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    Millitant and prideful, the Sontarans are a race of artificial life forms, similar to homonculi. They reproduce by duplication, at no expense to themselves. They have engineered themselves to be the ultimate warrior race, and a Sontaran phalanx is a force to be reckoned with.

    Physical Description: Sontarans are a relatively short, stocky people, not unlike dwarves. They are bald, with large heads and thick necks. Sontarans usually wear armor and helmets constantly, though they occasionally seek to gain respect and infamy by fighting without helmets. Sontarans breath through a vent in the back of their necks, though they exhale (and speak) with their mouths.

    Society: Sontarans arrange themselves into troops, rather than families. The more experienced Sontarans lead, while the newer recruits follow orders. Members of a troop are replaced quickly, and after winning a few victories, the troop members gain veteran status. As the population expands, the troops will often split apart, and veterans will become leaders of new troops. Sontarans who display uncommon bravery, such as those who choose to fight without their helmets in place, often gain rank more quickly than others.

    Relations: Sontarans are often estranged from other races. Their devotion to training and warfare sets them apart, and they view the other races as disorganized and imperfect.

    Alignment and Religion: Lawful lawful lawful lawful lawful. The Sontarans value military perfection and order above all else, and brutally chastise members who would disobey orders or balk at commands.

    Adventurers: Most adventuring Sontarans are outcasts and failures. Older, infirmed, and psyhologically damaged Sontarans are often given menial or superficial tasks, rather than risk the integrity of their troop with their weakness. Such former soldiers often leave their lives of safety and boredom, in search of greater and grander things. A Sontaran is rarely greedy; they prefer to perform their duties for the thrill of battle. A wandering Sontaran is usually torn between his understanding of leadership and his own individual personality, newly formed during his time of freedom and individuality.

    Male Names: Skorr, Staal, Styre, Strax, Linx, Kaagh

    Female Names: Sontarans are clones, and are all male. There are no longer any female Sontarans.


    • Sontarans are medium humanoids with the (homonculus) subtype.
    • Sontarans have +2 strength, +2 constitution, and -2 charisma. They are strong and durable, but ill-suited to individuality.
    • Sontarans have a 20 ft. land speed, but this is not reduced by encumbrance or armor.
    • Fearless: Sontarans gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear effects. They are trained to face overwhelming odds with confidence.
    • Healthy: Sontarans gain a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and poison, including magical diseases. Sontarans are alchemically enhanced to ignore afflictions that would debilitate most other races.
    • Skill training: Craft (alchemy) and Intimidation are class skills for a Sontaran
    • Endurance: Sontarans gain Endurance as a bonus feat at first level
    • Sontaran Combat Training: Sontarans are proficient with light and medium armor, and with all shields and sword-like weapons.
    • Probic Vent: Sontarans have a single weak point on the back of their neck, which they use to breathe and gain alchemical nutrition necessary for their survival. A Sontaran must take great care to keep this vent protected from his enemies. While flanked, a Sontaran must designate which flanking opponent he is exposing himself to. This decision is made immediately upon becoming flanked, and can be changed later as a swift action. If the Sontaran ceases to be flanked, his vent is immediately no longer exposed. The opponent whom the Sontaran is exposed to gains an additional +2 to his flanking bonus, and gains a +2 bonus to his AC against the Sontaran's attacks. This opponent may make a called shot at -6 to strike the probic vent with an attack. If successful, the Sontaran is sickened for 2d4 rounds and staggered for 1 round. If the attack is a critical hit, the Sontaran is instead nauseated for 2d4 rounds and stunned for 1 round.
    • Languages: Common, Sontar. Sontarans with a high intelligence score can select any language as a bonus language. Sontar is a simple, direct language used almost exclusively to relay commands and orders.

    Random Starting Ages
    1 day
    +1 day
    +1d4 days
    +2 days

    Aging Effects
    Middle Age
    Maximum Age
    4 years
    8 years
    12 years
    +1d4 years

    Random Height and Weight
    Base Height
    Height Modifier
    Base Weight
    Weight Modifier
    170 lb.
    +2d8 (6) lb.

    Race Point Estimations... for those who care.
    • 0 for humanoid type
    • 0 for medium size
    • -1 for slow speed
    • 1 for specialized ability scores
    • 1 for Fearless
    • 2 for Healthy
    • 1 for skill training
    • 2 for the Endurance feat
    • 4 for Swordtrained (proficiency with all sword-like weapons)
    • 4* for shield and medium/light armor proficiency
    • -4* for the Probic Vent weakness
    • 1 for Linguistic quality
    • 11 points total.

    * marked traits have estimated values.
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