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    映規 小冤墓

    ALIAS: Uzume Urojira (渦目 虚白)
    GENDER: Female
    RACE: Shapeshifter yokai
    AGE: ~260 years (appears 18-19 as a human)
    DATE OF BIRTH: March 19

    CLASS: Doppleganger
    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
    OCCUPATION: Tinker/toymaker, entertainer
    HUMAN-YOKAI RELATIONS: Somewhat friendly

    DESCRIPTION: Stands about 5' 10" tall. Ever-so-slightly chubby, although she often manipulates her physical build to hide it. Short black hair, amber eyes. Pale-green full-length dress, white knee-high socks, and polished black shoes.

    PERSONALITY: Uzume is bold and argumentative, enjoying the pleasure of a good debate. Though she has been known to influence others by taking on familiar forms and voices, she will usually restrain herself outside of combat. She used to delight in toying with humans using her shapeshifting powers, but her closest friend, Sasha Graymolt, has taught her to show them some long as they return the gesture as well.

    Spoiler: Power Ratings (listed by difficulty)
    • NORMAL: 7/D
    • HARD: 10/D+
    • LUNATIC: 15/C

    Spoiler: Abilities
    PRIMARY: Able to mimic the forms, voices, and abilities/spells (within certain extents) of others

    Spoiler: Spell Cards
    • Illusion Sign [Smoke and Mirrors]: Takes the enemy's form and creates mirror images to fire spread volleys of bullets; difficulty determines number of clones, frequency of shots
    • Curious Trick [Shot in the Dark]: Blots out the battleground and strikes from the darkness with aimed shots; difficulty determines movement speed, shot frequency
    • Mimic Sign [Borrowed Power]: Cycles through a number of familiar forms to use a variety of copied spells; difficulty determines number, types of forms, number of different spells
    • LUNATIC ONLY: Lucid Dream [Delusion of Grandeur]: Copy of a highly-familiar spell used by the heroine of an alternate reality

    LAST WORD: Authentic Spell [Self-Reflection]: Creates mirror images of user that fire shots periodically and also redirect own shots back toward target; difficulty determines number of clones, frequency of shots

    HISTORY: Arrived in the Nexus after being ejected from her world in a whirlwind of violent magic. Has forgotten some of the forms into which she could previously morph, but with so many different beings of various shapes and sizes in the Nexus, she should have no trouble acquiring a vast multitude of new forms. Founder, proprietor, and owner of "Other-Gensokyo Gags and Giggles, LTD.", a store peddling amusing toys and gifts which recently celebrated the launch of its Inside branch.

    Recent off-screen events exposed Utsuki for her true self, revealing that she had assumed the identity of Uzume Urojira after inadvertently causing the latter's demise. Although she succeeded in living a double life for several years, delicately balancing her own life with impersonating Uzume, the overwhelming stress eventually drove her to seek aid from a talented magician. She conspired with the barrier witch, Noraware Chiaki, to seize control of the underground Magic Reactor; knowing full-well that tampering with the Reactor would likely cause the fabric of their isolated world to crumble, Utsuki used the chaos to escape to the Nexus and began to establish her new identity there. Her one mistake was reusing her former alias, which was almost instantly identified by residents of Other-Gensokyo who survived the cataclysm and wound up in the Nexus themselves. As her scheme crumbled, Utsuki attempted to flee but was confronted by Sanji Genkiro, who had already realized the truth. Sanji defeated Utsuki in combat but chose to spare her life, instead determined to make her accept responsibility for her actions. On a related note, 90% of all proceeds from her business now funnel directly to Reitaiside, the recently-constructed yokai sanctuary, according to official records.

    Theme of Uzume Urojira: Kansas - Play the Game Tonight
    Theme of Mirror Trickster: Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy
    Theme of Utsuki Koenbo: Nightwish - Nemo
    Theme of Last Word: CAS: Central Anxiety System ~ Blind and Numb (original)
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