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    Default Re: Gravazlin[RACE], Psionic Tantrist[BASE], Tormentor[PRC], Fleshlord[PRC] [WIP][PEA

    Alternative Class Features

    Tantric Powerhouse
    Requires: Gravazlin, Sexual Code of Conduct
    Lose: Power Domain
    Gain: Add Charisma to bonus Power Points per HD (in addition to bonus Power Points from high Constitution score)

    Tantric Pain Master
    Requires: Share Pain (Gravazlin or Phaerlock), Sexual Code of Conduct
    Lose: Power Domain, Discipline
    Gain: Increase the range of Share Pain by 5' per 1 Power Point spent. For each 2 Power Points Spent increase both effects by 1 round and the save DC to resist by 1.

    Psionic Darkfire Wielder
    Requires: Sexual Code of Conduct, Spellfire Wielder feat, Evil
    Lose: Bonus PP from high CON Score
    Gain: Absorb Psionic powers in additional to spells cast at you. Take 1 WIS damage to be able to channel Power Points up to your Manifester level as bonus damage on your next spellfire attack. If you do this the attack gains the Psionic subtype for bypassing Damage Reduction.
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