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    Race: Goblin
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Dedicated gold hoarder
    Age: 86 years (far beyond normal goblin lifespan)
    Alignment: Pragmatic Neutral
    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Yellow-green skin, short sharp tusks, clothed in a knee-length aquamarine cloak, darker tunic and trousers underneath, carefully maintained and sharpened claws on feet and hands

    Equipment: Pockets full of rations (mostly spoiled or nearly), distinctive gold circlet inlaid with a deep purple amethyst

    Aherea is a goblin hailing from a dreary, backwoods universe called Syldas. Unlike others of his race, he has educated himself on subjects ranging from amateur psychology to wilderness survival. His mind is heavily influenced by inborn cruelty and goblinoid cunning, but unfortunately, his skills can rarely be used effectively due to his strange psychological profile. He believes that life is literally a game designed to be won by the best player, and that objectively evil methods are almost always the "best" tactic for most situations. While this would be an effective mindset for most aspiring villains, and possibly lead them to glory and wealth, Aherea seems oddly disconnected from reality, sometimes trailing off in the middle of a sentence or forgetting what he was doing just a moment before. He has has been known to become very uncomfortable when these momentary lapses are brought to attention, sometimes refusing to speak of it at all. He is often perplexed by violence unless it has a readily apparent purpose, and will never use one word if four will do. Aherea can be pleasant company to most who meet him, unless of course, he forgets you exist.

    Abilities: Trained in an arguably wide range of magical arts, Aherea makes frequent use of Magic Missile, Greater Shout, Prismatic Spray, and Teleport. Has Darkvision.
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