Issue #3 of Gygax magazine is out. (This time, I got my print copy before any indication of a PDF copy.)

Issue #3 includes OOTS #G003, "Reboot to the Face". Amusing, shatters the fourth wall, and finallly, the answer to the following question is revealed: "Has the Giant always drawn Vaarsuvius as a male, or has the Giant always drawn Vaarsuvius as a female?"

(Spoiler for OOTS #G003, but not really for the main OOTS comic.)
As of OOTS #G003, we know the answer to be "neither". But we don't know which gender Vaarsuvius is in the main OOTS comic. In mathematical terms, it's an existence proof, not a constructive proof.

Here's a link to the thread for OOTS #G002, "Wandering Mommies and Daddies". The continuity of OOTS #G003 is very much directly after OOTS #G002, and OOTS #G003 directly addresses the continuity vis-a-vis the main OOTS comic.