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    燦地 原麒炉

    GENDER: Male
    RACE: Elder humanoid yokai
    AGE: 2,400+ human years (appears mid-20s as a human)
    DATE OF BIRTH: August 8

    CLASS: Theriormorph, salamander affinity (possible dragon sub-species)
    ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
    HUMAN-YOKAI RELATIONS: Extremely hostile

    DESCRIPTION: 6' 4" tall with tough, muscular build. Bright yellow eyes and messy, mid-length dark-brown hair. Wears "pants" and a "vest" made from what appears to be fine obsidian fibers woven into a rigid mockery of cloth.

    Spoiler: Salamander Form
    Skin becomes covered in tough scales; hands and feet gain extra scale plating to form sharp claws. Hair lengthens a few inches and also forms a small comb running down his spine. Jaw protrudes slightly, and teeth elongate and sharpen. Growth of internal pyrocitic vapor sac enables limited fire-breathing capability.

    PERSONALITY: Sanji takes immense pride in his forsworn duty to his world and in his innate strength. He regards others with a sense of scorn, born of his possession of power to which no human or yokai in Other-Gensokyo could measure up (or so he boasts).

    Spoiler: Power Ratings (listed by difficulty)
    • Normal: 20/B+
    • Hard: 22/A-
    • Lunatic: 26/A

    Spoiler: Abilities
    PRIMARY: Manipulation of heat and flames; physical transformation with salamander-type attributes

    Spoiler: Spell Cards
    • Slash Sign [Wyrm Talon]: Lashes out at target with multiple raking slashes of sharp claws; difficulty determines number, frequency, AoE of slashes
    • Air Sign [Choking Heat]: Super-heats the air in the environment, hampering enemy movement and choking organic targets; difficulty determines duration, potency of effects
    • Cataclysm Sign [Earth-bound Prominence]: Calls down a prominence from the sun to drench the target in liquid fire; difficulty determines frequency, AoE of blasts
    • High-Velocity [Beating Wings of Wyvern]: Batters target with gusts of wind to lower their defenses and strikes at ultra-high speed; difficulty determines potency, duration of gales, delay before striking
    • Supernova [Skewered Stars]: Surrounds the target with numerous large energy spheres and pierces them with line shots, causing them to erupt into showers of smaller bullets; difficulty determines number of spheres, delay before detonation, and number and density of dispersed shots
    • LUNATIC ONLY: Unstable Mass: Scatters extremely dense flame shots in all directions; shots will frequently explode at random, creating a destructive blast radius and releasing a number of smaller shots
    • LUNATIC ONLY: Desperate Safeguard [Fulminous Supressor]: Numerous jets of flame break through the ground, surrounding the target and crash down on top of it

    LAST WORD: Agony Sign [Cremation of Shinryu]: ---Effect unknown--- (Sanji has reportedly never had to use his Last Word, and no one, dead or alive, can truthfully attest otherwise.)

    HISTORY: Arrived in the Nexus after being ejected from his world in a whirlwind of violent magic. He is an old and powerful yokai, rumored to be descended from the dragon gods that once presided over Other-Gensokyo. His primary duty was to protect the Magic Reactor, a massive furnace housed deep underground that only he and his ancestors could safely operate. Though it clearly had some great importance, its purpose and capabilities were closely-guarded secrets, and he repulsed any trespassers with terrifying force.

    Theme of Sanji Genkiro: AC/DC - Baptism by Fire
    Theme of Vehement Salamander: Pillar - Throwdown
    Theme of Last Word: Old Power Revived ~ Obsidian Glory (original)
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