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    Skyside's own Dashing Daredevil Defender!

    Alias: Thomas Truman
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: In his late twenty-somethings
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: MagNews Photojournalist/Costumed Vigilante
    Power Rating: C, according to the Neon Knight scale.
    Description: Out of costume, Thomas Truman is a fairly nondescript Caucasian male with short, dark-brown hair who works for the MagPaper newspaper company. He is definitely not a cyborg, like his editor, Lord Magtok. Thomas and his editor, Lord Magtok, are two completely different people, and you have no reason to believe otherwise. When on patrol with Invincibelle, he wears a modified dark blue motocross outfit, with added padding and armor plates, a small cape hanging over one shoulder, and a handy utility belt full of all sorts of nifty gadgets, up to and including shark repellant, because hey, you never know, right?
    Personality: Intrepid is amiable enough with his companions and fellow costumed crime-fighters, if a little brusque and a tad self-righteous, but around scum and villainy, he's cold, merciless, and all business. He draws the line at killing anyone, but he has absolutely zero qualms about breaking bones and beating bad guys completely senseless.
    Equipment: A stunt bike for finding his way into trouble at high speeds, of course. You didn't think that motocross outfit was for nothing, did you? Intrepid also has a trusty utility belt including, but not limited to, a handy electro-baton for zapping unruly criminals, the aforementioned anti-shark spray, a set of lockpicks, flashbang grenades, a laser-cutter, first aid kit, a pen (for autograph sessions with the kids), a pack of contraceptives (I swear, they came with the utility belt), bolas, a grapple gun, handcuffs, a can of dark blue spray paint, the keys to his motorcycle, and more.
    Abilities: Intrepid had some really bizarre parents or something, I'm sure of it. How else do you explain the eleven or so martial arts he's mastered, the absurdly suicidal bike stunts he can pull off without a sweat, and his brazen desire to charge headfirst into the worst Skyside has to offer, without so much as a single superpower?
    Backstory: To be revealed onscreen, at the appropriate moment, whether it be sharing with a supergroup in a chat about establishing trust, inspiring confidence in those without by offering a tale of heroism under pressure, or if some wicked supervillain from his past rises once more with a vengeance.
    Miscellaneous: There seems to be some sort of unresolved issues between himself and his crime-busting catgirl partner, Invincibelle. He's difficult with her at times, pushing her harder and criticizing her behavior for seemingly no good reason at all. Invincibelle always rides on the back of the Intrepidcycle, where she'd have to wrap her arms around him to not get flung off the bike, but our superhero bristles at the physical contact.

    Intrepid is totally not secretly Magtok I have no idea why you keep insisting that.
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