Alias / Name: Ciereon De'Axamoria IV / Tabris.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human / Angel hybrid. His "Light of his soul", or personal AT field is currently well.. non existent due to psychological trauma and he is thus currently powerless.

Age: 5 months, though through collective memories obtained through the cloning process he is 15 years old.

Alignment: Doesn't exist where he comes from. Nothing is so grossly clear cut. The idea of alignment repulses him.

Class / Profession: Lower middle class, Eva Pilot.

Power Level: B+ when allowed connection to the Light of The Soul, D without it, A- when in EVA and connected to power source or when Awakened Eva, S+ with S2 Organ, S++ with S2 Organ + awakened Eva. All sources say that even a high megaton yield Nuclear bomb would not be enough to crack the AT field of Tabris.

Description: A red haired youth, fiery in spirit and in mentality before he was traumatized, now he is a husk of a person. Dead green eyes, and emotionless in expression tell tale of someone who has had everything ripped from them and responded by simply disconnecting from reality, simply disbelieving that an inherently good universe could have anything to do with what's transpired and thus what has happened would not, no cannot, be reality. He is a lanky 6"3 with a slender, effeminate frame clothed in a, skin tight, silver bodied with neon green stripes plug suit that doesn't hide much besides his modesty that shows off what has to be a near skeletal frame as a result of near starvation.

Personality: Deeply disturbed, he doesn't speak often and retracts from physical contact as if wounded before it happens. Haunted green eyes tell of trauma far greater than simple stress, and cuts over his body tell of many self inflicted blows. Inwardly he is severely damaged, betrayed time and time again he is hesitant to form bonds, and is openly fearful of any form of romantic attachment. Self doubting, fearful, and depressed he is a shadow of what he once was.


Plug Suit with A-10 Nerve Clips: A kevlar reinforced form fitting body suit designed to increase synchro rates with the Evangelion, the same is said of the Nerve clips which provide physical feedback both ways, allowing him to manipulate the evangelion with thought, at the cost of him physically feeling any damage done to the Evangelion.

Evangelion: A horrific abomination, a cyborg angel barely restrained by the bonds of armor around it, designed to appear man made it is outwardly nothing more than a robot designed to appear beastial and humanoid. Underneath though, it's half humanoid monster half machine, a maimed creature that never should have been with a red orb that contains one of his past clone's soul at the center of it's mass. Covered in meter thick alloyed armor, and standing easily 10 stories tall this is a beast that strikes fear into the hearts of nations. The AT field, or Absolute Territory is a zone where either extreme firepower in the excess of megatons is needed in order to penetrate, or an opposing zone of willpower so strong that it cancels out the field, creating a zone of null territory where damage can be done. It comes in this scenario with F-Type Equipment, and Magorox with the counter sword. A set of progressive swords that operate by using sonic vibrations to increase the cutting power of the sword. Treat it like a massive chain sword that ignores hardness. It is currently a solid stone monolithic statue with a giant hole at the base of it's neck where the core plug was.

NERV ID Card: Exactly what it says on the can, it's the only way he knows what he remembers is real though, so he is quite attached.


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