revealed her true nature to Trucido, that she was in fact a Sith Lord. Trucido was greatly hurt and confused. But, he was in love, and by that time... Nothing could stop him from wanting to be with Syren. He had grown so attached, and he had started down the steep path into darkness.

    They swore they'd be together, even though he was Jedi and she was Sith. But... Her ulterior motives must have shown through. She showed Trucido the powers of the Dark Side of the Force. Taught him how powerful emotions like the love he had for her could grant him powers beyond his wildest dreams. But she never taught him about Hate. Or Anger. Or Suffering. She trained him in the Sith ways, seducing and changing the powerful Jedi we all knew, until there was hardly anything left. He visited the mountains three times, each time for a whole month, all the while ignoring his friends.

    Soon, his emotions ruled him. He had become more beast than man... More animal than Jedi. His entire mindset was warped. She had taught him the Sith Code. The Sith Ways. And one day... He was deemed Darth Calamity. And she revealed her name. Darth Serpentia. They descended from the mountains, his purple lightsaber beside her red. They were to wipe out Trucido's past. Jedi by Jedi. The only Jedi Master in the Compound was Master Ai-Kal, and Garn was the only Jedi Knight. The rest were the fifteen apprentices from ages 15-20, learning under Ai-Kal's guidance.

    The pair of Sith snuck inside in the night, clad in black robes. Reapers of death. They started by sneaking into the barracks of the fifteen apprentices, the pale moonlight shining down through the windows as the young Jedi lay asleep in their beds. The pair of Sith destroyed them, every last apprentice dead in their beds, the Sith enjoying the feelings death and combat presented to them, their love growing stronger with each drop of blood spilt, a terrible love story. A tragedy. The deaths of the apprentices were sensed by Garn Kubo and Master Ai-Kal. The surviving pair quickly rushed to the center of the compound, the long hall.

    The Sith broke the massive iron doors in, their powers denting the metal. The pair walked into the long Hallway, the ten massive stone columns supporting the high ceiling. At the other end, Master Ai-Kal stood with his yellow lightsaber blazing high, Garn's Yellow and Blue shining beside his Master. The Sith walked to the center of the hall, and waited. The Jedi moved to the pair of Sith, and battle commenced. The camera's recorded the entire battle, and the duel was incredible. Darth Serpentia went against Master Ai-Kal, while Darth Calamity and Garn Kubo battled. Friend against friend.

    The battle raged for a solid twenty minutes, lightsabers flashing endlessly, a flurry of red, yellow, purple, and blue. In a flash and a use of the force, Darth Serpentia eventually force pushed both Garn and Master Ai-Kal away from Trucido and herself. Master Ai-Kal was knocked hard into the back wall and split his skull, forcing the Jedi Master unconscious. Serpentia also force choked Garn Kubo into temporary submission, forcing Garn to watch as she beckoned Trucido to saber Master Ai-Kal.

    How terrible that must have been... Garn watched as Trucido moved closer to Ai-Kal. There was a terrible flash of purple light, then Jedi Master Ai-Kal became one with the force, his head rolling to Kubo's feet. In a bold act, Garn Kubo force pulled Master Ai-Kal's yellow lightsaber to levitate behind Darth Calamity and Darth Serpentia as they moved closer to finish Garn off. Serpentia was struck in the side, and fell to the ground screaming, but alive. Next, Trucido Force Pulled Serpentia's red saber to his free hand.

    Then there was yet another duel, Red and Purple versus Yellow and Blue. During the battle, Kubo was disarmed and force pushed away from Darth Calamity. Trucido walked towards Garn slowly, eager to inflict his vengeance on Garn. Trucido felt Anger. Felt Revenge. And had used those emotions to better Garn for once. Garn had no choice. He grabbed a sonic grenade that he had taken to the battle from his room, and threw it at Trucido. The Sith wasn't at all expecting it.

    It was bloody and violent. It went off, deafening Trucido and horribly destroying his teeth down to the roots. In the process, the explosion also collapsed a column. Darth Serpentia was crushed beneath the massive stone, her body destroyed under the weight. However, Garn Kubo's leg was also trapped under the column, pinning the Jedi down. His Master's yellow lightsaber was flung from his hand. Trucido watched in horror at the destruction all around him. The woman he loved was gone forever. He had killed so many. He had killed his Master. And his face was a horrible disfigured mess. He pulled Master A-Kal's saber towards him, and stuffed it in his belt beside Serpentia's.

    Darth Calamity fled from the Jedi Compound, bleeding and deaf, his face destroyed. However, he has survived. It is known that Darth Calamity still roams the galaxy, murdering, killing, and stealing. Rumors are that the Sith had surgery on his face and teeth, repairing himself. Garn Kubo has become Master Garn Kubo and sustained no lasting physical injuries from the battle. Master Garn Kubo was last seen battling Darth Calamity over Mustafar. They have not been seen for months, and it is common belief that both perished in the molten fire by eachother's hands.

    And that is the Tragedy of Trucido Amare. Victim or Monster?"

    Spoiler: Portraits of Calamity:
    Spoiler: TekTek Avvies of Trucido and Syren:
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