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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    First, I'm impressed that this topic went so far off topic that it ended up back at The Order of the Stick.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Second, the whole "blue text" thing is not a forum rule or even a recommended procedure. If someone wants to do it in their own posts, fine, but everyone should stop telling people that they "need to" or "should have" posted in blue just because they're being sarcastic/ironic/whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardea View Post
    Backstory: Ten minute background, skirt length story, first person narrative. Your class tells me what you're playing, this should tell me who you're playing.

    The most (relatively) mundane bad-ass solution that I've ever seen in D&D (Balor E6):
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordguy View Post
    Last technical question: minor artifacts have no listed price...20x0=0, yes? Or are we going by the effective caster level for said artifacts?

    Secondarily, I'd argue that the point of E6 isn't to beat big bads as a virtue of your build, but via wacky plans, outside-the-box thinking, and actively going and questing for "the one item that the BBEG is weak to".

    In that vein of thought, I present the following:

    -1 party of 4, 6th level characters, of any build, as long as one of them has the capability to build a false wall. Additionally, one character must be optimized for Intelligence - having at least a +5 modifier.
    -1 stone structure, with a long ramp with low headroom leading downward for over half their distance, then making a hard 90-degree turn at a small landing. The ramp must be behind a door. The hallway containing the ramp must be no larger than 10 feet tall by 4 feet wide (large enough for the Balor to compress himself to get through).
    -1 false wall (paper-thickness) in line with the initial flight stairs at the landing.
    -Several vials of Oil/Salve of Slipperiness (well within WBL guidelines)
    -One Sphere of Annihilation that your party has engaged in a difficult quest to retrieve (partially why you've got 35 bonus feats and your WBL is so bloody high).

    Publicize that you know said Balor's true name, and publicize that you have regular meeting in the basement of the aforementioned stone structure. The Balor will find you.

    Behind the door at the top of the stairs, and every few yards afterward, you place your Oils of Slipperiness. Balor goes through the door (cause it's a damn Balor, people - what does it have to fear from an E6 environment?), knocks over the vials (which spill down the stairs, coating the area. As there's no headroom for a Large creature down the stairs, the Balor cannot fly and will fall down the ramp, breaking open yet more Oils of Slipperiness and continuing its slide. Upon reaching the landing, it continues sliding through the paper-thin false wall...right into the Sphere of Annihilation you've conveniently left there.

    Meanwhile, your party member with the highest INT bonus who controls the Sphere takes 20 to establish control over the Sphere and holds his action. If he sees the Balor appear on the landing NOT in a high-velocity prone position, he immediately cashes in his held action to move the Sphere 10' up the stairs at the Balor. Under the "Inescapable Situations" section, saves and such don't matter when there's nowhere to go. As the 12' tall Balor is still in the tight hallway (10' tall 4' wide), there's nowhere for it to move to to avoid the 3' wide Sphere - thus no Reflex save is allowed.

    Bamf. Balor gone.

    Is it a perfect plan? No. Is it fun? Yes. Is it more in keeping with the intended tone of E6 than finding a bunch of rules loopholes? You'd better believe it.


    Journey to the Center of the Earth Vancullia "Six-Fix" Duskling Dragon Shaman A selfless but uncharitable nomad
    Watchtower Robert Illumian Chameleon//Conjurer A polymath with an aversion to violence
    Wonderful Exploits Hanmaru Ryuuhei Human Warblade An idiotic young warrior with a chip on his shoulder
    Those That Were "Goodwin" Chebyshev Illumian Divine Archer / Eldritch Knight The team-player go-to guy who shoots his allies
    Epic Goose Chase Jizi Strangebrew Pandakin Wavekeeper/Monk A happy-go-lucky old geezer with a ruthless side
    Murder in Adrilanka Mulberry Voltaire Human Scout/Ranger A hardboiled detective with an abused set of lungs
    The Three Boars Inn Pardo Bleakmoor Ghostwise Halfling Druid/Swordsage A sneaky apex predator with some size issues
    What Goes Up... Zao Evershade Illumian Ebon Knight Vindicator A friendly mysterious man secretly working for Shar
    Tyrants of Evil Pater Kyr'Archia Pit Fiend Evolutionist The exalted benefactor of the unwashed masses
    Counterweight Traumgeist Fire Elf Factotum//Mindmage The ultimate bringer of unity and peace
    Untergang [M:tG] MR-14 Myr Construct B/U/A Artificer A mindless drone becomes self-aware
    War of the Magi Klotilde Ferrir Elan Egoist//SublimeVindicator When a narcissistic warrior gets a shield for a mirror
    A Very (un)Common Quest Jeege Ziegler Dragonborn Halfling Commoner The best freaking Chef in town!
    Champions of Prophecy "Glassjaw" Anoush Human Warlock A lone-wolf using fire against fire to hunt fiends
    Dark Empire Rising Kagemaru Lesser Tiefling Monk A fiend-blooded who went against his bloodline
    Fall of Illanthar Rosenrot Whisper Gnome Malconvoker A pragmatist who enslaves fiends for a cause
    Worlds Apart Fouine Eaerfalas Grey Elf Multicaster//Ascetic An ex-assassin seeking to rectify his mistakes
    Expedition to the Library Grantaire Changeling Ghost Rogue/Paladin A restless soul, for reasons that he can't remember
    Gantz [Freeform] Brian Philips Human ?? A wise-cracking pro-wrestler
    Of Being a Guild Leader Latoa Zirconigos Grey Elf Telepath A fine pranking fella behind an eerie visage
    Blackwool Mansion Traumlos Kalashtar Monk A polite jerk who doesn't care about you
    Crash and Burn "Windborne" Changeling Ghost MotUH A dead reformist seeking revenge
    Magic is Might Calil Human Conjuror A stranger who's just too friendly for comfort
    Odd Jobs Vo Casteltort Human Wizard An absentminded boy bending the laws of physics
    Diseases Minthe Sibyla Human Dread Necromancer A bad cop who's frighteningly good at interrogation


    Name Type Description
    The Psychotherapist Base Class Powered by Crazy
    Monsterbound Base Class Pokemon homage
    Scout Base Class (Fix) Scout-based buffer
    Monk Base Class (Fix) Meditating Monk
    Mindspy Prestige Class (Fix) Mind Reader
    Spellstoke Rager Prestige Class (Fix) Self-buff Barbarian
    Saccharids Race Candy People homage

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazyan View Post
    You and your companion wait for about six seconds, then return. This time, it appears Sarin has returned to her original position where you first found her, staring blankly forward as usual. Seeing this, you use your utterances.

    Gashes explosively erupt all along Sarin's body, releasing clouds of ephemeral blood. Her equipment--nightgown, ring, and amulet--falls away from what a highly trained necromancer might be able to recognize as a corpse. The ring and amulet clatter on the ground, and the corpse slowly fades out of existence. The nightgown takes a bit more time to descend, but lands in the arms of something that wasn't there before. It appears to be a Shadesteel Golem.

    The golem stares down at the nightgown for a few moments. You try to determine its motives--it's more disappointed than anything else. It drops the nightgown, then shifts into a black orb, which promptly disappears.

    Mephistopheles is going to be pleased.

    Congratulations! You win! (I told you this was probably easier than the other challenges.)

    If anyone wishes to continue this challenge in other timelines, I will oblige, but ben-zayb gets first pick of the bragging rights.
    Katyusha, the Bloodstorm Honorable Mention, Iron Chef LXXIV (Crinti Shadow Marauder)
    Kindblood 3rd place, Villainous Competition VII (Witches)
    the Adzorok Flock 3rd place, Villainous Competition X (Henchmen)
    Kobayashi 3rd place, Villainous Competition XI (Fallen Heroes)
    Rukhsamun, the God King 3rd place, Villainous Competition XXVII (Templates)
    The Silverblood Knight 1st place, Villainous Competition XVIII (Heretics)
    Consequences 1st place, Villainous Competition XIX (Ooze)
    BABY Sweetkiss 1st place, Villainous Competition XXX (One Feat)

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    I find it very amusing that a very theoretical discussion of how to Optimize Bardic Music, turns into a discussion on how much worms you can eat in 7 minutes.
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