Name: Thatcher Jsut

Age: Late twenties

Species: Human

Alignment: True Neutral

Power Rating: B- to B+

Weapon/Ability: A specialized revolver, longsword, and white fire. Flashfire (the gun) takes his unique flames and fires them in concentrated beams of variable intensity. Cerulean has a blue gemstone set into the pommel. Conveniently, this stone has rune of protection and many wards of a similar nature cast and carved into it, giving the steel blade enough of a magic buffer to take hits from adamantine and other strong materials. Thatcher has not been using this white fire for very long (though he won't tell you that), so he finds it difficult to wield with the ease of an experienced pyromancer

Description: Blue, dabadee, dabadie, dabodee, dabodie, his hair, his eyes, and his beard are all of the deepest blue. If he has a face, it's well hidden...
He wears a white cotton outfit with a blue mountain crest pouring white magma stitched across the chest. *current avvie*

Bio: This is all a disguise. Thatcher Jsut is merely Zane Darkstar trying to stay hidden, now that he's done with Enshadu and Excelsior breathing down his neck. It's possible that he's turning over a whole new leaf; no more villainy. Of course, he could always get bored...